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I had a slow start because of my writing jitters, but I managed to get the first chapter written on Tuesday, and on Wednesday increased that to the first three chapters, ending with around words written in the first two days. I had some ideas for tweaks for the first three chapters, so my first task this morning was to go through each chapter and complete my tweaks, improving the description and adding some things I had thought about on my day off on Thursday.

I finished today at words, and had to force myself to stop because my back was getting achy from sitting for so long and my fingers were tired. I think you guys are all going to absolutely love these godly brothers. There are a few brothers that scare her, but her hero and the eldest brother have her mesmerised! Not a great environment for writing. Still, with the first words of the book done, I now have a better impression of the characters and the story, as well as the series, and I really do think you guys are going to love it!

I am both excited and very nervous today. For me, the nerves this time around are there for several reasons. I wanted to be at the top of my game when I wrote this one. I wanted to have ironed out every little bump in my writing so I could do a fantastic job on it, because I REALLY wanted it to look on paper as it does in my head. I had some issues to overcome, and much more to learn.

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Every writer needs to keep growing, keep learning, and keep reading. Yes, a proposal as in something that will become a submission to an editor at a publishing house. I have always maintained that this series was going to be the one I approached New York with and I stand by that, even in this age of indies.

I want a slice of both pies, a foot in each pond, and any other metaphor you want to throw in there. I also still believe that to reach my maximum potential audience, I need to keep expanding and break out beyond where I am now, and to do that, I need some major backing. I was recently given the opportunity to speak to the wonderful agent of a very wonderful author who hooked me up with her. I honestly never expected the agent to email me, or for us to strike up a conversation about this series, or her to see the potential in it and my author brand.

Now I just have to live up to my hype and produce a book and a series that will blow not only the agent away, but New York with her. I was surprised to see that my last update on my progress on the planning of my Guardians of Hades series was two weeks ago. Greek mythology has always fascinated me since I was young, a little like vampires have and dragons too. My writer mind wants everything figured out right now in infinite detail. I tend to write about worlds instead, using that to link each book.

I always do this with buildings I know are going to appear more than once. I thought I would hint at what you can expect from the series in the picture. I spent part of yesterday working on this series. This is a massive world with a lot of details, especially where the brothers and the two main realms are concerned. I have around 75, words of notes on this series.

I SLEPT WITH A GHOST. (LEGIT NOT CLICKBAIT) How My House Became Haunted - MyLifeAsEva

Yesterday I took one of the main documents and split those notes into separate word documents. I had to smile at the end of sorting through the notes at this stage. I ended up with words in the document for the brothers and just words in the notes for the heroines! I guess these stories are focused on the hero, but since they are the guardians and brothers, it makes sense. Most of the notes for the individual heroines are in the respective document for their story.

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Four years of notes just vaguely tossed into files they sort of relate to has left a bit of a crazy mess. Not to mention that I also have a stack of notes on paper to type up.

Office Duties #6 (Demon Paranormal Romance) by Mac Flynn | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

I have a bit of research to do and I need to book some time with my muse to get him to offer up descriptions of some characters, the world, and other elements. I should have been getting on with rearranging all these series notes today, and I woke early with that intention, but then I realised that Smashwords had finally removed my books from Kobo and I could add all my books directly to Kobo Books via WritingLife.

That ate up my morning and part of my afternoon. I started work at 7am. How does time move so quickly when you have so much to do? I hope you like the sexy new picture and the title of the series though. Does it look and sound like your sort of thing? Very excited. Back in , I had an idea for a series about the seven demi-god sons of Hades.

I know, he practically abducts her in the myths, but the romantic in me likes to think that Persephone knew what she was doing when she ate those pomegranate seeds. When I think about Hades and Persephone, I think about them in love, one soul full of light and the other full of darkness. I adore the looks on their faces too, that sort of moment of eye contact that would give you a hot jolt.

Plus, I always imagine Hades is sexy as hell. This is definitely the sort of image I have of him and Persephone, and just imagine how delicious their sons would be! It twisted her face back and her eyes lit up with a dark, demonic light. She opened her mouth and cackled. The noise split the air with a shrill buzz and Sam clamped her hands over her ears.

Sam shot up in bed with a cold sweat across her forehead as her alarm rang its shrill tune.

Paranormal Talent Agency

She smacked the off button and wiped away the moisture as she looked around in confusion. She was at her apartment and in her own bed, not messing around with her boss in his office. The familiar curtains were in front of her and her own covers were wrapped around her. There were no memories, only questions. There were no goodbyes to coworkers. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance. They'd had words.

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The YouTube video of Harding's subsequent beat-down of Rankin goes viral along with many of his prior fights. Some matches would be taking place in Dubai, where the CIA knows targets of opportunity show up from time to time. Strobert has big plans for Lynn Montoya once she's freelancing with Harding's crew in the future too - he needs a woman on the West Coast Murderer's Row not afraid to get her hands or her knife dirty. Soon, they're plunging into a South American jungle stronghold on a snatch and grab rescue. Under Lynn Montoya's knife, they learn the kingpin financier's identity spreading chaos around the world.

Harding and his crew race from one locale to the next, one step ahead of a brutal financial puppet master's plans to wipe them out even after his death. In addition to his ongoing missions, Harding has agreed to fight a behemoth nicknamed 'The Destroyer' in the converted Oakland warehouse with rigged judges. Throw in a little show business consultation, and John has his hands full with the usual: violence, America's safety, love, and of course humor. Cage-fighting is just a front for his CIA wet work. Action-packed scenes with a high body count. He's a cage fighter who plays by the rules unless it's necessary to break them along with a few other things.

The fast-paced dialogue fits the no holds barred action that pits Harding against terrorists, the Russian Mafia, and guys who just don't like his attitude or his prowess in the ring.

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  • This cool story interweaves Harding's personal life with his kick-boxing life as well as a little CIA covert action thrown in. This one delivers a terrific knock-out punch and you'll love every minute of it. John takes on a rising star in the UFC world nicknamed Rattler, because of snake fast striking ability. She plans to use her drug network to aid and supply a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot setting up terrorist cells across the country. Thanks to Lynn Montoya, nicknamed Cruella Deville, the crew gets a bonus when she initiates a plan to lure the Muslim Brotherhood gang readying to be dispersed across the nation into a public trap.

    A successful sting leads out in spiraling directions with terrorist plots involving Alexi Fiialkov's container shipping line. Soon, the crew launches a rescue mission for Fiialkov's granddaughter, and entraps the architect of a weaponized anthrax threat. The kid gloves are off, and the bodies begin piling up. Add in a taste of what happens when Murderers' Row decides to end an infamous start of the 'Knockout Game' in Oakland, and another excursion to help their 'Hollywood Bounty Hunters' reality show favorites take down a deadly assassin returning to our shores - all happening around the holidays, and a dreaded return visit by the in-laws to the Harding household.

    It's business and humor as usual, but with a final cage rematch like no other. In the days following, Rachel discovers that Nick McCarty, is much more than just an author. Nick McCarty, assassin and bestselling author, contemplates a change in life styles after receiving an order to kill a woman who reminds him of someone from long ago.

    Six days later, Nick puts a fifty caliber bullet through the head of Hayden Tanus, the man who'd ordered her death, launching himself down the path of protecting a mother and daughter he barely knows, for reasons he isn't fully prepared to admit. Rachel realizes the unstoppable killer protecting them lives by only one code - whatever it takes until the danger is past.

    With their lives forfeit if she makes the wrong decision, will Rachel choose life by Nick's side, regardless the costs? Nick incorporates only one guideline in his life - he has a handful of people and a canine pal he protects at all costs. It proves to be a fatal error in judgment. Each chapter is written as an individual case, and besides being hilarious, it's also packed with action. Love rocks Rick's world. He starts his seventh decade out on a sour note.

    The infamous Cantelli Land of darkness and shadows engulfs everyone in this new chapter of Rick and Lois adventures. His prison pen-pal, contract killer Trish Rocha is set free, and Rick's world is on fire once again. Lois reveals their first meeting, and a few past interludes much to Rick's chagrin - including a liaison with a beautiful Mossad agent named Adina.

    A dreadful conjuring of the past explodes into present day Cantelli Land with a vengeance, but Rick and Lois are up to the mark. The trio bust bad guys on the way, as the three costumed crime busters hit the rave trail with humorous results. Crime, suspense, thriller This action-packed, suspense-filled police story begins with a bit of righteous vigilant justice: After rescuing four kidnapped children from kiddie porn dealers, he brutally executes the three kidnappers , the duo is pulled to desk duty and required to go through psychological evaluation.

    The straight-and-narrow psychologist has concerns about Connor's readiness to return to duty, so when their boss clears them for duty she decided to ride along. They are tired of the bad guys trying to take over their turf.