Small Space Organizing: A Room by Room Guide to Maximizing Your Space

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10 Small Space Ideas to Maximize Small Bedroom

Stash all of your goods into these best-selling silicone bags. With more than Amazon reviews, these reusable! Stock shelves like the grocery store does. By placing the newest boxes, containers, and cans behind the older stuff, you'll use the older food first. Keep stock of what you actually have by placing dry foods including cereals, beans, nuts, and flour in labeled containers.

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Cluttered countertops are a chef's nightmare. Grouping kitchen gear by color lets you reap the benefits of an organized kitchen without the stress of visible clutter. Amp things up a notch by taking everything off the counters and storing them on open shelves. This set of six containers fits different fruit and vegetables, condiments, drinks, and eggs. You can customize 'em depending on your style, which means you can even designate them for different dishes or days of the week. Detangle kitchen tools with drawer dividers.

Adjustable dividers like this expandable utensil organizer from OXO accommodate big, small, and awkwardly shaped tools. Finally, you'll be able to find your ice cream scoop in peace! Turn the back of a cabinet into a makeshift shopping station with an adhesive pocket for coupons and chalkboard decal for shopping lists. And hey, you can even include your home's wifi password in case for the next time the kids' friends come over.

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If you find yourself reaching for these products often think: soap, feminine hygiene products, and spare rolls of toilet paper , then try a stackable cabinet with a sliding drawer for easy access. Start small with the bathroom toothbrushes! You can never have enough sheets and towels Instead of tucking them away in baskets, place everything straight on the shelves so that you can see exactly what you have.

Use shelf dividers to keep everything separated and prevent stacks from toppling over.

Small Space Organizing: A Room by Room Guide to Maximizing Your Space - eBook

Rosenthal's top tip: Store sheets sets within the pillowcase to take the stress out of making the bed. Nobody has time for mismatched socks. Plus, you'll actually be able to see if you're running low on something before you try getting dressed in the morning. Unless you're an avid crafter, you probably don't bust out your ribbon stash on the daily. Before gift giving season hits , set up a portable and pretty! When it comes to wrap, you can shop through your stash to find what you need.

For some, their personal library is tucked away in a Kindle. For others, it's scattered on shelves, nightstands, and floors throughout their home. Make your bookcases functional and pleasing to the eye by ordering books by height or color for a less cluttered, more cohesive look per organizing expert Jeffrey Phillip's recommendation. Double up space where you store eatery. Usually, you can fit two rows of cups or plates on a single shelf.

You can add another storage level by adding a wire shelf, hooks or both. Odds and ends. Since the living room is often the room in your house where you spend the most time, it can be easily overrun by items in no time. Inventory the items in your entertainment center and keep only the movies, games, books and music that you use regularly.

Photo boxes can be labeled and are a stylish way to store the fun stuff. Zone defense. Be realistic when determining how you want to use the living room, then gather similar things together and place them in specific zones. Place magazines and books in a rack or storage box near your reading chair. You might also want to consider getting furniture that can double as storage.

Bechen, Kathryn : Small space organizing : a room-by-room guide to maximizing your space

A lot of coffee tables are also boxes. Control the cords. Your living room is most likely full of lamps, a television, stereo, DVD player and other electronics, which often means tangled cables and out-of-control cords. Tame the mess by using a cable organizer, or use a cable zipper to enclose all cables in a tube to eliminate clutter.

File away. A good filing system is the cornerstone of an organized office.

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Buy a month expanding file, and keep all bills and receipts organized by month. Organize other important documents by category, such as automotive, education, financial, medical, taxes, etc. A home for hardware. If your desk is covered with computers, printers, monitors, phones and other electronics, you might realize you have no space to actually work.

Purchase a multipurpose machine that incorporates a printer, fax machine and scanner to save space, and use a freestanding light instead of a desk lamp. Wheel of fortune. Utilize home office furniture with wheels whenever possible. A wheeled filing cabinet can be brought out during the day, then tucked up under a desk or in a closet at night, minimizing office clutter. Exercise and sports Fitness and training 69 Other sports 72 Ball games and icehockey 91 Winter sports 7 Athletics Health care Anatomy and physiology 17 Gynaecology and pregnancy 18 Well-being Mental health and psychiatry 79 Narcotic addiction 9 Diseases and treatments General medicine History and memoirs Ethnology 27 Memoirs and personal history History of Finland 91 General history and cultural history Home and leisure Cookbooks, cooking and drinks Housekeeping and interior decoration 25 Handicrafts 85 Games and amusements 39 Gardening and economic plants 49 Etiquette and celebration Languages and literary studies Language courses and dictionaries Linguistics 94 Literary Studies Media and communication Internet and communication Books, publishing and libraries 42 Writing and symbols 9 Information and media Music Bandhistorics, and biographies Jazz and blues 14 Folk Music 3 World music 8 Music research and theory 64 Music technology and instruments 24 Instrumental schools and singing scholls 25 Art music and biographies