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Schermi indiani, linguaggi planetari Germanistikstudium in Frankfurt. Magister in Deutschdidaktik in Istanbul. Promotion in Translationswissenschaften in Istanbul. Habilitation in Translationswissenschaften. Schwerpunke: Zentraleuropa, Kultur- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte Caroline Herfert, Geboren , aufgewachsen in Liechtenstein. Teilnahme an wissenschaftlichen Veranstaltungen und Projekten, u. Publikationen: mit S. Schwinghammer, M. Wagner Theater. Stuttgart ; Hermann Nitsch.

Birbaumer, G. I in Druck. Federico Italiano, Geb. Seit wiss. Neueste wiss. Publikation: Tramiele e pietra. Aspetti di geopoetica in Montale e Celan, Milano, Mimesis, Paris 8. Paris 8 , T. Traduction etCommunication transculturelle, Univ. Marc Bloch, Strasbourg. Prosa aus dem Maghreb Heidelberg ; Mohnblumen auf schwarzem Filz.

Christopher F. Laferl, Geboren Literaturwissenschaftler und Historiker. Jahrhunderts u. Herausgeber der Familienkorrespondenz Ferdinands I. Camilla Miglio, Professorin f. Germanistik, und Lehrbeauftragte f. Uebersetzerin u. Poesia,Traduzione di una distanza Neapel ; Vita a fronte. Paul Celan e gli studicomparatistici Hg. Zuletzt erschienen u. Bruchlinien der Institutionskritik gem. Gabriele C. Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaftd. Dokumentation zum GemeindeHOFtheater, ersch. Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft.

Theresia Prammer, Geb. Studium der Romanistik in Wien. Herausgeberin von Anthologien undDossiers. Award , Lana-Literaturstipendium Buchpublikationen als Autorin: Lesarten der Sprache. Einverleiben — Verlaufsformen poetischerRede , Klever Verlag. Zuletzt hrsg. Gedichte Schreibheft-Dossier zuPier Paolo Pasolini. York ; w. Nathalie Rouanet-Herlt, In Frankreich geboren. Lebt seit inKlosterneuburg bei Wien. Mandana Taban, Geboren in Teheran.

Weidinger, Geboren in Wien. Studierte Jus, Klassische Sprachen, Theaterwissenschaft u. Kunstgeschichte a. Prag; Unterrichtete a. Wissenschaftliche Schwerpunkte auf den Gebieten der Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Orientalistik sowie derMamlukengeschichte. Translation als soziale und kulturelle Praxis in der Habsburgermonarchie bis Toller, C. Einstein, R. Goering, F. Jung, A. Hiller, L.

Wolf, F. Koautor vonNouvelles du Monde arabe Le livre de Poche, This Summer School inquires issues related to the cultural translation of the concepts of homelandand nation. These are terms at a first look might seem to be based only to the different localidentities and for this reason might be wrongly considered as untranslatable. Translation is then the keyword: a term that includes a vast area of research and that is particularlyrooted in the tradition of studies of University of Halle.

Studying translation means studying the migration of epistemic elements and normative systems aswell as their relocation and reception in new contexts. As for the content of this Summer School, there have been some theoretical studies such ustranslation and cultural identity, the concept of Heimat and intercultural problems today, therelationship between margins and centers, the concept of insularity, the center-periphery relations.

These have been followed by a series of meetings dedicated to specific aspects of the problem suchus the concept of Heimat in Germany, the idea of homeland and nation in Italy and many distinctivefeatures of different countries. NetworksNew networks were built with conventions with other institutions and festivals. After completing herundergraduate programme, she has started graduate programme at the same university.

She has been working as a lecturer at Istanbul University, FrenchDepartment of Translation and Interpretation since She is a translater Diderot, Gide und Pirandello. Member of the team directedby Stuart Hall at the University of Birmingham, Chambers was a representative of the Center for ContemporaryCultural Studies founded in Birmingham, who contributed to the creation of a flourishing branch of Anglo-Saxonsociology.

He founded the Centre for the Postcolonial Studies. He has published various monographs inEnglish and Italian which were translated in various languages. The main fields of his research are the urbanization; thepopular culture; music; memory and modernity. His main research interests are:linguistic typology and information structure, Indo-European historical syntax, Cushitic languages and literatures especially Somali, Saho and Oromo , Old Harari language and literature, ethnolinguistics aka anthropologicallinguistics , oral literatures and comparative poetry.

He is in the scientific board of the Seriescatalogorum devoted to the publication of inedited manuscripts funds of the Islamic world. Actually he works on therelations between the Iranian and the Turkish world. She worked as afreelance sworn translator for many years in Germany. She has been a member of the academic staff of the Universityof Istanbul, Faculty of Letters, Translation Studies Department, German Section since its foundation in and hasbeen teaching both in undergraduate and post graduate programs.

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Presently she is the head of the department. She hasmany publications and literary translations. She has been opening exhibitions and making presentations onmulticulturalism in Europe and Turkey since Her area of interest focuses on the expression of religion in everyday Islam amongMuslim societies of Post-Soviet Central Asia. Federico II? Currently, I am finishing my PhD involving the relationship between translation andintercultural communication. My field of study includes, amongst other areas, general translation theory theoretical andpractice-oriented approaches , theory of Intercultural Communication, cross-cultural dialogue, cultural transformationprocesses, as well as the translation of academic and literary texts.

Born in in Austria, hestudied German philosophy and philologyat the University of Vienna. Poet, essayist, translater he collaborates with various journals. Fields of work are political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophyof language including problems of intercultural translation and bioethics. After beeing anassociate professor at the departement of intercultural communication at the University of Mainz he is holding theposition of a full professor at the departement of communication studies at the University of Duisburg- Essen.

Hisresearch interest are communication theory, intercultural communication, semiotics and philosophy of Language. From to he was titular of C. Among her topics of research are Expressionismus andModerne, literature of the Weimar Republic, contemporary narrative and poetry. He is a researcher in the History Department of the Universityof Cagliari. His main field of interestis archaic greek culture and literature, in particular Homer, popular poetry, lyric in action in a face-to-face society,dramatic and ritual performance.

Paradies She worked mainly on German literature of the 20th century and published contributions on authors and poetics of theHistorical avangarde; on the Weimar Republic; on German and Austrian contemporary writers. Research title: Islamand Italian colonialism in Eritrea. Fieldwork research: Eritrea on and , Ethiopia on and Egypt on and In Graduated with honours in History, Dep.

Omar S. He also publishes articles on Middle Eastern culture and society for key geo-political newspapers inItaly. Russianlanguage and Literature; — M. Tajik Language and Literature University of Bologna. His M. He furthermore is a literary translator andpoet geh dichter She is specialized in gender studies, visual culture, and Orientalart. Hisinvestigation deals with the historical and rhetorical aspects of transmission, imitation and literary response concerningthe classical Persian ghazal. Trans figur azioni shakespeariane in India. She worked on contemporary Indian movies and modern appropriations of Shakespeare in it.

Curti e S. Her research interests are mediaand television studies, postcolonial literature, American history and culture and cultural theory. She is currently working on an essayon the representation of social mobility in the show Mad Men and on a parallel project on Roberto Saviano. In she discussed a dissertationon the politic influences of various translations of theHamlet in Germany. A short synthesis of her work was published in the volume Il demone a vela a edited by CamillaMiglio. From she gets a post-graduate scholarshipfor research in German literature at the same University.

Her main research themes are translation studies, trauma studies,intercultural German literature, lyric after Auschwitz and Hiroshima. Her main research interests lie in the fields of Italian literature, culturalstudies, and translation theories and practices. Currently, she is a doctoral student at the University of Vienna. A Translation Festival-Naples, 22ndth November 61 events, more than guests; poets, translators, writers and critics, actors, musicians, subtitlers, scholars, film-makers, professional operators, social operators, articulated in 10 thematic routes in 8 days from 9 to Naples is a territory where subtle borders cross each other, in a tragic or charming way.

This event will be theopportunity to reflect on the identity of Naples as a crossroads, an in-between place where theOrient, Europe and the Mediterranean can come together. After Paris and Vienna, this itinerant international Festival is the last event of theE. The Festivalwill have both an academic and a general strand. It will focus not only on poetry and narrative butalso on dialect, music, comics, cinema and theatre. The Festival will involve the people of Napleswho are committed to the cultural renaissance of their city, together with the Italian andinternational institutions supporting this process of renewal.

Translating in Europe Festival of TranslationNaples, November The Festival of Translation in ten thematic itineraries: The theatre of translation — Translation, music, cinema — Translation towards the 21st century: performative arts, photography, comics, the internet - Philosophies of translation — Practices and politcs of translation — Classics rewritten today — Translating the classics of modernity — The Italyexported by translators — The Europe of languages and dialects — the world in Italy with the voices of translators I.

Welcome address by Prof. Naples in translation. Music performance at the cello offered bythe Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella. Event coordinators: Domenico Ingenito and DanielaAllocca. Crowned by the cello played by Aurelio Bertucci San Carlo Theatre, Naples , the voice of theactress has given a living body to the invocation to salvation sang in the Songs of an Island byIngeborg Bachmann.

After the thirty-minutes performance, Prof. Camilla Miglio projectcoordinator of Europe as a Space of Translation has introduced the enrupted audience to themeaning of this festival, which for the first time not only in Naples, but in Europe, celebratestranslation, not just as a way leading from the Academe to the people, but also as popular culture, aliving example of which is the Neapolitan cultural patrimony overlooking the Mediterranean andthe near East.

Moderators: Johanna Borek and Camilla Cederna. Theseminar was opened by Camilla Cederna with some theoretical considerations on the translation ofclassic drama, a particularly fascinating form of tranlsation multiplying the function of translationitself, requiring several levels of interpretation, both on the synchronic level — including text,translation, staging, acting — and on the diachronic one — through which the text is given back itsoriginal relevance. Before discussing the various attempts made in this direction, it should be remembered how therelationship between the French and Italian authors mentioned above has long been characterizedby a delay in translation and by a fundamental misunderstanding.

Thanks toan extraordinary interdisciplinary work between translators, editors, actors, directors, and specialistsin various fields, the association has succeeded in producing the the translation and edition of fortytexts, and the staging of numerous plays, operas and musical shows. From the nineties on a greatintellectual effort has been made in France to catch up even with respect to an author like CarloGozzi. Numerous conferences devoted to the reception and translation of theatre prepared theground for a thorough reflection on the translation and edition of authors now considered classic,trying to answer the following questions: how to relate to the present how to preserve the othernessof the text, avoiding archaisms as well as excessively modern adaptations?

How to preserve thequality of the text, its rhythm and musicality? How to preserve the autonomy of thetext in the light of the pressures exerted by directors and actors? How can a specific translationinfluence the staging? Of the various versions of a text, which one should be made the object of anedition? Starting from these questions, several scholars took the word who have been working fromthe s on to a methodology that would allow to translate a classic today.

Based on herexperience as a translator for the project of re-translation of Goldoni, who led to a redefinition ofthe way we translate this author today, Lucie Comparini Paris Sorbonne , presented the results ofher research work in a translation and staging workshop involving university students inFrance. Thus, Bernardon can offer the public a theatrical form that the government had bannedsince it considered it politically dangerous.

We move thusfrom the Harpagon played by Paolo Villaggio, an actor whose body already shows the excess ofwealth and abundance, to the invisibility of wealth and the grotesque ostentation of power and itssymbols chosen by Martinelli, with the actress Ermanna Montanaro playing Harpagon. As for the edition of a text, in the case of authors suchas Carlo Gozzi, for example, Decroisette supports the need to publish the dramatic text that revealsthe hybridity of the original text rather than the stage text, the latter consisting of countlessvariations. CroceTranslating Spaces II. Don Juan in Naples.

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With H. Weidinger Don Juan Archiv, Vienna. Moderator: Johanna Borek. Onofrio Giliberto da Solofra - is printed, giving rise to the longest Don Juan tradition in thehistory of Italian stage. That tradition is continued for more than two centuries, up to the nineteenthcentury, and has left us a series of dramas, both printed and manuscripts, among whose authors wecan find Andrea Perruccio, Giambattista Lorenzi and Francesco Cerlone.

Known to Goldoni and later untraceable, it became, for thehistorians from the late nineteenth century onwards the number including Benedetto Croce , thesubject of endless speculation on its possible content, while it seems that the study of the whole setof Neapolitan texts which has strangely still to be undertaken allows to reconstruct the lost text.

CrispiFilm show. Language and school in the French suburbs. An excursus among the languages of Paris banlieux, as they are practiced in schools — often notreally different from the well known ones of the suburbs of Naples. In three stages, films that havemade history and raised debate in France, screened in Italy for the first time, allow us to comparetwo peripheral worlds in perpetual translation, between France and Italy.

Philosophy, music, poetry from German Romanticism. WithGiampiero Moretti. Music performances from Schumann to Chopin executed by the students of themusic academy. The pendular dimension of the relationship between finite and infinite, thefragment as a new opportunity to get in touch with the infinity, represent a tragic experience, astransient and temporary as that which takes place in music, the latter being inevitably destined toend. Upload by: n. Good Movie. None How To Download Videos?

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Elenco Lotti disponibili. Unsold Lots. Sold Lots. Mix, Via Federico Ozanam. La vendita si terra in sede il 18 luglio. In asta oltre lotti selezionati: libri, manifesti, disegni, oggettistica. Joe; le grafiche da Guido Crepax a Hugo Pratt. Elenco aggiudicazioni asta dell'8 giugno Sold lots. The online catalogue has been updated with available lots.

Elenco lotti disponibili Available lots pdf. Aggiudicazioni Hammer proces p. Verranno esitati lotti selezionati che ripercorrono la storia del fumetto attraverso le tavole originali. Top lots gallery: una selezione.

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XX Asta Little Nemo. Via Federico Ozanam 7 — - Torino. Verranno esitati lotti relativi a:. Arte pubblicitaria: manifesti e oggettistica;. Illustrazioni originali degli adornatori del libro del Novecento;. A partire dalle ore 14, Orari: dal martedi al venerdi Catalogo illustrato in brossura cm 22x22;.

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Orari : dal martedi al venerdi Il catalogo sfogliabile qui sotto non e nella versione definitiva, per le schede corrette consigliamo di consultare LittleNemo Asta o la versione cartacea. Elenco aggiudicazioni in asta. Wow Spazio Fumetto , viale Campania 12, Milano. Esposizione dal 30 ottobre inaugurazione alle ore 17 al 10 novembre Asta 10 novembre , ore 15, nel foyer di Wow Spazio fumetto. Diabolik, un personaggio che non tramonta. Il collezionismo di Diabolik e in costante aumento e, al momento, non teme la crisi.

Per meglio conoscere ed approfondire questo fenomeno culturale e stato realizzato un catalogo monografico illustrato a colori di circa pagine, con schede descrittive e stime di mercato. Le introduzioni critiche si debbono ad Armando Audoli e Lorenzo Altariva. Con queste opere e stato realizzato un portfolio a tiratura limitata a cura della Little Nemo Casa Editrice, che sara presentato in anteprima a Lucca Comics. Per acquistare il catalogo. E possibile partecipare all'asta anche su LiveAuctioneers.