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Hat tip: Brain Pickings. Johann S Bach lived from to The 15th century had composers such as Dupres and at the end Gabrielli.

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Yes, and Bach composed his symphonies in the 16th century, when he would have been older than JS Bach was primarily an 18th century composer of baroque music. He published a total of zero symphonies, that musical form had not been developed. The closest thing to symphonies he wrote was the 6 Brandenburg concertos.

The fourth B-concerto maybe listened to and the performers watched abbado et al — the best here. Bach wrote over cantatas, he wrote a large number of Preludes and Fugues for organ, I think his crowning achievement in this genre is his Passacaglia and Fugue, he wrote the Orgelbrucklein, the 2nd and 3rd part Inventions, the Well Tempered Clavier, the Mass in B-minor, the Goldberg Variations Glen Gould worked these masterpieces , his great Chacon, the Suites for Unaccompanied Cello, and towards the end of his life the Art of the Fugue, mentioned in this article.

I not only just listen to recordings of Bach, but I play Bach. I am one of those rare creatures who owns a piano.

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There are modern day analogues of Bach, including the Preludes and Fugues by Shostakovich and in the field of rock music there is Edgar Froese, who in the following you might notice in the second half a rather Bach-like quality to this. Thanks Lawrence, my bad, meant to write 18th century. Thank you for the links, and good on you for keeping the art of the piano alive and well. Maybe someone can come up with some form of graphic showing the period of the planets maybe bouncing back and forth between brick walls like pong each a different color and each lighting up when it completes a cycle.

That way we could anticipate the notes because we could see the balls coming in to hit the wall…. From my rock merchandising job, I moved on to magazine design. From there, it was an easy jump to book design. What I like most about design is seeing all of the elements come together in such a crystalline way.

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The end result becomes its own entity and acquires its own personality. Perhaps I'm a bit of an animist. What was your design inspiration for Mr.

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Tell us about how you and Adam collaborated to bring the book to life so beautifully. Interior spreads from Mr. Dog's Christmas featuring a number of Cynthia's wonderful design details, from the faux bois patterning to the use of Victorian era frames, letter forms, decorative flourishes, and even the aged look of the paper. The design strikes the perfect balance between Victorian style and a more contemporary sensibility.

Adam is a very flexible illustrator who can work with many mediums in a variety of styles. With so many options available, it can be a studied task to decide what might be the best approach for any given project. In the case of Mr. Dog, I found myself particularly drawn pun intended! It's such a natural fit for a story that was originally published during the Victorian era. In general, ours is a fairly organic process.

My studio is across the hall from Adam's.

My Fair Goalie/Transcript

We often call back and forth and ask each other for opinions, thoughts, and ideas. The illustration is, of course, all Adam's. I do my best to make sure that things come together in a way that makes sense for the project at hand with supporting typography, layout, and graphics; for example, adding the faux bois texture to some of the pages in Mr. Dog was an idea of mine. It makes sense as, after all, much of the story takes place at the Hollow Tree Inn.

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And you, Betsy, deserve full credit for the cloth cover concept for Mr. Dog, along with shepherding the book to final production. You did such a great job. What are some of your other favorite book projects with Adam? With other illustrators?

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I have a soft spot for all ten of the picture books that Adam and I have worked on together. The creation of them generally takes at least a year and sometimes much longer. Their 'stuff' ends up being spread around our house and studios and hung on our walls. They truly become members of the family. And then they leave home and head out into the world.

But if choosing favorites is a must, they would be after Mr. Dog, of course! The former includes such beautiful writing by Bobbi Katz. The project also presented lots of artistic challenges for both Adam and me. The latter, Mom and Dad Are Palindromes by author Mark Shulman, also involved unique artistic and typographic challenges. I love the way that it came together with Mark's farcical wordplay. Although I'm open to working with other illustrators on book projects, I tend to prefer working with my in-house partner, Adam.

I do enjoy working with a variety of illustrators though; for example, on album art with the very talented Christian Northeast out of Toronto, Canada. I've designed two album covers around his amazing work and hope that his schedule allows for further collaboration next year. Tell us more about all of it!

About Karen Ray

So yes, I create music in my parallel life. Adam does as well and we play in a band together, Bermuda Triangle Service. That's not to say that music and visual art don't intersect. I've designed the album packaging for all of the Bermuda Triangle Service records. We put out a new record last year entitled Yoo Hoo which is currently doing well on iTunes and Apple Music. Adam and I have also played independently in many bands.

In fact, we met at a show where Adam was drumming as part of a band called Little My, which was named after the Tove Jansson character. I was playing violin with Richard Buckner as a member of The Doubters.