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Later, in the meeting, the seer will begin scanning the crowd looking for that particular person.


For seers, seeing in the natural what they had already seen in the spirit activates their faith and calls forth courage within them. This kind of prophetic anointing has a lot to do with quietly waiting on God. There are times, as observed from my own experience and that of others, when one waits on God for what seems to be an extended period of time, only to have Him come at the last minute. Quite often, impartation in the seer realm comes only after a time of patient waiting and contemplative meditation upon the Lord. : Seer's Explanation, The () : Gottlieb, Larry : Books

I have often heard it stated: God is slow but He is always on time! But thank the Lord, if we wait, He will come! James W.

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Goll is the co-founder of Encounters Network - a ministry to the nations and the International Director of Prayer Storm. He and his wife late wife Michal Ann were married for 32 years before her graduation into heaven in September James continues to write, travel the globe preaching and ministering and lives in the beautiful hills of Franklin, Tennessee.

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(B-1) What Was a Prophet among the Hebrews?

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The Seer's Explanation (Paperback)

Jesse Shamp. After his faith in the gods was tested by the defeat in Paris, invalidating his murder of Athelstan, his best friend and king, Ragnar, punished him by Viking water torture in a cave for an indefinite period of days. When he finally was released, Gustaf Skarsgard's character found himself lacking purpose in the world -- that is, until he went to see the Seer. In a surprising turn of events, the Seer licked Floki's hand, bestowing a sign of respect back on the troubled Viking.

Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki on Vikings. So in this moment of time he's just a broken, broken spirit, and in that time he goes to see the spirit for the first time, and then the Seer totally rejuvenates him in one way. He acknowledges him and all his struggling.

I also think it plays well into his dualistic self-image of divinity or worthlessness, and this definitely plays on the first. Even though he is still on the outs with Ragnar, this acknowledgment from the Seer is enough to reinvigorate him after the struggles he's endured. Floki's spirituality has always been integral to his character, and Skarsgard finds it important to view the gods through Floki's eyes when understanding his story. admin