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His travels—plus personal adventures that include skydiving, rock-climbing in Colorado, and canoeing—provide much of the background and fuel for his fiction. He and his wife Pam are active in their local church.

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They have two grown children. I gained an appreciation for quality fantasy at a young age. In 5th grade I discovered an old, battered hardbound book in the elementary school library. It was from the s and had the curious title The Hobbit. I read it and loved it, but not knowing better I assumed there were no other novels by Tolkien.

In the summer after 6th grade I discovered The Lord of the Rings in a bookstore.


LOTR has been my favorite piece of literature ever since. Reflecting back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey thus far? I was not a creative writing or journalism major in college. But in my sophomore year I saw an ad for a writing contest in a Christian magazine.

Just for fun, I wrote an article and entered. I was surprised and thrilled.

For the first time, it dawned on me that I could actually earn money for stuff that I simply made up and wrote down. Had I not entered that contest, I might not be writing today. How do you balance your writing time with your traveling and other responsibilities?

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Time for writing is always a precious commodity. Instead I compel myself to write in the most unsatisfying way possible—using short chunks of 20 or 30 minutes in the morning, sometimes during half of my lunch break at noon, or for a glorious whole hour or so before bedtime. In addition I carry a laptop to write while in airports and in the air.

And how do your faith and spiritual life play into the picture? As a Christian, I possess a God-centered worldview.

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In the same way, I want the stories and articles that I create to reflect that same worldview. The tale takes place in a mythical world that I dreamed up. Nobody gets saved, and nobody talks about God. However, as a believer I have woven various biblical principles into the tapestry of the tale. These principles touch upon faith, family, love, and loyalty, among others. What would you describe as your biggest obstacle in writing and how do you overcome it? But distractions in general constitute a constant threat to creative time.

For example, nowadays we face constant information overload. I recently heard that every couple of days we are barraged with more information than the previous generation absorbed in a month. Information overload can be mind-numbing.

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The Grishnaki send word that they are holding King Jekoniah for ransom. But the price of the ransom is too high as it will eventually lead to the total destruction of the people of Shiralla. Kiriath sets out rescue his father from the Grishnaki valley.

Facing danger each step of the way, Kiriath sneaks into the valley to save his father. I like the use of creatures and objects that can only be found in a book of fantasy. Rick sets the imagination soaring. The people of Shiralla maintain their standards of integrity while satisfying justice as they deal with those who wish to exterminate them. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

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