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Were it not for the wire, the tigress could command him to wait, as the sheep had waited, while she padded down to him.

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He was her creature. Lila was magic. He always sought her out when he went to the Tiger Park, which he did almost every week. She did this to him from time to time. It was a sort of game. Lila liked to tease him. She is a vagina dentata only when she and Steve are not in the same form. Neither his desire for her when she is in her human form, nor their mutual desire when Steve is transformed into a tiger are frowned upon. She was the strangest thing he had ever seen … but she was only a girl after all, a slightly built girl.

She was a few years older than him, a little bigger. She appeared to be naked under the blanket wrapped around her shoulders, which he thought he recognised as one he had seen before, lying around in the barn. She was beautiful and exciting. In the wild, male tigers may kill tiger cubs in order to bring the female into season again Nowak, His first action is to push away his desires as if they were something shameful, and he rushes to find clothing to hide her body from his view. But the patriarchal order is inverted as Lila turns Steve into a mate that suits her.

Significantly, she does not turn him into a tiger because she desires him, but simply because she believes that she is the last tiger in the world. She is only sexually active when she is in season, and thus only has sex twice during the course of the novel, the first time being presented anthropomorphically. So, despite her seemingly irresistible sexual appeal, Burgess overtly comments on the importance of being selective when choosing a sexual partner. Lila takes responsibility for sexual desire when she protects her body from the overly masculine Tiny.

As a result, Burgess ridicules the idea of bestial sexuality as being less restrained than human sexuality, and by implication he ridicules the idea that adolescent sexuality is less responsible than adult sexuality. So although Burgess celebrates adolescent sexuality, he does not offer them a licence to do as they please.

Indeed, his presentation of sexuality in this novel is far less radical than one might expect from the enfant terrible who penned Doing It. His use of the vagina dentata motif reveals an uncertainty towards sexually active females. Lila inverts the patriarchal status quo when she forces Sirrah to face his fears of Tiny and chase her. This markedly premature sexual activity alters, perhaps scars, him for life.

Whilst I welcome this conclusion, I cannot help but wish it had not come at the expense of his female characters. In Tiger Tiger, I have argued, he suggests that human sexuality is actually less controlled than animal sexuality. Lady: My Life as a Bitch. Her hyperbolic desire to be desirable shows how Sandra experiences her sexuality as a constant source of energy and power.

Really, really great. Only, I was getting fed up. Well, not fed up — tired. Interestingly, she is not concerned about her reputation, and her desire for change is not externally motivated. She genuinely seems to have enjoyed herself. She is even somewhat relieved when the absence of a private space in which to have sex with Wayne provides an external obstacle.

Since she cannot control her carnal desires, she is actually grateful for the social taboo against having sex in public. He accidently transforms her into a dog; a punishment that far outstrips the traditional horrors of instant pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease favoured by more overtly didactic narrators.

In this way, Burgess can suggest that, although Sandra might be badly behaved, her behaviour should not be generalised to imply that her sexual morals are typical of either her age group or her sex. But he does seem to be arguing that Sandra was always a bit of a dog.

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Wayne is her partner and the one with whom she wants to have sex, but she also revels in the attention she receives from Dobby. She and Wayne are just considering the problems of finding a place to have sex when the incident with the tramp takes place. How many people can say that? The evening is spent in sisterly bonding with her elder sister, Julie. The menstrual blood of menarche is replaced by the blood of the recently killed rabbit the dogs bring as a gift. In both cases, it is a brother or brother surrogate who helps Sandra connect her mind and body and so complete the rite of passage.

It need not be a taboo subject, but it is private and it is a topic that connects women. In the dog story, Fella helps Lady to see the sensual potential of her new bodily form. Your mouth, your feet … The freedom to be yourself! You are more you than you have ever been before. Take my advice. Burgess, , pp. In other words, she can remain a child forever. This is an interesting variation, not least because Sandra-as-Lady is particularly delighted by the fact that she can now have as much sex as wants, with whom she wants and where ever she wants.

For although Sandra now thinks of herself as having a totally unrestricted sexuality, a closer reading of the text reveals that, like Lila, Lady only has sexual desires within the very restricted time when she is on heat. And even when she is in heat, like Lila, she is more particular about her choice of sexual partner than she was as a girl. Shortly before her transformation, Sandra has sex with a complete stranger, purely to annoy her sister and declare her right to have sex with anyone she wants. She learns from this encounter, as becomes evident in the event that parallels it once she is a dog.

The one sexual activity which is less restrained once Sandra is a dog is masturbation. Lady realises that Ed, her former pet dog, might also have been human once. As a human, Sandra clearly embraced her carnal desires from a very early age, although she initially viewed it as private. However, her thoughts on the shame associated with masturbation are worthy of further comment. Read as a comment from Burgess to his adolescent readers, it is hard not to interpret this as a didactic comment that teenagers should not feel ashamed of exploring their bodies.

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Expressed through the voice of the adolescent character, the didacticism is rendered more palatable, albeit no less instructional. Sandra overtly rejects shame, by laughing in its face: I saw the funny side of it and I started laughing to myself. You can do what you want. I was finding the whole idea of being ashamed at playing with myself a bit funny. Why feel guilty about that? We dogs, we just do what we want to do.

What for? I sat down and gave myself a good licking right there and then, in the middle of the pavement. It was great.

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Trites, , pp. Sandra is a far more sexually liberated, sexually confident character than Katherine. It is utterly unlike the ways in which the text challenges the taboo of speaking about menstruation whilst still acknowledging the right to privacy.

Moreover, Sandra underlines the fact that her lack of shame stems from the freedom afforded by her transformed state. As a girl, she implies, shamefulness is part and parcel of masturbation. Sandra is certainly a likeable character, and there is much to be said for her joyful response to whatever life offers her. Whether it is the freedom to have sex with a stranger or being transformed into a dog, Sandra tends to make the most of her situation, and her optimism is contagious. So it is hardly surprising that reactions to the novel have often been very negative as reviewers fear that teenage readers will automatically wish to emulate the protagonist.

For all its humour, Lady is ultimately as keen to warn its young readers of the dangers of sexual behaviour that steps beyond societally endorsed norms as Forever was in its day. A bitch will at least restrict her sexuality to certain specified seasons, but Sandra- the-human is wholly unrestrained.

Her inability to return to human form can thus be read as an imposed form of forced socialisation. These include a belief in the transformational power of sex to change a child into an adult, and thus upholds the capacity of the sexually active adolescent to challenge adult authority. Thus his early sexual encounter — which was not entirely voluntary - has left him permanently lonely.

Lady will certainly not suffer from loneliness, as she has a community of other human-dogs to support her. But she will forever be isolated from the joys of family life, and the sense of pleasure that comes from committing to long-term human relationships. Her choice of sexual partners has become decidedly more restricted than it was as a human, and she is better at being a friend, not merely a sexual partner.

When Ben realises he wants to date Marianne a girl his own age , but not for a while as he is determined not to start a new relationship until he is fully over his relationship with his teacher. Nicholas Dane highlights the permanent damage done to the protagonist as a result of his early sexual abuse. My tone may appear disappointed, as though I were calling for a free for all, libertarian world in which teenagers are encouraged to be sexual and authors provided them with pornographically explict erotic fiction.

I am not. Even his more recent novels urge adolescents to place some restrictions on their sexual behaviour. So although Burgess appears to be placing sexual development centre stage, he has disguised his didactic intentions as well as his characters. Since it would take a long time to make a new Combine-O-Tron, Mr. Melvin decides to build a time machine, which is built in one day. He builds it in the school library, which is run by Miss Singerbrains, a biblioclast book hater this is a response to the banning all of the books.

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The idea is that no one goes to the library because it only has one book in it. After getting a purple potty from the basement, Mr. Melvin tells Ms. Singerbrains she is fired for the rest of her life. Later after finishing the time machine and getting George and Harold into the library, Mr.

Melvin explains to George and Harold that they must be careful with the time machine, because if it's used two days in a row the machine needs to cool off every other day it's used , some unknown bad thing will happen an oppozo dimensional reality rift will open up if this occurred. He tells them to use the Forget-chama-call-it on anyone that sees them on their journey, so that way nothing bad will happen to the delicate timeline and change the future. George and Harold go back in time two days and retrieve the Combine-o-Tron after it gets Melvin and Mr.

Krupp back to normal, but before it is smashed they replace it with a look-alike. This is done thanks to the use of the Forget-chama-call-it on Melvin's parents. They go back to the time machine in the library, where Miss Singerbrains steals the Combine-o-tron and the Forget-chama-call-it and drives off to the police station. The boys go back in time and get a Quetzalcoatlus "Crackers" , then go back to the moment when Miss Singerbrains stole their stuff, then get their machines back thanks to Crackers. Miss Singerbrains is convinced she is dreaming because pterosaurs don't exist at this time.

Meanwhile, Kruppy the Kid, as Captain Underpants, has been getting into trouble by doing stuff like preventing the school football team from winning an important game by stealing the ball, which he mistakes for a UFO the opposing team then tackled him which caused the home team to lose.

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Kruppy the Kid also destroys the skateboards of three skateboaders since they refused to go away from a no skateboarding area. He then spanked them as punishment for everyone.

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  5. Kruppy the Kid then tries to rescue a cat from a tree. This backfires as Kruppy the Kid leaves two ladies he was trying to help across the street in the tree. The football team, the skaters, and the old ladies are now mad at Kruppy the Kid. Melvin gets Captain Underpants to come to them. He uses the Combine-o-Tron to switch them, so Melvin and Mr. Krupp are back in their own bodies, but Melvin sneakily gives himself Captain Underpants's superpowers. Meanwhile, in space, Carl, Trixie, and Frankenbooger grab onto a spaceship that was examining Uranus, where the robot and the toilets from Book 2 are.

    They hang onto the spaceship as the spaceship goes back to Earth. Once on Earth, they start destroying the spaceship center. Captain Underpants, despite the fact that he doesn't have super-powers, decides to go after the robo-boogers. George and Harold follow him. They originally lose to the robo-boogers, but figure out that the robo-boogers die when they come into contact with oranges the vitamin C in the oranges counteracts against the cold that made the boogers evil. Captain Underpants defeats the Robo-Boogers by standing on top of John's House of Toilets the top of the store is a giant toilet lid and doing an annoying dance.

    The Robo-Boogers start to climb up the building, when they get hit by a well-placed Squishy. Soon George and Harold have to answer questions for the Eyewitness News crew, but Melvin comes and lies to the Eyewitness News crew, saying he beat the Robo-Boogers with his super-powers.

    While Melvin tries to make Captain Underpants bow down to him, George and Harold sneak back to the school. They then erase the memories of the news crew and the TV audience with the Forgetchamacallit Melvin wails about how he's not a superhero anymore, but everyone doesn't care because he was a selfish jerk for the past two books. George states to Melvin he should just be happy he didn't get his comeuppance, however Melvin does get his comeuppance when the people Mr.

    Krupp and Captain Underpants bugged while they were in Melvin's body Miss Anthrope, the football team, 2 old ladies, and 3 skateboarders come back for revenge on him. They then chase him down into the sunset. As George and Harold leave back to their treehouse, they use a water fountain to splash water on Captain Underpants' face and return him to his Kruppy old self without getting to get dressed.