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The bawdy house, along with the neighbouring property and two more in Strathblane, are all part of a deal offered to Gil and his wife Alys by the forceful Dame Isabella. Although he was watching closely when the mummer was poisoned, it took Gil Cunningham several days and three more poisonings to work out how it was done. Danny Gibson and Nanty Bothwell, rivals for the affections of Agnes Renfrew, the apothecary's pretty daughter, are also good friends.

When the peat-cutters came to report the dead man, Gil Cunningham was up in the roof-space of his mother's house, teaching his new young wife swordplay. They believe the corpse to be that of a local missing man. His wife and the widow who runs the local coalmine are sure the body belongs to someone else, but then they find themselves accused of having killed him by witchcraft.

And if the corpse is not the missing man, who is it? Gil and Alys try to get to the heart of the matter. The barrel should have contained books - instead it held treasure and a severed head Gil Cunningham and his old acquaintance, Glasgow merchant Augie Morison, expecting a delivery of books from the Low Countries, report the gruesome substitute to the Provost, and at the inquest the next morning Morison is accused of the murder and imprisoned.

He appeals to Gil, who sets out with his friend and future father in law Maistre Pierre, the French master-mason. At the May Day dancing at Glasgow Cross, Gil Cunningham sees not only the woman who is going to be murdered, but her murderer as well. Gil is a recently qualified lawyer whose family still expect him to enter the priesthood. When he finds the body of a young woman in the new building at Glasgow Cathedral he is asked to investigate, and identifies the corpse as the runaway wife of cruel, unpleasant nobleman John Semphill.

With the help of Maistre Pierre, the French master-mason, Gil must ask questions and seek a murderer in the heart of the city. Glasgow, Gil Cunningham remarked later that if he had known he would find a corpse in the university coalhouse, he would never have gone to the Arts Faculty feast. In this mysterious adventure Gil Cunningham returns to his old university for the Nicholas Feast, where he and his colleagues are entertained by a play presented by some of the students. One of the actors, William Irvine, is later found murdered and Gil, assisted by Alys, begins to disentangle a complex web of espionage and blackmail involving William's tutors and fellow students.

The warden of St Serf's has been found dead in the almshouse garden. He appears to have been killed on the previous night but there are those who are convinced he was present at that morning's service, The elderly residents, the almshouse nurse and Humphrey, her deranged favourite, have all been set against one another by the dead man's scheming - and then there is the discarded mistress and almshouse ghost to consider.

Queen Elizabeth I's control over her kingdom is wavering. Amidst a tumultuous backdrop of Spanish plotters, Catholic heretics and foreign wars threatening the country's fragile stability, the body of a small boy is found in the City of London, with strange marks that no one can explain. When idealistic physician Nicholas Shelby finds another body displaying the same marks only days later, he becomes convinced that a killer is at work, preying on the weak and destitute of London.

In Edward III issues a call to arms, as sporadic attacks by the French threaten to turn into a full-blown invasion. In Cambridge, fear of the enemy is magnified by the belief that foreign agents are lurking in the area. Tension runs ever higher as rumours and ignorance fan the flames of suspicion amid preparations for war. And then the first murder occurs - of a French scholar living in the town. December, For the late Sir Robert had in his possession a sacred bloodstone which he was planning to donate to the Abbey of St Fulcher-on-Thames. It's , and Sir Faucon de Ramis, the shire's newly appointed keeper of the pleas, must do his duty and make an official declaration of the cause of a miller's death.

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Pat McIntosh

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John H. Gobbell John J. Healey John J. Parker Jr John Lambert trans. Cahill John M. Danielski John M. Calu John P. Currier John W. Dull Jonathan Rabb Jonathan Reeder trans. Marshall Joseph M. Joyce Rockwood Hudson Joyce T. Pearson Judith Landry trans. Gerrard K. Arsenault Rivera K.

Warwick K. Conrad K. Hollan Van Zandt K. Whittaker K. Brees K. Cook K. Lang-Slattery K. Ashman K. Sandrick K. Jones K. Jeter K.

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Laugheed k. Martin K. Kreckel K. Grant K. Peyton K. Elizabeth D. Crawford Kaiama L. Glover trans. Katherine Howe Katherine J. Kathleen A. Kay Honeyman Kay Life illus. Davis Kenneth Cameron Kenneth Dakan trans. Kenneth Gregory Kenneth J. Bryson trans. Kenneth J. Dakan trans. Holmes ed. Kenneth Lanz trans. Kramer Kyung-Sook Shin L. Hider Jones L. Meyer L. Brittney L. Fiore L. Meagher L.

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The King’s Corrodian

Stedman M. Tyndall M. Walsh M. Bennetts ed. Holaday M. Butler M. O'Sullivan M. Barker M. Arnold M. William Phelps M. Schweitzer M. C Muir M. Scott M. Connolly M. Eyre M. Saltykov M. Narrated by: Andrew Watson. Length: 8 hrs and 51 mins. What members say. No Reviews are Available.

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