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The energy is quite palpable. The same energies which prompted comments like those below and to the right:. The Feeling of Peace and Love is Enormous.

It is so amazing the way I am feeling now. I cannot explain it, the feeling of peace and love is enormous. May God and all the beautiful energies radiate upon you in every minute that you are in this realm with us!

Truly Does Make a Difference. When I take the time to do it, I feel so connected and blissed out.

It truly does make a difference that you can feel. So, thank you.

Total Love

Total Love Immersion is a minute meditation using my voice and music from classically-trained, intuitive composer Reina Sang that:. When you come back, you will have enjoyed a blissful, revitalizing meditation that will infuse you with the highest love we can conceive. And all of a sudden, after we did the clearing, it just sort of appeared — effortlessly. Even my wife has been listening and we both have had many benefits. Positive things have begun to happen. Interaction and relationships have become more smooth. Happiness seems to be pouring in, thanks to you, Sir. Ramesh Puri Delhi, India download version also available.

Get this minute audiobook and transcript for free when you order now!

You will get all the benefits of an awesome meditation, plus some extra higher vibrational loving energy that my teachers made possible. You will feel totally at peace.

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Best wishes for a love-filled life, Edwin Harkness Spina. Just click here and get Total Love Immersion right now! I am truly grateful for being so lucky.

Total Love

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. When all things are subdued under Him, then shall the Son also Himself be subject under The One that put all things under Him, that!!!!!! Please Click On the Ribbon.

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