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I prayed for this fairy godfather to drop down out of Silicon Valley and into my inbox with a complete roadmap for my life. I do know something that will help, though… Asking yourself questions. Then I try to answer them. I just type—no editing, no filtering—only me scribbling my thoughts on the page. I can answer nearly all of my questions and feel confident about my answers without ever pinging my imaginary fairy godfather. Keep reading for a long list of questions to answer. They should help you discover who you really are, what you truly want out of life, and how to get it someday.

Brainstorm the milestones, relationships, people, jobs, and experiences that brought you to where you are today. Which did you excel at? Which were a struggle? Did you enjoy some more than others? What part-time jobs have you had? What major events in your life have happened that shaped who you are today?

Consider all of the above when answering this question, then try to connect the dots. Note patterns, industries, themes, and clues that could inform your next step in life. Ask yourself: What do I want to keep doing? Do differently? Learn from?

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What industries or careers pop up that may have been hiding in plain sight? What expectations do you have for yourself? What expectations do others—parents, friends, teachers, etc. Write them down and note why you and others have these expectations. Where did they come from?

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The dangerous thing is we never really explore why we think we should do these things. List everything you want in life, including material items. Brain dump everything, even your most distant dreams and desires. It can also be a bit vague. This path spans your entire life, so you best love whatever it is you have to do to get all the things you want in life. Usually addressed to people in complete unawareness of their actual level of sociability. Why do you want me to give an example? Like seriously.

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Get a life and leave me alone. Vaguebooking Bindel Kennebunkport Surprise FPH USB paradox Bella National Suck Dick Day Vomit clock I have participated in many co-curricular activities throughout my schooldays which include debating,writing and dramatics. Many of my students start classes with me because they have the same fears and challenges with English as you have. The good news is that with commitment and regular practice, you can overcome those fears, communicate more accurately, and speak fluently.

I would recommend adding specific details that can demonstration that you are diligent or harding working or responsible. I have red all coments regarding to the lesson and got many new things from miss Annemarie and other ones. So my question to miss Annemarie could you help me to get fluent in English speaking. My problem is that when i try to speak i feel inconvenience and distribution.

How do you say @ in other languages?

So plz help me to get ride from speaking impediments thanks. Thank you for your comment. Best wishes, Annemarie. You a very good teacher. And I am sure I will be able to speak and write english well in a few days. How should I answer that question?

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In this comments section, I answer a very similar question. Some Confident English learners are finishing university and have never had a job, so what should they say? You can find my answer to this question in the comments and I would recommend you use a similar outline. Thank you Anniemarie….. I have been working as a nurse for the past 10 years. Hello Aldrin, Thank you so much for the comment! And thank you for sharing answer to the question, tell me about yourself. I would recommend defining what that means the first time you use the acronym.

How could you update that sentence? Your advice about writing out and studying your potential answer is really powerful. I work with my students this way to prepare them for their interviews in English. It really helps with their confident and accuracy when they go to the actual interview. Hello Sabrina, Thank you so much for the comment. And yes, it is certainly a powerful way to help students prepare for interviews and for speaking exams as well!


Hello Annemarie, I m very grateful to you for these lessons. I feel in good hands with you and Im very motivated to be one of your excellent trainees. Thank you so much for your comment. Keep it up! There are many opportunities to improve writing and speaking using lessons on this site. Thanks Annemarie for your valuable lessons. Started practicing the topics , one for a day. Also i was bit fast in speaking to others, can you suggest me how to reduce my speed? Hello Anne, Thank you so much for your comment!

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  4. As for speaking quickly, it is very useful to hear yourself speak so you can identify what to improve. One thing I do with my students and I highly recommend is to record yourself speaking. You can practice answer this interview question and record yourself with video or audio. Then listen and ask yourself these questions. When do you usually speak too quickly? And why do you do it? You are really a source of inspiration, motivation and future brighter. I found all your comments awesome and really helpful, I wish I will be those who will be so benefiting from your ideas.

    Thank you so much for your comment and feedback. While I focus primarily on speaking skills and fluency, I think it is a great suggestion to do a future lesson on punctuation. Would you mind sharing with me what is most challenging for you with English punctuation? Well I would say where to used commas and full stop are always ma main problem. Thanks alot, you had gave me a lufe guide on the job interview, whichiI always dreamt of, I think preparing myself at the age of 18 with this familiar things will give me a more strength and confidence in my work career.

    Your explanations are well equipped and helpful. Thanks a lot once again. Thanks for good lesson and new look to the task. It makes your more nervous what to say next — from one side and interviewer starts boring and probably thinking your are dumb. If you lost your thread it is better to admit it aloud with a smile. Interviewer will help you to gather. I can say you are absolutely correct. Hello Ahmed, Thank you so much for your comment. Today I received a great question about this topic!

    In this case, how should the interviewee answer the questions considering his 0 experience? What is the interviewee supposed to say to the interviewer? The reality is you can use this same process to answer the question but, instead of focusing on previous work experience, you can use your previous life experiences. Here is my attempt to tell about myself. It was very interesting and exciting job.

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    I like science, like tell about it and I really can do it well. Our magazine won a media competition for the best university magazine in Russia. It is not only my achievements, of course. We had a very good team and helped to each other for the best results. I love this Yulia! Great job! And your passion a strength is clear. Thank you very much for your answer and coments! About my high level in my job skills I can say what, for example, I have published in good and popular magazines, not only Russian. Last year my article was published in the Science magazine. It is a big deal for every scientist or for science journalist.

    But I understand, what job interview is a best moment for it. And I will be very appreciate you it you correct my grammar. When you talk about your skills and achievement, you can use something like:. Hello Iman, thank you so much! I am really glad you found it helpful to you!

    Will you be doing an interview in English? Job interviews make everyone nervous, no matter the language or the job. Everything you need to know about the number 1 job interview question. Lesson by Annemarie.

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    I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! Get the Confidence to Say What You Want in English Download my free training on how to build the courage and confidence you need to say what you want in English. Name Email Get It Now. Similar Lessons. Answer the Telephone the Right Way in English. Learn with me. Fluency School. Job Interviews. Most Recent Lessons.