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The British used dried Bombay Duck as an accompaniment to dal and curries, and they imported it from India until Dried Bombay Duck is an acquired taste, but the fresh version should find favor with anyone who likes fish. The dish was one of my best discoveries in Mumbai. While I had eaten it as a curry in Kolkata, the first time I sank my teeth into the Maharashtrian version was in a small restaurant called Sindhudurg, right next to Shiv Sena Bhawan. The fish had been butterflied, the central bone removed, and it was marinated in spices and crisply fried in rice flour. Nothing prepared me for the soft flesh beneath the crisply-fried exterior.

It was fishy heaven. If you get your hands on the dried version, you can simply toast it in the oven, crumble it up and sprinkle it over your dal and rice. You can follow her on Twitter Rajyasree.

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They have lateral line with scales, extending onto pointed median love of caudal fin. The Bombay Duck fish are generally of uniform light grey color, with a semitransparent appearance. Their average body length is around 25 cm, with a maximum of about 40 cm. Photo and info from FAO and Wikipedia.

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The Bombay Duck fish spawn 6 batches of brood per year. They are benthopelagic and inhabits deep water offshore for most of the year. But they also gather in large shoals in deltas of riversto feed during monsoons. The Bombay Duck fish is mainly used for food. It is vary tasty and popular among the people of Bangladesh and India.

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The Bombay Duck fish generally live in the tropical areas of the Indo-Pacific. They have been caught in the waters of Maharashtra in the Lakshadweep Sea traditionally. And it is an important item of the yearly catch there. The Bombay Duck fish is a popular food item in certain areas of India and Bangladesh.

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Fresh fish are generally fried or cooked in curry. It is very tasty and generally marketed fresh, dried or salted.