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It goes down well with a big mug of beer.

Another ubiquitous meat dish is schnitzel a meat cutlet that has been pounded flat, breaded and fried. Each region of Germany has its specialties, and smart travellers know the best values are generally the local favourites. In the west, where Germany shoulders up to France, look for the Alsatian Flammkuchen, a version of white pizza, on a thin, yeastless dough; the classic version is topped with bacon and onions.

Up north in Berlin, Stolzer Heinrich grilled sausage in beer sauce and Currywurst basically grilled pork sausage smothered with curry sauce reign supreme. Thankfully, Germans are health-conscious and quite passionate about choosing organic bio products: bio fruits and vegetables, and even bio bread, ice cream and schnitzel. Germans make excellent salads and not just of the potato variety. Most menus feature big, varied, dinner-size salad plates. In May and June, Spargel — big white or green asparagus — is ubiquitous. The trend toward variety is particularly noticeable in Berlin, which hosts a world of ever-changing restaurants.

Nouveau German is California cuisine with scant memories of wurst, kraut or pumpernickel. Be adventurous. Germanic cuisine is also inexpensive, by European standards.

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For smaller portions, order from the kleine hunger small hunger section of the menu. With cooking shows as popular on German television as they are here at home, Germans are now taking their food as seriously as their neighbours in France and beyond. Rick Steves ricksteves. Email him at rick ricksteves. H" diet - "Friss der Haelfte". Not sure grammar is right This translates roughly to "Just eat half of it".

If you self cater, it is easy to choose the right foods, but as Venezia says, it would be a shame not to sample the delicious fare whilst you are there, and you can walk it off. And the Kuchen cakes really taste as good as they look. Schoene Reise! Send a private message to Carrabella. Find More Posts by Carrabella. Ah, the apple strudel with fresh whipped cream Send a private message to joannyc. Find More Posts by joannyc.

GERMAN LESSON 29: Must EAT & DRINK in GERMANY: Typical German Food and Drinks! 🍻🍰

One of the hardest places in the world to eat light. Good luck.

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Stick with salads. Eschew the sausages and potatoes and desserts. Send a private message to StCirq. Find More Posts by StCirq. Hi goopy, Yes, of course. Every restaurant and cafe will have soup and salads on the menu. It is asparagus season here, and you may be able to try it in ALL its forms -- made as soup, roasted, boiled, baked, etc. Just scrape off as much of the cheese and sauces as you can, lol!

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Also you can always get pizzas, and the crusts here are very thin. Get one loaded with veggies, then eat it with a knife and fork the way many locals do and eat mosly the veggies, leaving most of the crust behind.

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Have fun! Send a private message to swandav Find More Posts by swandav Why would you not be able to eat healthy in Germany? Germany being a hard place for eating healthy is a myth created by simpletons who miraculously believe that a German diet consists of Pig's knuckles, Kraut and potatoes exclusively. You may find dishes like that on the menus of simple restaurants, predominantly in the South, just as you would find full American breakfasts in restaurants in the US. That does not at all imply that it is the standard daily diet for the locals.

All local cuisine being heavy is just utterly uniformed drivel. Go to proper restaurants and you will get more sophisticated and healthy food including proper local or better regional cuisine, than you are likely to get in many parts of other countries throughout the world. Send a private message to hsv. Find More Posts by hsv. May 11th, , AM. Saying that you cannot find light dishes in Germany is like saying that you can't get anything but McDonald's or Denny's in the States.

I was born and grew up in Germany and still have to eat my first pig's knuckle - yikes, no way. Most local cuisines have low-fat options like chicken, turkey, and, of course, fish. And you will find lot of "almost local" ethnic street food which is hardly heavy on your stomach. Nevertheless, a proper Schweinebraten roast pork, and you can easily cut off the fat with a dumpling in dark beer sauce plus a cabbage salad is fine once in a while and it's usually the cheapest main course on any decent inn's menu in the South.

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Send a private message to Cowboy Find More Posts by Cowboy Yes, hsv sums it up perfectly. Send a private message to quokka. Marion Kutter. Save to wishlist. Heidelberg and the entire Palatinate region is home to serious food aficionados—regional specialities are made from refined staple foods, such as pork and potatoes, to make creative dishes that have been enjoyed by generations. Asparagus with hollandaise sauce, potatoes and pike perch fillet.

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