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During that time in the Hospital, John met other men who'd also had surgery for prostate cancer — some open like John and others robotic-assisted procedures like he had hoped before it was clear how far the cancer had spread.

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One man he recalls said how he hadn't told his buddies who he regularly played basketball with about his diagnosis or his surgery. Nor did that man plan to tell his friends after he recovered — it's a personal thing, the fellow patient said. But the conversation got him thinking. And now that's what John does. Yes, it's private, but John tells everyone he can to go to the doctor, get screened and catch the cancer early. John and his wife discovered Philadelphia and found that they love coming down to the city. When he has a check-up his wife comes along.

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From the National Cancer Institute. View All Close. Fallopian Tube Cancer. Kaposi's Sarcoma Kidney Cancer. OncoLink Vet Ovarian Cancer. Rectal Cancer. Urethral Cancer Urinary Tract Cancers. May consider observation only. In my case, my research is indicating that I should not get in too much of a hurry. I was diagnosed with early stage Gleason 6, t1c in May Confirmed by three different opinions.

My PSA was 4. I am now 65 years old and have been on watchful waiting for the last 8 years. I have PSA test every 6 months. My last was November, and my score was 2. After diagnosis in , I made radical changes to my diet and stress level. I am hoping to continue watchful waiting, but if PSA goes over 5, I will find a treatment.

PSA does not detect prostate cancer simply it is not a cancer-specific marker. Biopsy test disturbs the gland.

You do not want to awaken up the giant! What are the risks of having the initial biopsy through the bowel wall — have heard reports from a couple of people that this caused an infection and the patients died as a result? My husband was diagnosed in at age He suffered some incontinence for a while, but not long term, and he did suffer erectile dysfunction and later had a prosthesis surgically implanted.

However, the point is, he is now almost 71, and continues to get a 0 PSA every year. Surgery has been offered as an option. I am 68 physician in very good health PSA 4. Prostate Volume PSA density 0. Thanks, Jim. Ray Sims 71 yo. That is taking place Jan. Will try to keep updating as I gather information. At least learning to ask some of the best questions. Biopsy revealed five of 12 core samples cancerous, Gleason score 6, T1C, currently Sedentary lifestyle due to other medical conditions.

Have family history but at much more aggressive levels. Please advise best you can! I am 69 with PSA scores averaging. Biopsies have indicated cancer exclusively on the right side. I am going to have another biopsy in January My doctor and consulting oncologist must think of me as the patient from hell, because I ask so many questions. Admittedly, I have been dragging my feet on treatment. I am scared to death of the possible side effects of treatment. I was just diagnosed with PC. My PSA increased from 4. My Urologist who performs Di Vinci robotic recommends surgery. I am leaning toward the robotic surgery but worried about the incontinence side effects.

PSA started to go up and eventually was going up 1 point per month to After a 6 month Lupron shot to reduce testosterone that feeds the cancer, I had 15 treatments that apparently cured it with no side effects, a particular advantage of protons. I still have to go back every 3 months for a PSA test to make sure the numbers stay low. Do an internet search for smashcancer for more information on cancer and how to beat it. Also learning that you must do your own research and question everything, keep reaching out to experts, organizations and most importantly patients and people that can share — information and learning — any other advice out there?

My PSA has been rising over the past five years. Small amounts though. It was 5 a year ago and I had a biopsy.

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Gleason 6 said my Uro, Nothing to worry about. This year it is 6. Is this just a ploy for a visit or, could it be important. I believe he is am excellent Dr. PSA 4. Gleason 6. Not want prostate removed but thinking of radiation, as side effects of removal greatly outweigh the need. Lifetime incontinence being major treason. Need know my best options please? Thanks for very informative article. I am recovering from TURP procedure as a result of enlarged prostate and difficulty urinating. What further testing and treatment is recommended?

Many thanks, Mike. As you must be doing, I am reading a lot and learning, I find the side effects of some treatments to be alarming so am taking a cautious approach. Fortunately I have a terrific doctor and have completely put my faith in him. Be well and good luck. My PSA is 5. And I tend to agree, though I am looking into cyberknife if needed if this progresses. I am 73 and otherwise in good health. What do you folks think? All responses appreciated. Just received notification today that the results from my prostate Biopsy showed five spots out of 12 were cancerous.

Therefore, I am doing as much research on various treatments and side effects so that I can formulate questions to ask my doctor. Beware of scalpel-happy urologists, who are ready to start carving up your nether regions even before a biopsy confirmation of cancer. Beware of scalpel-happy urologists! Am I still a candidate for Active Surveillance?

Originally my P s a was 5. Doctors are saying if the hormonal therapy is a success he can have 10 years added to his life.. My boyfriend is young 46 and has a psa of He has cancer and more test to determine if it has spread. We obviously want to him cancer free and not incontinent but our sex life is very important.

What is the best suggestion for treatment? The two options recommended where Active surveillance and surgery. Radiation is not an option because of ulcerative proctitis. Has anyone had to make a similar decision with low grade, low stage, high-volume prostate cancer? My husband Gary obtained a second opinion after his urol advised more watchful waiting in Jan.

Really scared of radiation and hoping that HIFU plus lifestyle changes pay off. Thanks for the informative article. Just had my PSA result levelled at 6 … After a brief discussion with my doctor I have opted for a biopsy.. I have read with interest and some trepidation and fear what prostate cancer is all about, so much to take in so many options and varying factors to take on board..

Depending on the biopsies results and my appointed consultants analysis whatever the outcome the next steps and or decisions appear to be in my hands … Catch 22 comes to mind … Fingers crossed.. We venture into a lot of unknowns, this article can only but help me with my ability to understand and convey my thoughts. I had Gleason 6 in 5 cores and PSA of 4. I said no, I want to investigate. But insurance will happily cover procedures that destroy your entire gland.

I believe women would revolt and we men should also! Stephen Would you be able to email me? I have similar diagnosis and would appreciate a conversation Thanks. Hi Steven, I went from a Gleason 6 to a Gleason 7 My doc recommends a total immediate prostatectomy.

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My PSP as never varied between 1. When I was first diagnosed my GP had found a hard spot during a digital exam and referred me to a urologist who biopsied and found 2 tumors, one each side at.