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Although Manhattan runs northeast to southwest, it is referred to as if it ran north-south. Thus, "uptown" means north, and "downtown" means south. Street numbers continue from Manhattan into the Bronx, and the street numbers rise as one moves farther north however, in the Bronx, there is no simple numerical grid, so there may be 7 blocks between St. Avenues run north and south. In Brooklyn the opposite is true, as street numbers rise as one moves south.

Queens streets are laid out in a perpendicular grid - street numbers rise as one moves toward the east, and avenues run east and west. Staten Island has no street numbers at all. New York City has a humid subtropical climate and experiences all four seasons, with hot and humid summers Jun-Sep , cool and dry autumns Sep-Dec , cold winters Dec-Mar , and wet springs Mar-Jun.

New York can also be prone to snowstorms and nor'easters large storms similar to a tropical storm , which can dump as much as 2 feet 60cm of snow in hours. However, due to oceanic moderation, snow rarely lies more than a few days. Tropical storms and hurricanes can also hit New York City in the summer and early fall. The diverse population runs the gamut from some of America's wealthiest celebrities and socialites to homeless people. There are millions of immigrants living in the city. New York's population has been diverse since the city's founding by the Dutch.

Successive waves of immigration from virtually every nation in the world make New York a giant social experiment in cross-cultural harmony. The city's ethnic heritage illuminates different neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs. Traces of the Lower East Side's once-thriving Jewish community still exist amid the newly-gentrified neighborhood's trendy restaurants and bars, but there are Chassidic communities in Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Harlem has been gentrifying and diversifying and remains a center of African-American culture in New York.

East Spanish Harlem still justifies its reputation as a large Hispanic neighborhood. Little known to most tourists are the large Dominican neighborhoods of Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights in upper Manhattan. Brooklyn's Greenpoint is famous for its large and vibrant Polish community, and the Flatbush section - once home to the Brooklyn Dodgers - is today a huge and thriving Caribbean and West Indian section.

Each of these groups have brought their cuisines with them, making NYC a city where authentic bagels, Pizza and ethnic foods are available everywhere. An important change has been taking place in the population recently. During the last 2 decades and especially since , large numbers of young people, many of them recent college graduates and professionals from the rest of the USA have moved to New York City, mostly to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the parts of Queens closest to Manhattan.

They have changed things considerably and continue to add to New York's vitality and artistic output. They have completely changed their neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan, such as Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Lower East side, Manhattan. One important thing to note about New York City, is its never-ending change, new stores, businesses, buildings and even skyscrapers replace the previous structures, there is always new construction. Photographs of the same busy street 10 or 20 years ago are unrecognizable today. New York City is home to 46 Fortune companies. If it were a nation, the city would have the 16th-highest GDP in the world.

New York's constantly expanding economy is the main reason why millions have immigrated to the city, from all over the world and all over the country over the past 2 centuries of the city's growth. New York is the national center for several industries. Three large and several small airports serve the region.

John F. There are eight terminals that are not very close to each other with two that are to be demolished and soon rebuilt , so it is important to note which terminal from which your flight leaves. Click here for a list of airlines and the terminals from which they operate. There is Wi-Fi via Boingo, which is free in certain areas of the airport, but is not always reliable.

If you must connect via JFK and change terminals, make sure you have sufficient time of at least 2 hours for domestic connections and 3 hours for international connections. However, the security and immigration procedures for non-US citizens are monumentally time-consuming and tiresome. Total time to Manhattan using the subway is 60min; using the Long Island Railroad is 45min. This is sometimes faster than taking a taxi. If you take the "A" or "J" during overnight hours, be alert of your surroundings as the train passes through some rough neighborhoods.

Transfers from the B15 to the subway are in some of Brooklyn's roughest neighborhoods, so this route is not recommended at night or for people unfamiliar with the city. The airport has three terminals labeled A, B, C. Due to regulations, almost all direct flights from LGA are to destinations within 1, miles 2,km.

The airport has been routinely ranked low in timeliness and customer satisfaction. There is no rail service at LaGuardia Airport. However, buses see below connect to the subway or commuter rail systems. To travel between the city and SWF:. Teterboro's weight limit of , pounds makes it nonviable for commercial aircraft, limiting traffic to general and executive aviation.

Popular trains leaving during rush hours can fill up quickly; it's a good idea to make reservations on-line or via phone and pick up your ticket using a credit card or your confirmation number at one of the electronic kiosks located throughout the station. Service to California takes 4 days and requires a change of train in Chicago. Amtrak's ClubAcela Lounge , near the big security desk in Penn Station, offers complimentary drinks, WiFi, newspapers, magazines and clean bathrooms.

New York City is served by three commuter railroads. Two lines pass under the Hudson and enter the city, one terminating near the World Trade Center site downtown, the other at 33rd St in Midtown see map. The PATH system is, therefore, a useful shortcut if traveling between Newark and Lower Manhattan, without having to travel all the way up to Penn Station, and then double back southward again.

Some buses offer WiFi, power outlets and even business-class style luxury. New York City - as you would expect - enjoys a prominent position on the US Interstate highway network. Although the city can be easily reached by car from anywhere in the nation, driving within the metropolitan area is an experience definitely not for the faint-hearted!

It makes much more sense to use public transportation, but for those who insist on driving, the main routes into the New York City area are:. New York City has always been one of the world's most important passenger sea ports, and arriving by ocean liner or cruise ship still remains an extraordinary and stylish method of arrival. In addition to passenger service from the Cunard Line, many cruise ships start or end their voyages in New York City. This includes Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal; however the Amtrak checked luggage point at Penn Station is still operating, but only for ticketed passengers.

The left luggage office in Terminal 4 is open 24 hours. Most of NYC is laid out in a grid. By convention, Manhattan is spoken of as if it runs north to south it's actually northeast to southwest , with streets running east and west and avenues running north and south.

This makes it relatively easy and straightforward to find your way. Streets are numbered except in downtown Manhattan and the numbering rises as you go north. Most avenues are numbered from east to west so First Ave is east of Second, etc. Building numbering on avenues starts at the south end of the avenue and rises as you move north, while building numbering on streets starts at Fifth Ave for the most part - see below and increases as you go east or west crosstown.

Above Washington Sq, Fifth Ave divides Manhattan into east and west; numbering starts at Fifth Ave on each side except where Central Park interrupts and increases in either direction. However, for numbered streets below Washington Sq fortunately, there are only two, 3rd and 4th streets , Broadway divides the streets into East and West.

Because of this dual-numbering system, it is always advisable to keep in mind the closest intersection to your destination 6th Ave and 34th St, Broadway and 51st, etc. In Greenwich Village and downtown Manhattan - generally considered as below Houston St "HOW-ston" - all bets are off as streets meander, dead-end and intersect themselves.

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Streets in Greenwich Village are particularly notorious for defying logic. The average person can walk roughly 1 block per minute, or 60 blocks 3 mi per hour. The Bronx is a continuation of the Manhattan street numbers. For shorter distances, there is no better way of getting around New York than hitting the sidewalk. If you use the subway or buses, you will almost certainly need to walk to and from stations or stops.

Official Milwaukee Visitors Guide by VISIT Milwaukee - Issuu

In all areas of New York a traveler is likely to visit, all streets have wide, smoothly-paved sidewalks. For long distances, walking is also fine and a great way to see the city. Jaywalking is extremely common among New Yorkers; an average New Yorker typically jaywalks times a day. However, it can be extremely dangerous. If you cannot properly gauge the speed of oncoming cars, it is recommended you wait for the walk signal. Do not blindly follow someone crossing, as while they might have time to make it across, the person behind them might not.

If you do jaywalk, remember that in the US, people drive on the right side of the road on two-way streets so remember to look left to check for oncoming traffic on your side of the road.

Trams in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA 2018

Be aware that many streets are one-way, so you may have to look right. Beware of bicyclists unlawfully going against the proper flow of vehicular traffic. Remember that even if you have a walk signal, police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances can bypass red traffic lights. Always defer to these vehicles when walking. While it is possible to pay bus fares using exact change coins only , you must have a MetroCard to enter the subway system. Cards can be bought online, at station booths, at vending machines in subway stations, and at many grocery stores and newstands look for a MetroCard sign on the store window.

The vending machines in the stations accept credit cards; however, MetroCard vending machines will require that you type in your 5-digit zip code, or your regular PIN on international cards. Up to three children 44 inches cm tall ride for free on subways and local buses when accompanied by a fare paying adult. MetroCards generally expire one year after purchase; the expiration date is printed on the back of the card at the upper left.

If a card is expired, one has 2 years after the expiration date to transfer any balance to a new card, by asking a station agent to replace it in the first year after expiration or if more than a year since expiration it must be mailed to MetroCard Customer Claims for replacement.

New York City

You can also get discounted tickets to certain events by showing your MetroCard when purchasing tickets. The much-feared subway crimes of the s and s are for the most part a thing of the past, and it is almost always completely safe. Just remember to use common sense when traveling late at night alone. Try to use heavily-traveled stations, remain visible to other people, and don't display items of value publicly. While violent crime is rare, petty crime - especially theft of iPhones and other expensive electronics - is more frequent, so be aware when using your phone on the train.

Also, beware that hundreds of people have been arrested for putting their feet on a Subway seat or sitting improperly on a subway seat. About 1, people were arrested in and had to wait long periods before seeing a judge and being sentenced.

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  • Every subway line is identified by either a letter or a number. In midtown Manhattan, they are mostly grouped by color, but not always. However, lines are not identified by their color e. It covers such a small territory but in theory you can use it if you have to travel its exact route. Usually, PATH trains arrive every minutes based on the time of day , but overnight, they may only come every 35 minutes. Commuter rail lines are mostly used for traveling between the city and its suburbs; however, they can be used for intra-city transit as well.

    A handful of destinations are closer to commuter rail stops but far from the subway. MetroCards are not accepted on commuter rail; separate single or period tickets must be bought. When purchasing commuter railroad tickets, it is advantageous to purchase them online or in railroad stations prior to boarding. While tickets are available for sale on trains, there is an on-board surcharge that makes them significantly more expensive. This branch is not accessible from Manhattan, however. The LIRR has a somewhat deserved reputation for poor on-time performance, however this is more of a problem in the farther eastern reaches of the railroad and not so much a problem in New York City and its immediate suburbs.

    Trains go to the Bronx and the northern suburbs of the city. Even in Manhattan, with its dense subway network, buses can often be the best way of making a cross-town i. And outside peak hours, a ride by bus from the tip of Manhattan at Battery Park to Midtown is a good and cheap way of taking in the sights. A word of advice about driving in New York City: don't.

    A car is inadvisable — street parking is practically non-existent near crowded areas and tourist attractions, and garage parking rates range from very expensive to plain extortion. Traffic is almost always congested, parking rules are confusing, and many drivers are aggressive - as you will find out, Manhattan reverberates to the near constant sound of car horns being blown.

    The public transportation options are many and offer significant advantages and savings over driving a car. Many New Yorkers, particularly in Manhattan, don't own cars for this reason. If you are staying in a suburb and commuting to the city by car, think twice — driving to one of the Long Island Railroad, Metro North, or New Jersey Transit stations and taking the train into the city is a better option, and the parking fees at the station, train fare, and MetroCard combined are usually much cheaper than parking downtown.

    There are often secure parking areas in many stations. In Staten Island, parking near the ferry terminal and using the ferry will save you money and time. If you do choose to drive, get a map, especially if driving outside of Manhattan. Good maps to use, if you are not driving, are the free bus maps which have each street, though the subway map can work in a pinch also used for small boat navigation.

    In Queens, numbers identify not only avenues and streets, but also roads, places, crescents, and lanes, all of which might be near each other. Read the entire street sign. Outer borough highways are confusing and often narrowed to one lane, the potholes could trap an elephant, the signs are sometimes misleading, exits which should appear do not, and signs directing a highway approach drag you through miles of colorful neighborhood in the wrong direction before finally letting you onto the highway with a stop sign and six inches of merge space.

    Traffic in New York City roughly follows a hierarchy of precedence, which is unwise to challenge. Fire engines, ambulances, and police cruisers are given priority, followed by other public service vehicles such as buses, road crews, and sanitation trucks. Beneath them are taxi cabs and delivery trucks. Below those are other cars. Note also that driving a car with out-of-state license plates save for perhaps Connecticut or New Jersey will instantly mark you as an outsider, sometimes resulting in other drivers being more aggressive around you than they would with a local.

    Suffice it to say, driving in New York is not for the timid, fearful, or otherwise emotionally fragile. The major car rental agencies have offices throughout the city. Smaller agencies are also well represented. Insurance rates also tend to be higher in New York than in most other cities. Gas stations are few and far between, especially in Manhattan, where only a handful exist around the perimeter of the island. Therefore, if you have the option, it is best to fill your car while you aren't in NYC, as long as you have enough gas to last!

    I east will terminate at an I junction, the north route of which will lead directly to the George Washington Bridge. The bridge is also directly accessible from US east. With all of these options, many commuters choose to listen to 24 hour traffic reports on AM stations every ten minutes on the 8's and every ten minutes on the 1's to find the least congested route at that time. Weekend traffic delays can easily exceed 60 minutes at some of the tunnels, so plan accordingly!

    The Queensborough Bridge aka The 59th Street Bridge also crosses the East River into Queens, is toll-free, and lands near the mouth of the Midtown Tunnel but requires some automotive manipulation to get onto the Long Island Expressway. Other routes head north and east out of the Bronx, including Interstates 87 north to Albany and 95 northeast to Boston and the Henry Hudson Parkway, which is along the Hudson River.

    Eventually, it will increase until and there was some criticism for how that money was used. The MTA [50] is more different. Be advised that there are traffic delays as well, sometimes lasting up to an hour. AXA is building on all these innovations and working closely with its startups to improve and change the customer healthcare journey. Axionable is a data company offering data and AI services and solutions for businesses. Its versatile team combining technology and business strategy experts helps companies maximize the benefits of data and AI.

    The Agency for Digital Development was set up in September It is tasked with the implementation of the State's strategy in the area of digital development.

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    Its action is crucial in the attainment of the Kingdom's digital ambitions. Agorize organizes online open innovation challenges bringing together organizations and a worldwide community of 5M innovators: students, IT profiles, startups and employees. Artefact is the digital agency celebrating the long overdue marriage of marketers and engineers, with the use of data, artificial intelligence and the design of new products, solutions and digital services.

    With our technologies and industry knowledge, we support our clients across all business sectors.

    Visit: www. Micromobility's mission is to redesign city mobility around the world with smart, safe and sustainable transportation solutions. Beekast is an animated solution integrating a space for real discussions and activities, generating ideas and facilitating decision-making. BeMyApp is a digital transformation and developer relations agency. We connect companies with innovators and help build developer and startup ecosystems through formats such as white-label hackathons, incubations, and more. On the BNP Paribas 'Positive Banking' Lab, discover the future of responsibly-based customer service, tomorrow's client experience, new positive impact solutions, women's entrepreneurship and our startups partner!

    As a major international bank present in 72 countries, and a leading banking partner for start-ups, BNP Paribas has developed acceleration programs throughout the world to foster innovation and support start-ups with dedicated offers. Our products and services are designed to spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life, and help conserve natural resources. We want to deliver top quality and reliability. Present in over 90 countries, Bouygues is a diversified services group.

    Its five business segments are able to provide growth constantly evolving needs such as housing, transportation, entertainment and communication. BRANDX delivers tailored-made digital customer experiences and advanced technology solutions for retail and offline world, such as retail environments, road-shows, and shop design implementation.

    Supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy: export abroad and international investment in France. Spokesperson for the regional, territorial and local metropolitan and overseas chambers.

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    Facilitating growth for SMEs and the expansion of business, revealing the wealth of talent, forging links between the worlds of business, education and research by developing training in our 19 schools. The CEA is a key player in research,development and innovation in four main areas:defence and security ,low carbon energies nuclear and renewable energies ,technological research for industry, fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences.

    Trusted advisers for 40 years, we help clients change, adapt and innovate. Powering the Internet since , Cisco's evolving intent-based technologies are constantly adapting to provide a secure and intelligent platform to digital businesses across networking, security, collaboration and the cloud. CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, is the recognised world leader in business news and financial information, breaking the major stories of the day and providing real-time market information, as well as analysis and interviews with business leaders.

    The CNRS is among the world's leading research institutions and a key player in innovation, both in France and worldwide. Finding applications for research results ensures that scientific advances benefit society. CarStudio is an innovative autotech accelerator. With members and thanks to a highly qualified staff, an accurate knowledge of markets and privileged connections, the French German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a competent partner and service provider for Startups. JDZ is a high-tech industrial park at core area of Nanjing. The main sectors are automobile, smart grid, software, energy and biotech.

    Dell Technologies Capital is the investment arm for Dell Technologies. We invest in enterprise technology startups focusing on early-stage investments with passionate founders and often lead rounds. The DER is a Senegalese government agency in charge of supporting entrepreneurship for the youth and women. Digital Africa is an open and inclusive innovation approach, in the spirit of the commons, which aims to support African entrepreneurial dynamics, drive innovation through digital technology and support the emergence of entrepreneurs with an impact.

    DNV GL is a leading certification body. We help businesses manage risk and assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains through certification, verification, assessment and training services. Powering Human Progress: developing technology to transform lives. Dell Technologies is instrumental in changing the digital landscape the world over, fuelled by the desire to drive human progress through technology.

    We secure UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment, and championing free trade. We are the Digital Hub Initiative. At twelve centres of excellence across Germany, we connect medium-sized businesses and larger corporates with new innovation partners from the scientific and startup communities. This is digitalisation, made in Germany.

    Dreem is a technological revolution that combines the precision of a sleep clinic with expert day-to-day guidance- analyzing your sleep, identifying your needs and accompanying you in the resolution of your sleep problems. The DSR develops and implements the road safety policy. Their missions include: the highway code, road safety, the automated sanction control of traffic violations, communication and studies in their area of competence. The Economic Development Board of Mauritius is the apex organization of the Government of Mauritius, mandated to, inter alia, facilitate both inward and outward investments and ensure a conducive business environment in Mauritius.

    The industrial group Eranove is a leading pan-African player in the management of public services and the production of electricity and drinking water. At EY, our purpose is Building a better working world. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies all over the world. Early Metrics is the international rating agency for start-ups that assesses the growth potential of young ventures through the analysis of key non-financial metrics.

    Facebook is constantly working on the development of innovative technologies that enable people to connect, and have a positive impact on society. French Tech is the nickname of French startup ecosystem. It is also a government-backed movement bolstering France as one of the best countries in the world to start and scale global tech champions.

    Hamburg has always been characterised by its entrepreneurial spirit and its ties to the world. Open-mindedness and courage are part of its DNA. Be part of the story! We support you in setting up your business. Grenoble Ecole de Management GEM represents an open-ended laboratory through which 8, students and employees learn and work everyday to solve complex problems and overcome major challenges for business and society. Where businesses meet the right talent.

    The 25 schools and entities bring together nearly 28, students and more than 75, alumni. It shows remarkable vitality and is well positioned in the global entrepreneurial community. It stands out in fields of excellence such as AI. The TF1 Group is the leading private-sector television broadcaster in France, with five unencrypted channels and four pay-TV theme channels.

    He has extended its digital footprint, with the acquisition of the aufeminin group in April By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes. We serve telecom carriers, enterprises, and consumers in more than countries and regions all over the world. HUB Institute is the first digital think tank based in Paris helping brands in their digital and business transformation.

    HUB Institute will operate the executive tours, personalised guided tours to enable brands identify the most interesting innovations. The Home of Translation is one of France's leading language services providers. Specializing in science and technology, the Home of Translation serves a diverse clientele of tech firms, public instiututions and research labs. InnoEnergy is your trusted partner and smart investor to accompany start-ups on their innovation journey throughout the energy sector.

    Our position in the energy industry and our uniquely collaborative approach helps shorten time to market, mitigate risks. Beyond its role in registering and granting property rights such as patents, trademarks and designs, the French patent and trademark office fosters economic growth through awareness-raising actions and coaching programs on innovation and its issues.

    The NTF IV Senegal project supports 60 Senegalese innovative Tech start-ups in their business development journey through training, advisory and market linkages. Intuitive Robots gives a SPARK of life to robots by combining the best AI platforms such as chatbots and voicebots, with robot's capabilities, to provide better AI-driven conversational experiences.

    The IPSIDE Intellectual Property Law firm assists and advises international clients in the process of filing IP applications patents, trademarks, models , prosecutiing and defending their intellectual rights for their creations, both in France and abroad. It brings together high-quality innovative research with 4. Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, promotes scientific excellence and technology transfer to maximise its impact.

    Inria works with many companies and has assisted in the creation of over startups. Why is Armenia Inspiring? First public network of incubators of the number one group of engineeering and management graduate schools in France. IMT is a public institution dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering and digital technology.

    You may know us for our processors, but that's not all we do. From medical discoveries to the intelligent drones, discover how Intel technology in AI is building the future. The PL1 app allows free betting by a simple swipe on all kind of future events from tomorrow's weather to Trump's impeachment , then share one's predictions, and produce prospective data.

    Place, your bets. Our goal is to generate the design of tomorrow's cities with the users input. The data collected by our tools, once processed, will help decision-makers and architects in the design process. After 10yrs at BlaBlaCar 1st employee I want to make sure all companies and cities have a roadmap to reduce their commuting footprint. From HR data, get your diagnostic, quantified recommendations and job exchange plans for multi-site organisations. Evolukid is a startup which helps people especially children and teenager but also not technical people among adults to understand new technologies.

    Our expertise in pedagogy allows us to provide you with high quality workshops. Daly City - Pacifica - Brisbane. Redondo - Hermosa - Manhattan. Mission Viejo-Lake Forest. Newport Beach - Costa Mesa. El Cerrito - Richmond - Pinole - Hercules. Carlsbad-Encinitas-Solana Beach. Englewood-Greenwood Village-Centennial. Stapleton-Commerce City-Northfield. Evergreen - Bailey - Conifer. Wilmington-Newark-New Castle. Boynton Beach - Delray Beach. Palm Beach Gardens - Jupiter. Wellington-Royal Palm Beach. Winter Haven-Davenport.

    Lake Worth - Greenacres - Lantana. North Pinellas - Trinity. Sebring - Lake Placid - Avon Park. Oviedo-Geneva-Winter Springs. Pembroke Pines-Miramar-Miami Gardens. Apollo Beach - Ruskin - Wimauma. Miami North East - Miami Beach. Snellville-Grayson-Stone Mtn. Peachtree City-Fayetteville-Newnan. Buckhead - Midtown - Brookhaven. College Park-East Point-Morrow. East Atlanta - ViHi - Ponce.

    Belleville - Fairview Heights - O'Fallon. Schaumburg- Hoffman Estates. Yorkville - Geneva - St. Jeffersonville-Clarksville-New Albany. Shelbyville-Taylorsville-New Castle. New Iberia-Youngsville-Broussard. Attleboro - Mansfield - Taunton. New Bedford - Fall River - Southcoast.