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Build a tight and loyal community that believes in you, then inspire and empower them to take action. Make it cool to be a fan, like Gary Vee did with his Vaynernation wristbands or like Lance Armstrong did with his yellow bracelets. Having a symbolic identifier like this is extremely powerful. Creating buzz is essential, so reach out to power brokers and tell them why they should promote you. Build others up until they have the power to build you up. People might label you over-confident or cocky. Define yourself in such a way that people either love you or hate you. There are fans out there for every self-promoter.


Your task is to find them. That, and to make it easy for them to bring a friend. Your ideas need you. They need you to get over your self-adulation, to get out there, and to fight for them. Are you ready? If you are remarkable, and you have a valuable message, then of course you should be promoting it. Never quite looked at it this way before but it does make sense to understand this fundamental difference between self-promotion and bragging. Very interesting commentary. Another great article! It pays to understand promotion versus adulation.

Very true. People will listen to you if you give them ideas, inspire them, or solve a problem. I completely agree about being about an idea. This usually happens on its own when people follow their true passion AND purpose.

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Once you have your message, make sure that message is in a package that people can easily share like a viral ebook as one idea. Really good points in there and great examples of people — all of whom I have heard of and are sympathetic to — and how they have created the right kind of response in people. Do you have any examples of women who self promote well? Nathan: great job clarifying the difference between self promotion and what some people call bragging. I think you are right about the psychological angle. Your list is great, too. You see this done in many other forms of media as well.

Think of your self like this and watch your audience grow and turn in to die-hards. You must always share what is important to you and let people know you offer something of value. Promote your mission. By doing that, you will build audience, and by extension, you will promote yourself. Interesting though, because in this case, my mission is so personal, that I am promoting the mission only.

Everything is done anonymously. No interest in credit for me, just happy readers and couples…. Excellent point! So often we turn it around. We boast of our accomplishments because we want people to affirm our worth. Or we share nothing because we fear that people will view us as merely fishing for adoration and shun us because of that view. Both approaches focus strictly on self. They give nothing of value to others. The kind of self-promotion you describe, though, focuses on others. It shares insights and ideas for the purpose of enriching others.

Shameless Self-Promotion: What Makes It Shameless?

It risks rejection — not all people will embrace the ideas we share. Ultimately, though, this sharing helps others to explore new ideas, reach their own conclusions about them, and grow through the process of examining them. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. The self-promotion thing was not easy for me to come to terms with. And I see a lot of similar resistance in many of my female students. They may never spend a dime with me, but I love hearing about the folks who use my free e-class or a blog post and go do something with it that benefits their business.

Great article… I especially like the initial point you make about tooting your own horn! I like how you stated everything simply, that you have to stand for your ideas with confidence. I definetly will be taking your advice. People should either love ya or hate ya. Sonia named a few that are great, but quite honestly, there does seem to be a slight psychological difference between men and women when it comes to promotion. Sonia — your 2nd paragraph in that last comment is a perfect way to sum it up. People frown, look at you funny, and go, oh, yeah, right, nice one.

Then they call you a cocky a-hole behind your back.

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However, people find it very cool if you teach them how to perform the same tricks. Love the distinction between self-adulation as focusing on something that has already been done, and self-promotion as dealing with a greater vision. That makes it all click into place for me. I agree. I think self-promotion is important. One can achieve self-promotion by sharing ideas. I love that concept. It has really struck a sore spot in many people on Twitter. If this individual had taken a different approach, the results would have been far different. If he had said signed some new clients and here are some things that helped, he would have been seen in a different light.

There are people around you who may hold you back. These people are usually your closest ones. They are used to how great you are.

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Be humble! Let me tell you something: Being humble and modesty to the extent that you bring yourself to almost nothing is a successful formula to kill your charisma. Nathan, this was a great article. I have met many people who love to toot their own horn and no one listens to them! People always connect to what benefits them and by keeping it on an idea that everyone can be a part of makes this successful.

Thanks so much! This post resonates. But it CAN be done properly and effectively. Most people are pretty receptive to genuine passion and enthusiasm. At the heart of his theory lies the interplay between the primary and secondary imaginations.

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This allows one to perceive of something — sensed only fragmentarily — as full of possibility and emotionally meaningful. The secondary imagination — as a continuation of the first — explains our conscious ability to perceive something not currently present. Through their recursive interplay with creative expressions such as playing, presenting, drawing, designing, and so forth , groups jointly form and share images that helps them overcome initial differences of experiences and perceptions.

If you are shaky with social medias, let this person rave about your music while you can post about other things. This person becomes the validator and that is useful for your success. Involving yourself with someone is an investment, and building a genuine relationship takes time and often cannot be made overnight. For networking, try : approaching and following people at your skill or experience level. You can and will grow with them. Do not ask for anything in return. People love discovering new artists, and if YOU are that artist and find someone spreading praise for you the feeling will be an amazing one.

Be a supporter. The second guy joining is crucial, he is the social influencer, the supporter. For networking, try : Going to shows to meet people. The in-person contact never fails. If your contacts are abroad, try engaging conversation through messaging. For social medias, try : Offering your help to labels, in any way possible.

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This is an important way to be part of something. You have no idea how difficult it is to run a small label, so any help can be useful and appreciated. Look at what you are good at and see if you can help. Then on your social medias, you can support and champion the label, which will bring many unsuspected contacts.

Curiosity pays off. People think that approaching and forging relationships with fellow music producers involves talking about music. They wanted to spend time with the person first to see if there was true chemistry. I believe many artists to some degree are social weirdos who often lack a variety of social skills.

For networking, try : reading articles, start conversations, think of how someone approached you in a way that made you feel great. Apply this to others.