Defining Moments: The Civil War

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Fort Sumter National Monument in South Carolina

A skirmish involving over 3, soldiers, Philippi was the first battle of the civil war. Also known as First Manassas, the first major engagement of the civil war.

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Lee through three mountain passes during the Maryland Campaign. Two years after the Siege of Corinth, Maj. General William S.

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Rosecrans defeated the Confederate Army. The culmination of the Stones River Campaign, the battle of Stones River had the highest casualty rates on both sides.

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Union Major General Philip H. Major General William T. Sherman took on Joseph E. Johnston during the Atlanta campaign.

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The battle of Nashville was the last major battle in the Western Theater and a major victory for the Union. Subscribe and save!

The defining moments and historic places of the Civil War

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  • Fort Sumter National Monument in South Carolina.
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    • The historical memory of the Civil War and Reconstruction has earned increasing attention from scholars. Only recently, however, have historians begun to explore African American efforts to interpret those events. With Defining Moments , Kathleen Clark shines new light on African American commemorative traditions in the South, where events such as Emancipation Day and Fourth of July ceremonies served as opportunities for African Americans to assert their own understandings of slavery, the Civil War, and Emancipation--efforts that were vital to the struggles to define, assert, and defend African American freedom and citizenship.

      Kathleen Ann Clark is assistant professor of history at the University of Georgia.