A Wild Ghost Chase (A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery)

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I never really do figure out the end of her books. Another great short story. I am really enjoying this series, Can't wait to read the next one. At first he provides information, but then his grasp on the truth seems a bit unreliable. A good read! Turns out that the story is told from the perspective of the only male ghost who is a regular, but the living narrator does his usual best! Narrator was equal parts annoying, robotic, boring, tedious and overall poorly cast!

The story isn't strong and felt like Copperman was working hard to get a certain number of words in the novella.

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If novellas are tough for you, authors, then please don't write them! There weren't any laugh out loud parts in this story as there had been in the previous one i read, and I'm pretty disappointed. Overall I think it would have been much easier to stomach if the narration hadn't been so terrible.

Paul sounds like a pedantic math processor at a junior college, Alison and Melissa have no personality at all, Maxie is a caricature of a Jersey girl, and Loretta sounds about 90 as one reviewer put it. I actually felt a little concerned in the story about whether Loretta should be driving at her age! I'm hoping that the other books in the series are much better. Ok everything has been said about the narrator Copperman series and this short story has the same light tone, uncomplicated humour and charm of the ordinary as the novels I have read so far.

Told from the point of view of a different character than usual. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

This series of books is clean, clear escapism from the terrible world we live in. Yes there are deaths and murders but each one gives you an enjoyable story about how the investigation gets sorted. The author is using a different name and when you find their reality it will blow your mind. How have they got enough time to do everything in their lives? Must be bi-polar like me!

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Who was your favorite character and why? The previous owner of the house. Cant say to much otherwise it gives to much away. The character is very amusing and I wish they were with me! Voices in audible books are very important as they can make or break them. When you read a story you imagine their voices and when it is read to you you hope it does not jar.

This series of books are just spot on. Thank you. Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? It made me happy and relaxed. I am going to recommend this series to many. Prefer Amanda Ronconie as narrator, not used to hearing the stories through a male voice all the characters sounded wrong but overall a great little story that kept me spellbound for an afternoon of ironing. Is there anything you would change about this book? The reader could at least have listened to some of the other books: he mispronounced many things, the pronunciation of which has been classified previously.

He also mispronounces standard words calling 'decimated', 'disseminated'!! If this book were a film would you go see it? Good story, excellent series, bad reader. Written by: E.

Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin. The official cause of death was suicide, but the ghosts insist they were murdered, and they need Alison to find out who killed them--or the next ghost in the guest house will be Alison herself Other books in this series. Add to basket. Chance of a Ghost E J Copperman. Old Haunts E J Copperman. Ghost In The Wind E. Bones Behind The Wheel E.

What a fun and enjoyable story!

E.J. Copperman

About E. Copperman E. Rating details. Our customer reviews The most exciting stories in the world, are about spiritual encounters and aged houses with secrets for discovery. It isn't an author's responsibility for books to 'be what we expected'. Here are my two cents on what it IS.

The Night of the Living Dead: A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery

It isn't spooky like I hoped. Perhaps gothic mysteries achieve it best. I didn't mind that Alison quickly saw and spoke with spectres but there was no intoxicating moment of wonder. Maxie wants to know who murdered her ex-husband, and Paul pines for his still-living almost-fiancee. The only one who isn't missing her ex is Alison-because The Swine just arrived on her doorstep Three years ago in a large Victorian house on the Jersey Shore in the town of Harbor Haven, fledgling private investigator Paul and his client, Maxie Malone, were murdered.

Surviving the dead of winter, though? Even with a blizzard bearing down on New Jersey, Alison can count on at least two guests—Paul and Maxie, the stubborn ghosts who share her shore town inn. In an all-new novella in E.

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Alison Kerby's guesthouse is already crowded with spirits. The last thing she needs is a whole new batch of haunts settling in. As Alison's reputation as "the ghost lady" grows, so does her business - and not always in a way she'd like. Tourists may be flocking to her guesthouse for a chance to glimpse her resident spirits, but her special abilities are also bringing unwanted private investigation cases to her door. Just when she thought she'd seen everything She's also a hard-boiled ghost skeptic.

So when she shows up on the doorstep of Alison Kerby's Haunted Guesthouse to ask for supernatural help in solving the murder of her former partner, it's hard to tell which woman is more flabbergasted.

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But McElone is dead serious, so Alison promises to help in any way she can - even asking her resident ghosts, Paul and Maxie, for help with the case. Guesthouse owner, single mother, and reluctant ghost whisperer Alison Kerby is about to sit down to movie night with her family and friends when she's struck speechless.

Floating before her is the ghost of her musical idol, s English rock star Vance McTiernan. He's in desperate need of help from Alison and her resident ghostly gumshoe, Paul Harrison.

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