Mentoring: Mindset, Skills and Tools

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Strategy Box

We are experienced in coaching and mentoring teams or individual employees on process, way of working, stakeholder management and content related topics. This is something for you if you are looking to implement growth within your company. You have heard of the term growth hacking, or maybe you are already applying these techniques yourself.

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You might also be looking for some help to mobilize the right people internally and get others on board with the right mindset. Or do you want to know more about implementing a growth culture internally? We can help you develop personally or train your entire team. At RevelX we want you to grow and accel, and we love to help you become one of the best.

We do not just tell you what to do, but want to make sure you are confident executing experiments and know how to best apply new technologies within your company. We will help you become an amazing growth hacker, ready to lead you business to the next level.

Want to become a more Masterful Coach?

Want to know more? The first two-thirds of the program are devoted to helping participants 1 gain a deeper understanding of the core Arbinger ideas self-betrayal, carry boxes, collusion, and getting out , and 2 learn to use Arbinger coaching skills as a way to better develop and lead employees.

The final third covers how to leverage these tools in situations in which they need to help someone else to change. Managers completing the course will be competent in helping others discover and get out of their boxes as well as improve any aspect of their lives by reducing resistance and developing their ability to respond effectively to difficult situations.

Coaching Mastery for Managers integrates understanding of a complete philosophical system with its practical application to personal and professional development. Weekly calls are live with the program facilitator and fellow participants. Leaders should be able to commit to attending no fewer than ten of the twelve calls live, make up with call recordings the ones they have missed, and devote their full attention to the call for the scheduled hour.

Between weekly program calls, participants meet one-to-one for practice in coaching employees.

Arbinger’s Coaching and Mentoring with an Outward Mindset - Arbinger

Each participant is assigned one peer to coach and another who coaches them, ensuring learning from both perspectives. This practice invites participants to continue their learning outside of the program calls and is a place to hone new management skills with a sympathetic peer. Participants meet four times 30 minute calls with an Arbinger Executive Coach for mentor coaching.

List the most important strategies, steps, or beliefs that helped you be successful in those first three areas.

What were your successes factors? How did you progress through the challenges? What actions did you take?

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How did you think about the challenge? List as many as you can. Tips If you do use the Strategy Box idea with your mentee, be prepared to help them think through the steps they used on prior problems or to learn something in the past. Depending on their age and stage of development, they may have a hard time recalling the things they tried and what ultimately worked for them.

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You may also need to help them see the links between formally successful strategies and their current problem. They may not easily see how a strategy they applied to something at home or with their friends can now translate to a challenge at school or another context. These types of strategy characteristics are likely to be transferable across different situations and scenarios. Print this page.

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This handout provides seven common scenarios that mentors might encounter when supporting a student around academics. It provides examples of responses that can promote a growth mindset and reframe negative thinking.