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I'm so confused. Steam only has Avernum , and Escape from the pit. I read all of their summarys to try to find out if its a continuous series, or if it's somthing you can start at any point, or if it's like Final Fantasy in that every game is different, but ALL of the games have almost the exact same summary. How do the Avernum games relate? Does it matter which one you play? Showing 1 - 15 of 16 comments. Think of it as your Final Fnatasy reference. It's played in the same universe, but each game is self-contained.

Each game does still reference people, places, and events from the games before it so if you play it in order then you get a lot more of the canon jokes. Soma View Profile View Posts. Escape from the pit is a "modern" remake of Avernum 1. You don't have to play the games in order, but this is what I'm doing because I'm enjoying Spiderweb games a lot.

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Hopefully in a few years when I get there the whole series remakes will be available! Should be working on Avernum 2 now that he's done with Avadon 2. The original games were Exile 1 through 3, released in the mid 90s.

Avernum: Escape from the Pit

He remade them a few years later and renamed them Avernum, Avernum 1 through 3. Then he made Avernum 4 and Avernum 5. Then he made Avernum 6, which is the first of his games with the real modern feel that the latest games are getting. He remade Avernum 1 into Avernum: Escape from the Pit. Most of the game is the same, it's more an update of GUI, to work on newer systems, etc.

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  4. Now he's working on Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. But he also has a couple other game series, Avadon and Geneforge.

    Blades of Avernum - Manual.pdf

    Right now he's working on the remake of Avernum 2. Then he's going to create Avadon 3. Probably next after that he'll re-do Avernum 3 into Avernum 3: Ruined World. Some of the games are set decades apart, or from totally different point of view There's enough material fleshed out that you can play any single of the games on its own without knowing the other ones. But if you do play them in order you will probably get a couple reference, or already have strong feelings about that one old guy, etc So should I play first Avernum 1 or this? Also a bit confused ;-. Well deserved! They have thought out the GUI and menu functions well, everything fits really good.

    Only after playing their recent Escape from the Pit have I realized, how good their GUI is with the realtime updated automap - where you see your party indicator walking IIRC and this "geo-location" function is important - , the expert placement of buttons, well designed menus. They have done a good job with maximizing their possibilities with that indie engine. Originally Posted by Donkerman I tried to play Avadon and didnt like it. Avadon feels like a poor man's Dragon Age: Origins to me.

    Mmmm, thinking of it… how about a Nethergate remake? This was an underdog ever since, but this is the dearest game to me among the Spiderweb games the runner up is Geneforge 1, 3rd place goes for Avernum 3. Is this just the original game with updated graphics or are there more significant changes? Loving the game! Was initially a little put off by the bad balancing between the races, but once I started playing it, these thoughts were left behind.

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    The game is great and it dragged me in immediately. Started yesterday and played for 6h straight. I do not share the praise about the interface though. This was already bad in Avadon which used the "improved engine" the first time, and did not improve at all. You still cannot open and close the inventory with the same button. You only have 4 shortcuts to spells for each character, meaning you have to open your spell menu for almost every single cast.

    There is absolutely no feedback about "planning" in combat like where the AI sends your character when you click at a spot , no range indication and so on. However you can get used to it. Most of the game is probably very identical though. For example, Depths of Tolagal is a very lightweight indie game with very basic graphics, but they are colourful and somewhat attractive. A totally new tileset is one of the things that makes the difference between a new game and a mere DLC. And pickaxes looks exactly the same in the first and the last Spiderweb game, twenty years later.

    When you have good sales, perhaps you should invest a little in hiring a good graphic artist. Originally Posted by you Is this just the original game with updated graphics or are there more significant changes? The most obvious difference? Probably the walking animation. Skill trees have been reworked, obviously. You also can't save up on skill points or dump a huge amount into a skill later on - you need to spend your points and you can only raise them by a certain amount per level. Feats seem to be well balanced too especially considering the human feat rate vs.

    You may or may not enjoy quest markers on your world map - I don't mind them, though I certainly don't need them in an oldschool game. I think dual wielding wasn't even possible in the last incarnation.

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    Oh, no. Quest markers on the map? Please tell me you can turn those off. And it's only on the world map. I don't find them very intrusive. Kordanor, what do you mean it's only on the world map? Do the markers point you exactly where you have to go next? Imagine Baldurs Gate or Dragon Age. While Avernum has a world where you can travel freely, it has these "zones" of dungeons and cities just like these games. So on the world map you see like "find arrow shipment" on top of the zone, where the NPC said it might be at.

    I'm very disappointed with this design decision. Then again, I'll have to play the game to see for sure. Don't understand how this can bother you. That aside: Wasn't it exactly the same in Escape from the Pit? Don't know, Kordanor, I didn't play that game enough yet. I just don't like quest markers. I prefer an NPC to tell you where to go, and then it's recorded in a journal or something and there are no markers. When you have to follow markers it starts to feel like a robotic experience rather than a natural one. In my opinion, of course.

    Regarding the interface: There is no explicit quuest marker, the game just shows points of interest markers on the zone map and your party's location on the world map. My biggest gripe with the interface is the truly godawful journal system: you have to explicitly record text PAGES into the journal and the number of pages in the journal are limited. Problem is, you don't know whether the info is relevant or just atmospheric writing, so you'll just start recording interesting entries… and your journal will be full in about 5 minutes… So, there is no quest log, just this absolutely unusable journal.