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Pat found the key, unlocked the door, and we all went in.

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The door closed behind us, and we stood there in the quiet, pitch-black house. Just give it a minute and our eyes will adjust. And then, on the opposite side of the room, a small light flicked on from somewhere at the far end of the hallway; we could not see down it, but out stepped Robin, looking pretty much the same, though she had a white cotton scarf wrapped and knotted around her neck.

Against the white, her teeth had a fluorescent ochre sheen, but otherwise she looked regal and appraising and she smiled at all of us, including me—though more tentatively, I thought, at me.

The Tale of the Juniper Tree

She cleared her throat. She was dressed as she was always dressed: in black jeans and a blue sweater. She simply, newly, had the imperial standoffishness that I realized only then I had always associated with the dead.

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We pulled up chairs and each of us sat. I had asked them what to bring and they had laughed it off. Robin turned to me again.

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Isabel stood and moved her chair out of the way. At the end, she placed the painting back in her lap and clapped. I was about to clap as well, when car headlights from the driveway suddenly arced across the room. We all got back into our chairs, Robin with some difficulty, and there was then a long silence, like a Quaker wedding, which I came to understand was being directed at me.

The Juniper-Tree

First the election, and now this. Isabel and Pat were staring at me hopelessly. I sang it slowly, not without a little twang. The three of them applauded, Isabel clapping her thigh. Her smile to me was effortful and pinched.

I was sitting alone in the back, sneaking some of the gin—why bother ever again with the rickey mix? Now I looked forward and noticed that Pat was driving. Where were we living? But we did not entirely believe it. Somewhere inside us we were joyful orphans: our lives were right, we were zooming along doing what we wanted, we were sometimes doing what we loved. But we were inadequate as a pit crew, for ourselves or for anyone else. Pat said nothing.

She was coming off her manic high and driving took all she had. She had invited me over and we were hanging out, eating her summery stir-fry, things both lonely and warm between us, when she asked about the man I was seeing, the one she had dated briefly. At that point I was still sitting at her table and I found myself rubbing the grain of it with one finger. Do you know her?

“I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee” speaker: four letters.

This dignified, or artified, the business of serving. Did I feel I was better, more interesting, with my piano and my violin and my singing? Even when she speaks she uses her body a lot.

The Juniper Tree (Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale)

You know, frankly? It will stay with you long after you have finished. I read it cover to cover in a single, breathless, nail-bitten evening. Check out Juniper's Facebook page. Home Events Media Junebug Contact. She weighed 1 pound, 4 ounces, and her twiggy body was the length of a Barbie doll. Her skin was nearly translucent, and through her chest you could see her flickering heart.

The Juniper Tree (fairy tale)

About Juniper. That is a choice. That will be my job. Unlike the typical fairytale portrayals of witches, Katla is shown using sorcery as a means to find safety in a world that misunderstands and punishes her kind. In the film, her dark-abyss eyes often squint to the distance, frequently on the verge of tears, as if shaken to her core by an outside force—eyes that see something beyond the craggy expanse.

The Weekend Crossword: Friday, June 28, 12222

Clip courtesy of Arbelos Films. Though that film also taps into her whimsical side and utilizes her singing more , her childlike mysticism in The Juniper Tree is mesmerizing in a different way.