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Together, Bangalore and Pathfinder are quite the dynamic duo. Even on their own, though, both legends can bring a lot of added value to a team, especially for those who take the time to master their individual abilities. Similar to Wraith, Bangalore is best utilized as an offensive skirmisher. However, whereas Wraith focuses more on maneuvering into enemy blind spots, Bangalore instead uses her tactical abilities to keep enemy teams back on their heels.

Double Time kicks in whenever an enemy player shoots at Bangalore, drastically increasing her sprint speed for several seconds. With Smoke Launcher Bangalore can fire off three smoke grenades which blanket a designated area with a thick layer of smoke. Again, the smoke can make for a handy escape tool, but in a tense firefight it can also allow you to quickly turn the tables on foes who are trying to press their advantage. While the enemy team is struggling to navigate the smoke you can use your Double Time speed to flank and ambush them.

Even without smoke you can use Double Time to get the drop on enemies and engage them in close-quarters, an ideal strategy if you prefer using shotguns or SMGs. With Rolling Thunder you can deploy a series of missiles which slam into the ground and detonate a few seconds later. The explosion delay means that enemy players can avoid the blast if they move quickly, but it still forces them to abandon their position and potentially expose themselves to a coordinated strike on your end. When you deploy Rolling Thunder, the missiles drop in a linear sequential line.

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Having their vision obscured by the smoke makes it harder for enemies to avoid the missile explosions. A team with a skilled Pathfinder player can often end fights before they even begin. This makes him an ideal pick for players who prefer sniping or scouting from on high via landmarks. Just note that even though it has unlimited charges, the grappling hook has to go through a cooldown period between uses. Thanks to his Insider Knowledge passive ability, Pathfinder can tap into these survey beacons to find out where the next safety ring will spawn.

Once the ability is charged, Pathfinder can deploy a zipline which his entire team can use. Again, this is ideal if you have a sniper on your team or if you want to ensure you have the high ground should you encounter an opposing team. Also, remember that after each game update, there is a high probability of previously installed mods not functioning properly.

If you wish to play with mods anyway, disabling auto-updates might prevent your save files from becoming corrupted. DLC3: some secret rooms were impossible to get into even after the player had detected the room and opened the door. Resolution: fixed The respec caused Jaethal to lose the ability to wield the scythe. This happened when the respec was used on Jaethal no longer worshiping Urgathoa. The Slayer could take the Ranger Combat Style feat at every level. If the player completed Season of Bloom before the Enhanced Edition and loaded the saved game in Enhanced Edition with the Magical Lantern equipped on their character, they had two identical lantern abilities, one of which failed to disappear after the item was de-equipped.

Resolution: fixed; now the redundant ability disappears when the player enters the Throne Room. Both Kanerah and Kalikke were present inside the house at the Capital Square at the same time. Now there is no such option: you can only kill the Spawn of Rovagug once in the plot dungeon. At Technic League Encampment, the final dialogue with Kalannah could have been terminated early with no way to resume it. Resolution: fixed by adding an option to resume the dialogue with Kalannah. In some cases, mercenary advisors could fail to resolve the rank-up events.

Items: wands with cantrips were worth 0 gold. Items: Throwing Axes behaved like a melee weapon. Audio: some Linux users experienced sound issues. When you loaded an autosave, some modifiers were incorrectly applied to enemies multiple times. Resolution: multiple modifiers are no longer applied. Most extra modifiers have been removed from the game saves that already had this error; however, it may not be possible to clear all the effects completely. Hi there! Today we would like to focus on kingdom management.

No Intermediaries. Dear Pathfinders, A new patch is live.

37059 takes away the Pathfinder Tour

Update your game and get right back into your adventure. Fixed an error caused by loading some pre-Enhanced Edition saves. Resolution: Fixed. When using filters, some items in the inventory could be duplicated or put to random slots. Fixed the issues with Kalikke and Kanerah after the respec. Fixed the issue when the Ancient Soul Eater became untargetable making it impossible to win the combat. A friendly reminder : while we deeply admire the contribution that mod authors make to our game, we would like you to remember that running custom modifications can lead to unexpected bugs and crashes.

Fixed crashing to the main menu when a game over was triggered during the area transition screen because the kingdom was destroyed. Failed to load the saved game on Mac. Resolution: Multiple modifiers are no longer applied. Clicking the top right Close icon X does not close the window. Some giant spiders at first levels of Tenebrous Depths had 5 AC more than they were supposed to.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Fixed the DC of spells cast by traps. Now all the items are de-equipped after the respec. Scroll of Death Clutch had an incorrect spell. Use the water on the flower, talk to the gnome and decide who will enter the cave and who will deal with the flower from this side. The main catch here is that the companions who are left with the main character must have fire spells or an ability to use fire scrolls.

You will need those to beat the magical Scythe-Tree. Then, defeat the remaining enemies in the cave and burn down the flower. You can decide if you want to take a part of its root before doing so. Go out and return to the capital to gather the council in the throne room. This completes the quest and the chapter. This is the main story quest of the fourth chapter, which starts with an event in the throne room. Go to the right part of the map and visit the town of Varnhold. You will not find any human life here, so you will have to fight some foes. You need to reach the fort, enter it and clear all the floors.

Then go outside and stumble upon a strange raven. After the dialogue with him, you can leave the location and proceed to the following quests. At the beginning of the fourth chapter, The Varnhold Vanishing, Lord Hanvaki arrives to your throne room. Head to the Varnhold and discover a place called Shallow Gulch. Go there, complete the text quest and find the body of Tomin.

You will find the quest letter in one of the rooms in the Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes. No worries, you will visit the location during The Lost Relic quest anyway. Do not sell the letter. Go back to the tavern and show it to Edrist to complete your objective and earn experience points. Talk to her. She will say that if you find her friends, also Defaced Sisters, you will find out what happened in Varnhold.

You need to visit three places, preferably in the same order as specified in the quest description bottom to top. One sister went to the Forsaken Mound. Head down the map until you find the location in between the fork in the road screenshot attached. Go there, complete another text quest and obtain the Cyclops Incense Burner. The Defaced Sister is dead. You do not need to return to quest givers! The next location is Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes. It is closer to Varnhold but is still to the right of it.

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Open the stone door by saying the magic word you learned from the Defaced Sister. Go ahead and talk to the wounded Brag. Decide if you want to kill him or heal. Push the floor button and go further. Stop by the next button. Press it to open all the yellow doors. Follow the only available route to the far side, dealing with the enemies on the way.

Then click the button with one color orange. Contrary to all, it will open only one door! After pushing the orange button, go back to the plate with green and yellow colors. Place one character next to it and go through the opened door northwest with the remaining five. Cross the room to get to the far corridor behind the other yellow door northwest. You have already gone there and activated the orange button. Now we are interested in the left door, the green one.

Use one character to push the yellow-green plate. Nearby doors will close, but you have already passed through them with the other heroes. Follow through the opened door in the far corridor northwest with your remaining characters, reach the new button and press it. It is advisable to leave another character here.

Go back to the yellow-green pressure plate. The door to the right of it northeast is already open with an orange button. Head through this door and follow the path until you reach a dead end with blue- and orange-colored doors. The blue door over here can be opened with that very blue button you have seen before. Now return to the yellow-green button, leave one hero here and activate it so that you can enter the next room northwest. Go there with a part of your squad and press the yellow-green button again.

Yellow doors will close, but two other doors in the room will open. What you need is the door on the bottom-left, opposite to the other one. It is not very noticeable, so you could miss it during your walkthrough and think that all of this is just a big dead end. Head through the door, go down and to the left so that you will find a room with another blue button at the end of the corridor.

Now follow another corridor and find an orange button in the upper left corner of the map. This one is similar to the first blue button and triggers a timer. Leave a character here and run to the upper right corner of the map to open the orange door. Then quickly switch back to your heroes and enter the room with the barbarians. Press the white button here. Same as the first white button, it can only be activated once. No timer here! Gather all of your crew together and go through the blue door by pushing the first blue button in the top room on the map. Stand next to the triple-colored door.

You will need to quickly activate the orange and blue buttons, those will trigger the timer. Then switch to the farthest character and run through the colored door while it is open. There will be a button with three colors behind it. Push it to open all the doors in the dungeon.

Talk to the Defaced Sister in the back of the room, defeat all opponents, and then go outside. The third place to visit is the City of Hollow Eyes. Enter the crypt and talk to the Sister. Turns out there is nothing here but a fake door. After exploring all three places, return to the Kellid Barbarian Camp. The Sisters will attack you.

Deal with your enemies, then talk to Dugath to complete this quest. You will receive XP. This quest can be taken from Dugath in the Kellid Barbarian Camp. Go there, pass the test saving beforehand , and then chat with a character over there to learn about his objective. Complete Along the Cold Trail quest, where you try to find all the Defaced Sisters, then beat the barbarians so Dugath will tell you where to find the relic. Head down from the camp to find the location called the Valley of the Dead. It is near the mountains. Make sure that you have three Cyclops Incense Burners in your inventory.

You will receive them in three different places during the Along the Cold Trail quest. It is important to note that while the Burners are considered to be quest items, you will have an opportunity to sell them. Do not do this. Moreover, do not sell the incense burners to the merchant in the barbarian camp, as you will probably kill him at the end of the aforementioned quest and will not be able to recover them. Go to the gates and select the option to use your Incense Burners.

You are in for a long exploration of the tomb, which has two floors. In the end, you will fight Vordakai and his raven. Defeat them. Go left and get out of there. Decide what to do with the soul vessels. It is better to free everyone. Then talk to Varn.

He will serve you, and Varnhold will automatically join your state as a result. This will be a voluntary annexation, required for the Annexation kingdom quest. The quest will start itself after you finish the fourth chapter and Tristian vanishes. Go to the Candlemere Lake and enter the tower there. You have been here before. The location is covered with Bloom.

Head to the top of the tower, slaying enemies left and right, and talk to Tristian. Kill all the foes to close the portal. Leave the tower and go to the Temple of the Elk, which should also be familiar to you. Deal with another batch of enemies and enter the portal with Tristian. This quest will also begin automatically after the fourth chapter is completed.

Make your way to the Fossil Fields location in the top left region of the map, talk to barbarians, then with Aldori. Break into the camp of enemy barbarians and kill them all. Talk with the man who made the coup, go right and talk with Surtova and Jamandi Aldori to complete the quest. Now you need to leave the location. You will not be able to exit the same way you entered, so you have to find a place around the middle of the camp that will allow you to leave.

This quest also begins after completing the Hour of Rage.

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According to the story, you must find the tomb in which Armag hid. First, go back to the capital and complete the task related to the search for Armag an event. After that, return to Glenebon, where the Fossil Fields is also located, and find the tomb just below it, on the left side.

Go there, get to the entrance and defeat the Defaced Sisters. Enter the tomb. You can go down to the bottom floor from here. In the upper left corner of this floor, there is a bowl, which you can interact with. By doing so, the bowl will light up and a dialog box will appear on the screen. It reports of a strange rattle under the floor. After a few seconds, the bowl goes out. There is a fire trap in the next corridor, with fireballs flying from both ends. You must place all the characters next to the bowl, and then use one of them to go to the top of the corridor.

The thing is that there is a hidden entrance, and it opens a couple of seconds after you activate the bowl. It is located in the top part of the corridor, to the left of the bowl standing there. Once you are inside, the trap will stop working, and you will be able to move other characters into the same secret passage. Explore this part of the lower floor until you find a staircase leading back to the upper floor, but to another part of it.

Move forward and talk to Zorek. If you fail to persuade him, you will have to kill the barbarian. Defeat him and his skeleton warriors, then decide the fate of the barbarian leader. As always, you can kill him or you can spare him. The latter will allow you to make peace with Armag.

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Now go outside and choose what you want to do with the rest of barbarians. This will be the end of the quest. At some point, fIghter Linxia will arrive at the fortress. Give her the permission and the quest will begin. Eventually, Darven will stop you in the capital. Go to the place Darven told you about, defeat Linxia and other Order of the Rack members.

Linxia will manage to escape, but Darven will offer another deal, revealing his deal with the devil. You must either agree to it or refuse. Even if you refuse, the quest will not end there. You will have to wait a bit to see how the events unfold. The events will finally unfold after you complete all of the other quests mentioned above in the fifth chapter. Return to the capital, Linzi will await you in the throne room. Go there, talk to both Linxia and Darven and choose your side. If you kill Linxia, Darven will pay you coins but only if you try to settle it peacefully first. If you do not try to make peace between them, you can demand money before even choosing a side.

This is the end of the quest. Soon after completing the fifth chapter, Linzi will bring an invitation from Irovetti, the King of Pitax. So begins the sixth chapter. By the way, if you complete chapter five quests too quickly, the letter will arrive a few weeks later. Head left from the capital and until you reach the Rushlight Fields. It was impossible to go there before, but now you are free to do so. Go to the location and talk to King Irovetti. If you will try to fight someone in the tournament, the King will chase you away, saying that you are a barbarian with a crown.

Somewhere in the center of the location, you will find a character named Nunzio Arpaia. Talk to him to start the first contest. All the next ones will also be available from him. Each contest will be associated with some skill check, so it should not bring any difficulties. The third contest is a fistfight. Talk to Nunzio again afterwards and ask about the results of the tournament. Once you are in the arena, go up and meet two chatting men.

One of them is Eimar. Talk to him and agree to help with the river pirates. The location is called Pitax River Bend. On the way here you could have passed by the city of Pitax itself, but if you tried entering it, you would be told that the King Irovetti himself has forbidden you to do so. Fight the pirates until a representative of the house River appears.

Apparently, you were set up. You can kill the innocent people anyway, or you can try to explain it. It will end peacefully if you make them believe you. Now you need to figure out who sent you to a certain death and why. Wait for the invitation to Pitax read about the quests below and go there. Talk to him, choose whatever you want during the confrontation and defeat Walsh.

The quest is finally finished. Linzi will come to your throne room and will notice, well, that there is no throne. Go out to the town square and talk with two merchants Verdel and Hasuff in the center. Then head to the tavern and chat with Elina about the stolen items. The fourth person to talk to is the captain of the guard. Look for him to the right of the throne room entrance. After all four conversations, you can only wait for the throne to appear on sale.

After you exit the abbey, just go in any direction, because after a few seconds there will be a random encounter. You will meet a goblin merchant, who will have the throne. He asks for gold in return. Trying to negotiate will raise the price to , but if you manage to intimidate him, he will gift you a lot of useful item as a bonus. The throne is returned.

The quest will begin automatically some time after Linzi and Storyteller arrive to your audience. At the same time, The War of the River Kings will begin as well. Talk to the nymph and defeat the Defaced Sisters. Go past the dragon and Nyrissa to see the King, who ordered her to destroy kingdoms. You will have to watch the entire scene, and then, when Nyrissa becomes interactive, talk to her.