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He starts watching motivational youtube videos, reading articles on how to get motivated, and researches the health benefits of exercise. Motivation is a fancy word that simply means wanting to do something. The husband is fired up! He roars and bangs on his chest, which scares his wife in more than one way. At the gym, he has a really satisfying workout. It feels great to do something healthy and to overcome his resistance.

The sun shines! Over the coming weeks, the husband has inconsistent success with getting motivated to exercise. The plant dies. In step one, he planted the wrong seed. At times, you can conjure up the motivation to be fit or write 5, words, but other times, you will end up taking a nap, watching TV, or drinking beer instead. This is a huge problem…. Motivation itself is great. In fact, here are the great benefits of being motivated. Clearly, it is better to be motivated than not to be, which is what makes people want to get motivated. Seriously, these two ideas could change your life if you let them soak in and act accordingly.

How to Make Yourself Study When You Have ZERO Motivation

Are you ready for them? Last night I wrote 1, words for my book. No big deal, right? Actually, it was a big deal, because I had a headache, was dead tired, and wanted to sleep.

Do you procrastinate? Learn how to get motivated with Tony Robbins!

I was not motivated, but I took action. After I started , I became motivated to write more. If I can write even in those rough circumstances, my streak is likely to continue. One reason taking action first using willpower before you feel motivated works is because the mind and body have an intimate relationship.

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Did you know that it is scientifically proven that body language alters the brain in powerful ways? The high-power pose group stood tall and placed their hands on their hips or held their arms out open, wide, and taking up space. The low-power pose group folded their arms inward and slouched closed, confined, and taking up less space. In addition, the high-power group was far more willing to take risks than the low-power posers.

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James Bond is fictional right!? His high testosterone levels are what make him confident, aggressive, and willing to take risks. Think of your mind and body as teammates that always want to be on the same page. When you body acts confidently, your mind will try to match it, chemically. It works the other way too. Jessica Tracy, PhD, found that blind and seeing people do the same thing when they win at a physical competition.

They will lift their chin slightly and raise their hands to the sky. I wish that getting motivated first provided the same type of results for me, but instead it got me almost nowhere after 10 years of trying. From high school to my last years of college, I was interested in personal growth. For about a decade age , the following list is the process I went through. Pay close attention and see if this sounds familiar.

My example is about exercise, but this pattern could apply to any planned change in your life writing more, reading more, etc. Once you repeat a behavior enough, you can do it out of habit this is ideal. When you do something from habit, you no longer need motivation or willpower! Willpower can run out , however, so it comes with the same unreliability problem as motivation.

But there are two reasons why using willpower is far better than getting motivated. It is a strategy inherently dependent on how you feel, which is why it will work wonderfully sometimes and fail miserably other times. This is a wrong assumption.

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This second possibility happens far more often than people realize. When I had a headache last night, I did not want to get motivated. I still won. Many people associate motivation with the typical enthusiasm it provides, but be wary any time you start a plan very excited and with high energy, because that feeling will decrease with time. Being a business owner has its indisputable benefits, but it is a grind and you constantly need to remind yourself why you decided to become an entrepreneur. Long-established business mogul Branson may have it easier than most entrepreneurs, but here are three ways to keep yourself motivated, regardless of the size of your company:.

If you find it challenging to maintain your morale in the long run, look around you and identify the people who make up your success team. If you are running a startup and your goal is to make a million dollars this year, then you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, set several smaller, measurable milestones so that you can track your progress.


Create a big-picture strategy for your company, and set realistic business goals on how to achieve them. Everything from creating useful partnerships, networking, marketing, ramping up your social media, or even hiring good employees takes time. Establish a plan and be prepared to tackle it one day at a time. There is nothing more daunting than spending your day alone in your home office.

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