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An unseen menace. Messages from the void. Secrets at the edge of the solar system that threaten to destroy the future. Mandira Research Station beckons at the heliopause—the brink of interstellar space. After Forster sees flashes outside that no one else can, the captain of an incoming ship is attacked by an invisible foe.

Forster and his enigmatic coworker Efron search for a missing daughter who might be the cause of it all. Can the team stop the force from taking over Mandira, and the entire solar system? Buy Heliopause today on Amazon or any other online vendor, or order from your indie bookstore! I wrote the book and my niece illustrated it. I have been doing some readings at libraries and the kids really seem to enjoy it. Please check it out. Thank you, John. On the day twelve-year-old Sophie Furrow learns that she may never walk again, she discovers that her seemingly ordinary farm horse, Rooster, just might be able to fly!

When a messenger accidentally leaves lifesaving medicine behind, his son must ride a stubborn pony through a dangerous shortcut to reach him in time. This story takes place years before the The Pegasus Potential. Thanks, John! And of what happens when it falls into the wrong hands! Check it out:. We keep moving with rich details from the organic worlds of the past to the synthetic worlds of the future, from the dark and dense deeps of ocean to infinite space, a delightful narrative of where we are and at the same time wanting to go back to the other worlds to check what happens next.

Charlie Neylan and his son Alain thought their adventures were over, as they settled into the shape of their new lives on Conglommora. But things get complicated as Alain risks his life to find answers to the secrets of their world, and their very world gets a lot larger than anyone thought. The new hidden undersea base, Denisova, expanded their world.

So much new to study, so much to see—but safely, hidden from their descendants. They had to keep them isolated, alone. What was left of humanity was utterly alone. Contemporary fantasy with romance. Perfect for reading by candlelight on the Winter Solstice. A paranormal menace looms over an unsuspecting world.

The dead are agitated. Golems walk the earth. The living shed their mortal skins and visit the shades of the afterlife. Dreams become nightmares, and when those nightmares let something nasty slip through the cracks in reality, no one is safe. The Order of Aldred secretly guards against these supernatural threats, as it has for centuries. When a conspiracy is discovered at the very heart of the Order, all that stands between the peaceful dreams of humanity and a gruesome fate is Moxie Gore, a stubborn and troubled year old girl who just wants to survive her junior year with her GPA intact.

Moxie has known about the paranormal threat since she was a young girl, and she has the psychic scars to prove it. She can see them. They can see her. In the realm of shades and shadows, she discovers the secret behind her ability to see the dead and the truth about her history. It turns out the dead were right to be afraid. Determined to find them, he stumbles, hungry and filthy, into a back alley owned by Maow, a queen with the desire to live alone.

Maow keeps the mouse population under control and the tom cats at bay in her alley. Maybe Bress can help with that. One poorly phrased comment could send him to the doghouse. Or in his case, the barn. Back in , a group of my friends were jokingly batting around ideas for a themed anthology to work on together. We all had a good laugh, but the idea stuck. And so that summer, I enlisted the help of two of these friends, and we set out to make it real. Skies of Wonder, Skies of Danger contains thirteen stories of airships, pirates, and wizards.

City of Bones

Our tales span from high fantasy to steampunk to post-apocalyptic to dieselpunk and beyond. Daring sky-captains? Nazi jetpack zombies? So grab your cutlass and your magic wand, and take to the skies with us! With Rough Gods—paperback. With Rough Gods—Kindle. Published in by Jagged Door Press sadly out of business , it is still available through Amazon in print or on Kindle. Palmer has managed to take dusty old myths and breathe new life into them. Yet here I am: old man, dry husk of brittle eyes, blind ears, deaf mouth; I can no longer lift the sword that won my fickle prize who turned upon a word.

On this wet rock you come, my hair around your waist in streams like ocean foam; the pressured salty taste rests upon my tongue. As we swallow the night the morning rises stung and stained with our delight. Here in this temple crows are swelling from the altar screaming the holy vows I promised I would keep. I have done much more than falter and vengeance never sleeps. Janni is a person. He is fighting to show his protectors that he is their equal co-inhabitant of the planet. The enemy thinks all people should be removed from the planet. But everything changed once Ro Maldonado resurrected the damaged AI on a derelict spaceship.

When she and her accidental passengers aboard Halcyone stumbled upon a hidden planet and Ada May, its brilliant but reclusive leader, they became entangled with her covert resistance. But behind the scenes of the Commonwealth lurks an even bigger enemy: the Reaction Chamber, a powerful shadow organization of politicians, business moguls, and crime cartels that has co-opted and infiltrated all levels of the government.

The Chamber knows Halcyone is the key to finding and eliminating the resistance. When May vanishes through an impossible wormhole, taking the leader of the Reaction Chamber with her, she abruptly shatters a decades-old stalemate. Available in all ebook formats and in trade paperback. All are available in various ebook formats and paperback. Reminds me a lot of John Scalzi, whom I also enjoy. Wildly creative and surprisingly fun. Too good to be true, Jack passes. Now, the only chance Jack has to save them is the Carlton Job.

The problem is, its no longer available. A Legitimate Businessman is based on the actual Carlton Intercontinental Heist, a crime which remains unsolved. It is a twisting and stylish international crime thriller that will keep you guessing to the last page. Getting it was one thing. Getting away with it…was something else. All Nem Aster wanted was to pay his debts.

He never expected he would be at the center of the world coming apart. Does he have the power to save the world? Fin and Rook wish prophecy would go fulfill itself. Black-ops nanotechnology, extraterrestrial invaders, and a guerrilla televangelist are not even the full list of their problems. But that, of course, is not a service he provides for free. His grandfather fought under the name in World War II and his father fought under the name in Vietnam. On the day Ben retires, his teenage son will inherit their legacy.

Until then, he serves his nation as the stalwart leader of a squad dedicated to saving lives and stopping rogue supers. When the team is dispatched to Brazil for a covert mission, dark omens send them crashing into a conspiracy moving swiftly enough to set the world on fire and cast shadows over generations to come. Ben must choose between honor, duty, orders, and family to protect all he holds dear, including his own life.


Travel marketing specialist Mark Vandermar leads an itinerant life. Falling in love with the colorful campos and canals of Venice comes naturally but how far will he go to chase the love of the right woman? The geography of his new life is marked with discovery and reinvention, but what he really seeks is to learn to live beautifully, to find a place and a person to call home. My Central Galactic Concordance space opera series is adventure, telepaths, mystery, and romance.

Oh, and there might be a rebellion brewing in the big damn story arc. Seven books so far, with the next in January. Start with Overload Flux book 1. The galaxy enjoys years of prosperity, thanks to the sprawling Citizen Protection Service. The agency uses any means necessary to keep the peace, from allying with giant pharma corporations and political maneuvering, to secret black-box projects with darker purposes. The CPS also employs minders—people with telepathic and telekinetic talents—for service and security, and covert operations.

Throw in corruption, hidden agendas, planet-sized secrets, and space battles…. Some content was stripped by our security filters, but it should be possible for one of your Editors to embed the content for you. Do you like your paranormal sprinkled with romance? They say to write about what you know and what you love — so I merged them together into fun adventures with ghosts, witches, and more. My first book entitled Adrift is available to download for FREE from most digital booksellers except Amazon which is being a pill, there it is listed as.

In the past, it was an active port for smugglers, but now it serves as a tourist destination for those seeking cute shops, seaside relaxation, and nautical history. It is said that on foggy nights you can see the wispy figure of a woman standing on the gallery of the lighthouse, searching the sea. Some claim that they have seen her jump over the edge and plunge screaming to her death. Much of Canada has been annexed by an alien force known as the daemon.

Raised in a Vancouver ghetto on the edge of daemon territory, Bennejin Skye is adopted into the United Space Corps and becomes the commander of the highly successful, if somewhat maverick, Strategic Team 6. When the outermost interstellar Way Station suddenly ceases communications with Earth, Commander Skye and Team 6 are sent to investigate. They discover a new alien threat—the insectoid Ragnar, who move through space consuming resources like a virus.

Humanity and daemon-kind must unite in the fight to protect Earth. However, there are those within the United Council who believe this latest aggressor is daemon, and this faction will go to any length to rid Earth of her newest inhabitants. Overpowered within the United Council, Commander Skye and Strategic Team 6 must turn rogue to save the alliance, or Earth and all who call it home are doomed. Oh, and they just might be fated mates, too! All Redclaw Security stories can be read as standalones Just 99 cents through Christmas.

Jordan was an average college student until she was bitten by a werewolf and rescued by a vampire. Her smart mouth lands her in trouble with the hostile alpha of the local pack and the stiff-necked vampire elder. She now has less than a moon cycle to master shape changing… or else. And the besotted werewolf who started this whole mess is stalking Jordan, killing her friends. In the Northern California town of Rancho Robles where the children of the Wolf and the Bat share an uneasy coexistence, one woman makes an epic mess of the status quo.

Chaos Wolf is available from major ebook retailers. Hell no! And the wettest State of all? Can you say-free-for all? Jackson Dwyer would be hard pressed to remember the last time he attended church. But he has pined for Camilla McClelland—the teetotaling sweetheart who jilted him—for over thirty years, and fought the urge to drink for almost as long.

And then, with Prohibition on the horizon, he is elected mayor and his life turns upside down. The bayside town of Nevis is overwhelmed by bootleggers, sniping temperance forces, and rumrunners seeking riches at any cost. With a tenacious reporter digging for a career-defining scoop, and racketeers knocking on his door, Mayor Dwyer struggles to strike a balance between Prohibition, the needs of the community, and his personal ethics.

Everybody loves a pirate, right? Well I do and you should. You can read all about pirates on Mars in any one of my three novels. Visit my Amazon author page for buying options. Not feeling very adventurous yet? No worries! Glenn and his buddy Lennie are supposed to clear it out. But go through the front door, and you immediately tumble out the back—without passing through the rooms between.

Things get complicated when Glenn accidentally finds a way to enter the house: There are impossible views out the windows, very unlikely books on the shelves, a severed foot on the mantle—and worse. Now their crooked boss has sold the house to a pair of crooked cops, and Glenn has discovered what truly dwells in the crooked house.

All right! Thanks, John, for this opportunity. My most recent book, Elixir , came out yesterday. His country is shattered. His city is dying.

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Clay Foster is fighting a losing battle against the dark tide that threatens to engulf Brooklyn. Science stopped the rising of the ocean waters at seven meters, but it has found no answer for Elixir. The drug has infiltrated every stratum of society. Terry is dead. Who searched his home and hurled his wife from the balcony? What were they looking for, and what happened to her SynchDrive full of data? His mentor, the Arcanist Mordekai Gethsemane, had been arrested for conspiracy to commit regicide. Zarachius knew it was false. He did what had to, and snuck onto a military train to break Mordekai out.

They need to know what he knows. Thompson into a blender? An epic fantasy novel that goes to Low-level adventurer Elberon of the Isles has a problem. Even worse, this screaming skull may in fact be the very skull of the Deathless One, the dark wizard who last appeared five hundred years ago to conquer the Free Kingdoms. Can Elberon and his friends learn the secret of the Screaming Skull before the evil forces arrayed against them can kill him dead?


And more importantly, where can a simple fighter get a stiff drink around here? The Screaming Skull is the first volume of the epic and hilarious heavy-metal fantasy trilogy The Chronicles of Elberon. This e-book edition features four interior illustrations by renowned fantasy artist Obsidian Abnormal. Checked Baggage: A Thanksgiving Romance. After an exhausting stay with his boisterous extended family, all he wants is a quiet trip home and a chance to rest before Thanksgiving with his parents in Massachusetts.

But the weather has different plans for him. Once Upon a Rainbow, Volume Three. This anthology features a selection of awesome fairytales full of queer characters, including my story, Loose in the Heel, Tight in the Toe:. And when catastrophe strikes both their lives, how can their arrangement hold together? Check out the rest of my work at valetinewheeler. Hi, everyone! They only need to keep up the ruse for a few months, after all, but that ruse soon turns into something else entirely and the two women learn that love, and happiness, are far more complicated than stories say.

Jutland, Denmark: a billionaire industrialist seizes control of a top-secret project that the European Defence Agency calls Destiny, manipulating it for his own ends. As the chase leads to London, Amsterdam and beyond, Aldridge and his allies must battle a ruthless adversary: a trained killer with an unnatural ability, who seeks to hasten the cataclysm.

With time running out, Aldridge discovers that he and his enemy share an astonishing secret, which may be the key to salvation — or cause death on an unprecedented scale…. The stories take an unflinching look at the changes motherhood brings, and also challenge our ideas of what stories are worth telling and what it means to be the lead character in your own story when key events are beyond your control. A great gift for the women in your life who want — actually, need! In this tale of space oddity, humans mine Helium 3 from gas giant planets throughout their inter-stellar colonies, and though plentiful, it drives their economies.

Balloon-World space stations are placed in the upper atmospheres of He3 rich planets where hyper-velocity winds swirl and rampage. A human crew tends to the gas collection, administration, and external repairs of the hull called the Skin. A sleep-cheat and a daydreaming doctor must solve a mystery when the Wind-Striders, who repair the Skin, disappear and a deadly A. They must resolve the problematic equation or lose time, life, and worst of all for the corporate sponsors, money.

A late second discovery is infused into the turmoil and a terrible choice must be made. Hi, all! My most recent book is When We Were Forgotten , which can be purchased in both paperback and Kindle formats. Tales of wizards training apprentices and interstellar operatives protecting more primitive worlds. How one university copes with a student from very far away, and where do some wizards get their supplies?

All in their collective scope portraying a tale of helmers, personnel and civilians attempting to cope with the strains and toils of everyday life. Silence With The Fog is a novella in the speculative genre. Incars is short for incarnations and basically refers to a initial period of earth-days. This fog attribution being a reference not only to thick, dense packets of clouds but also of vampiric drainage systems, emeraldean aether layers, wooded forests and more…. Thanks so much for doing this, John! Captain Alisa Marchenko was ready to settle down to a quiet life of cargo hauling with her finance, Leonidas, her daughter and crew.

This novel was originally published as part of the Kindle Worlds program and has been republished with the permission of Fallen Empire author and creator Lindsay Buroker. Available in all eBook formats. You get nine sexy romances for just three bucks, with lawyers, alpha and omega wolves, spies and more.

Malaika is a barista that works in the big city… just trying to make a living. For some reason, she now has a demon and an angel following her around because they were ordered to. Life is about to change drastically for Mal, her best friend Ven, and her ultra conservative roomie, Aaya. Some evil corporation has kicked off Armageddon ahead of time and started a war between angels and demons… all centered around Mal.

Mal-adaptive is available on Amazon as an eBook and also paperback 5-star rating so far. If you like Mal, I have another novel about a kid that finds out he has any super power he could ever imagine… and how to deal with the consequences in Unlimited also available as an eBook and paperback — 4-star rating so far. A dishonorable discharge left Margo unable to find honest work on Earth.

Signing onto a colonizing mission to a new world promised a fresh start. On the ground, the straight forward colonizing mission becomes a scramble for survival. Accidents keep happening—too many to be just bad luck. Margo finds a trail of evidence that changes everything. One colonist is a saboteur, but who?

Available everywhere! She gets lost at home among her bazillion brothers, sisters, and cousins. And no one ever takes a pixie seriously. But when the Enchanted Forest is threatened, can she measure up to the task? The Balky Point Adventures: Sometimes a lighthouse is more than just a lighthouse. Go on a journey of adventure through space and time with aliens, time travel, ghost planets, and infinite universes in The Balky Point Adventures, starting with The Universes Inside the Lighthouse!

A Wrinkle in Time meets Doctor Who. Or buy it for yourself! I love finding a new book with well developed characters, and a huge dollop of uniqueness! Discover the wonder and imagination when everything is possible in The Universes Inside the Lighthouse! Final Chapter : For Megan Montaigne, library director, living in the top floor of the mansion-turned-library is a dream come true.

At least it was, before the murders started. The small-town library director has always secretly wanted to be a forensics investigator. But when a local celebrity turns up dead, the time has come to put her sleuthing fantasies into action. Has she unwittingly invited the murderer into her own home? A fantastically well-written novel with characters so real that one might reach out and touch them. Immerse in yourself in a cozy with a philosophical twist in Final Chapter. Death at Glacier Lake: An atmospheric whodunit for fans of traditional and cozy mysteries!

For two decades, the lush, isolated forests of the North Cascades have hidden a secret. A seemingly innocent creative design firm shows up for a company retreat, but all goes awry when one of their own turns up dead. The pace was just right for an evening spent curled up on the couch with a book. The whodunit plot kept me guessing throughout with an air of the murder mystery dinner party you have with your friends.

Jo Mann is down to her last few dollars and looking for work when she bumps into literally Professor Alistair Conn who is looking for an assistant. Soon she is swept into a world of action and adventure Steampunk style. With a thinking automaton, train rides, airships, and a dastardly villain, The Marvelous Mechanical Man starts the series off with a bang!

Available for Kindle for 99 cents. Other people talk about first-encounter ethics, intra-species accountability, and existensialism. For the person or book club that wants to dig down, there are reader questions at the end of the book. When a quantum energy experiment goes horribly wrong, it accidentally shatters the future allowing alternative pasts to co-exist. As Alexandria Jane Merk passes through the nexus of the effect, she splits into two identities-each with full histories of their own-merged into one body.

One identity, Army veteran Alex James Monroe, remembers a life full of failure and loss. The second identity, freshman college coed Sarah Beth Merk, remembers a difficult childhood in a suburban upbringing. Both sense each other but neither believes the other really exists. To survive, they must accept their shared fates and find the person responsible for the fission before time runs out.

Because if they fail, they will not only die, but they will also take everyone they have ever known with them. A mind-bending journey into existentialism and the interconnectedness of the human race. His jumpsuit, white satin. Cursive embroidery on the chest, magenta silk thread, spelling: Polymer.

I wrote my novella Polymer based on a premise which, I think, no reader of good taste should be able to resist: Castlevania meets Purple rain. It was released earlier this year from Eraserhead Press, a small but awesome publisher of Bizarro and other weird things. If you like personal finance, fairy tales, parodies, or tongue-in-cheek cultural commentary, check it out! Getting into a Parisian art school was a dream come true for Ariana, but night terrors are disrupting her sleep, making it nearly impossible to complete her coursework, and now she faces expulsion.

When a mysterious woman gives her a pendant, promising it will solve her problems, Ariana is desperate enough to try it. Instead of sweet dreams, it transports her to the Demos Oneiroi — the dream world of the ancient Greek gods — and thrusts her amidst a war between the gods. Now Ariana must choose to let the gods fight amongst themselves, or risk everything to keep their feud from spilling into the real world. In a world of supernatural beings, not knowing what you are is dangerous. Can she learn the truth about herself and do what is needed in time to defend the Stronghold?

On top of working for someone they hate, they end up having to deal with spider-bears. Written in the early 90s and first published as a short and then in serial form, Boomerang is now available collected. It came out print on demand in paperback for the first time this fall for a few dollars more. Bloodborne Pathogens is a dark, gritty UF series that follows Mina Sun…little sister, orphan, reluctant vampire. In A Scarlet Fever , Mina wakes up after a night of partying to find herself caught in the middle of an ancient battle between mostly good and unapologetically evil.

And with a thirst for blood. As she struggles to adapt to her new life, and come to terms with her unnatural thirst and unexpected hungers, a new threat arises — part terrifying myth, part half-forgotten legend. It jeopardizes the precarious ceasefire between warring vampire factions, and puts everything she loves — her city, her family, her friends — in danger.

Thanks once again to John Scalzi for providing a promo opp. Both the coffee and book will wake you up! Come dance to the End of the World! Apocalypse Tango Science Fiction. Follow the adventures of Wondry Dragon as she finds a new home with her new human friend, Rhea. Rhea and her mom and dad have never had a dragon in the house before, and they all learn what Wondry can and cannot do.

Rhea and Wondry play together, help out their neighbors…and try to stay out of trouble. Rhea can never tell what Wondry will do next. Newly divorced Becca Winters hopes to write away her sorrows on an extended stay at the new Kernroote Castle hotel. Unfortunately, the Castle and its companions may have other plans for her. The desk clerk is creepily serious and cold. The hallways are too silent and dark. Footsteps without a source thunder down the halls at night. Certain she is having a breakdown, Becca intends to tough it out. However, even she has to acknowledge what her senses are telling her.

Unfortunately, her acceptance comes too late. Her tires are slashed and she is trapped at Kernroote. Now, in order to save her own life, Becca must unravel the horrifying secrets of the ancient castle and the family that lives there. Thank you, John, for allowing us to advertise our wares here. I have a Patreon where I post short stories, poems, novellas and the occasinal Zen Brush doodle. You can read everything I publish if you become a Patron. I also sell my self-published books there, with a discount for Patrons, of course.

Looking for a short, cute comic full of New England autumnal warmth? Try my first ever graphic novel, The Golden Seeds. The Golden Seeds tells the tale of two siblings, Chester and Mabel, who must learn to get along as they quest across the countryside in search of the mystical golden seeds, the only thing that can save their village from famine. But the journey is long and dangerous, and the seeds are guarded by a dangerous creature. The siblings must learn to trust in each other in order to succeed.

Each page is carefully illustrated and colored in a warm palette of fall hues, with inviting landscapes and creative creatures. Follow his adventures in this Amazon-bestselling series, starting with this value-pack edition of the first four novels. For the Doctor Who fans in your life! This stellar collection will appeal to both teens and grown-ups who dream of future worlds. To be homesick for Mars?

What do you say when your robot gets you in trouble? In the waning days of World War I, an English lord is sent home from the front to recover. But he has a secret: his wounds were cursed never to heal until he learns to love and finds love in return. A nurse with a magical secret of her own is hired to care for him. Beauty and the Beast meets the Great War. Downton Abbey with magic. Non-fiction, for some more bling in your life: Learn how to do Medieval gold embroidery with this book! Basic techniques are explained with plenty of photos, and close-ups of Medieval embroidered pieces give you a rare insight in how the originals look close-up.

Also available as part of a package to stitch your own fleur-de-lis , complete with prepared embroidery ground, gold and silk thread, needles and additional instructions, so you can get started right away. London, Victoria is Queen. And steam is the power that runs the world. Claire Trevelyan, daughter of Viscount St. Ives, was expected to do nothing more than catch a rich husband. When her father gambles the estate on the combustion engine and loses, Claire finds herself down and out on the mean streets of London. But being a young woman of resources and intellect, she turns fortune on its head.

When a mysterious island appears off the coast of San Francisco, two intrepid academics risk everything to discover its secrets. The island boasts an idyllic retreat, ruled by the enigmatic Sentomoru, who invites them to share the wonders of his bathhouse. Neither Catilen nor Damian know how long the island will remain on Earth. Twenty years after breaking up with him, high-school girlfriend Penny Harper reconnects with Jack, forcing him to finally confront what happened at the end of the summer he turned sixteen. As a midlife meditation on the loss of innocence, wrapped in teen drama, Penny Harper exposes how adult neurosis grows from the wiry tendrils of teenage crisis.

Sometimes the past is so close it hurts. It hurts because the distance in the air between then and now seems small enough to close, if only we could stretch back far enough. Thanks for opportunity, John! Bob has spent much of his life crisscrossing the galaxy trying to protect people from the ancient evils, horrors, and demons that lurk among the stars; fearsome creatures that consider humans as mere nothings, if they bother with humans at all.

Some call them monsters. Bob calls them family. Now he has discovered evidence of an insidious and corrupting influence spreading across the galaxy, threatening his family and all of humanity. Unsure of who he can trust, Bob must fight to uncover the truth and find a way to save everyone. He gets tangled up in the situation, has to go into hiding, and finds himself needing to explain himself to his estranged teenage daughter.

The book is his maybe-not-so-reliably-narrated letter to her. This is my darkest book touches on PTSD but is also a ton of fun. I have you covered. Danny Bannon and Eddie Roscoe have been fighting in and out of the ring for more than fifteen years, held together by mutual attraction and small-town ties, yet kept apart by a shared tragedy that continues to haunt them. Their steady on-again off-again is shaken up by the arrival of Tom Delaney, a teenage runaway trying to escape his tense home situation and his punch-happy dad.

But when that hope is snuffed out, Tom is ready to turn his new fighting skills to a deadly purpose: get revenge on his abusive father or die trying.

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Wisdom from Mom by Jenny Bristol, published summer Mothers are famous for dispensing advice, whether welcome or not. Sometimes that advice is useful. Sometimes we remember it, but we often forget. Ultimately, not everyone has access to this kind of wisdom, support, or advice from a parent. Having a reference book of motherly advice that readers can refer to as they need it, from childhood to our elderly years, helps fill the gap. Wisdom from Mom seeks to fill that gap, offering sometimes life changing advice that can be delivered at just the right time.

Perfect for teens, graduates, new parents, those having a mid-life crisis, and those retiring from working life, this book will help you feel as if Mom has your back. Short-term protective custody, they said. Just until people stopped trying to kill her. But two years later, Anna Slaten—and the data locked inside her enhanced brain—is still behind bars with no word on her status with the deep-cover agency she works for.

Best Bewitched By The Wolf images in | Mythological creatures, Werewolf, Werewolf art

Evgeni Belyakov seeks atonement. And that Anna is next on their hit list. But saving her could mean risking everything. His heart. His secrets. And surrendering control to the most dangerous creature of all. His wolf. Both available as e-book or paperback. Thank you for the opportunity! Flee in terror, welcome your new overlords, or boldly go anywhere you like in this funny, scary, weird alien odyssey. Not into aliens? Published by Zumaya Publications. Available as an audiobook, ebook, or paperback. Meet Threadbare. He is twelve inches tall, full of fluff, and really, really bad at being a hero.

Magically animated and discarded by his maker as a failed experiment, he is saved by a little girl. Which is good, because his creator has a whole lot of enemies…. Threadbare is a gamelit story. It takes place in a world that operates under game mechanics, with levels, hit points, and oh so many easter eggs and gamer in-jokes. It is also the story of a little girl and her teddy bear, and spans three volumes, with more on the way. Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan? Do you know a Sherlock Holmes fan? And for a non-fiction but entirely readable proof behind this radical notion, see SHADOW WOMAN, by the same author, containing 30 years of research and analysis that will have you wondering at how and why someone as sophisticated as the creator of Sherlock Holmes could have gone to her grave never acknowledging her astonishing accomplishments.

Or her age. They need glider pilots, and the smaller the better. Raisa is fourteen. Born to a line of powerful silk merchants, her rebellion against an arranged marriage is doomed. The Avians are her only alternative. Hi everyone I have a steampunk, secondary world fantasy novel available. That question haunts Jacquie Renairre for six years as she hunts down the people responsible for murdering her parents.

Werewolves // A Gachaverse Mini Movie // CandyMer

Not even accepting an assignment to investigate a conspiracy that aims to start a war can keep her from searching for the stolen key. With the world edging closer to disaster, Jacquie is running out of time to figure out how the war, the key, and ancient legend are intertwined. The Federation of Independent Worlds returns to the planet Sestanus after many decades to restore the abandoned populace with its gift of citizenship.

They dispatch one of their corporate contractors, Ascension Engineering and Mining Concern, to stabilize the planet and restore the economic might to this long-neglected sector. He struggles to balance working with mysterious allies and protecting the men and women of his elite squad. Esperian finds further complications with the discovery of alien technology from multiple races not known to have previously visited the planet.

He faces a collision of his past, present, and future, knowing it cannot be coincidence, and wonders what it will mean for everything happening on Sestanus. Stuck between the boring life of a ghost in this world and the terrifying prospect of three-headed hell hounds, final judgment, and eternal torment in the next, Irene sets out to find a third option—preferably one that involves not being dead anymore.

Available in paperback, ebook all formats , and the first book Hereafter is available in audio book. How about some free books? And if you like them, you can grab them in paperback for your favorite friend! First up is Maggie for Hire. This is snarky urban fantasy with lots of cussing, brawling, and unladylike behavior. Next up, how about a YA gothic penny dreadful? Grab A Spirited Manor!

Friendly chills without all the blood spills.

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And then some YA shifter awesomeness with a strong female lead. The Dark of Twilight. Again, free on all platforms. Sixth moon of Saturn. A gleaming jewel of natural resources, ripe for harvesting by the first private space company to stake a claim. Diamond Aerospace launches a ship with an experimental engine that will get a crew to Titan in five months. Their mission is to lay the groundwork for a permanent orbital research station, one that will be the future base of operations for activity on that distant moon. Shortly after launch, a devastating malfunction forces the crew to make a choice: continue to Titan, or go back home.

As the truth about their mission unravels, one thing is clear: someone on Earth knew about the system flaw and covered it up. Even if they make it to Titan, they will face another problem:. Sally Dahl thought she was casting rune spells for a healthier planet, but a grievous error in her magickal calculations has her calling up legendary Berserker warriors instead—sworn into her service, and with bottomless junk food cravings. Worse, her mistake rebounds and ages her at an alarming rate.

So much for saving the Earth. With her own life on the line, can Sally harness her power and find her way to a new generation of Vikings in time to prevent Ragnarok? Moon Dog Magic is the first book in the Rune Witch urban fantasy series—and book six will be out before the end of the year.

Start reading today! Fifty years after first contact, the Qyntarak dominate the planet politically and economically. Now things are about to get much worse. Grieving and ill-equipped, they need to stay alive long enough to get those secrets into the hands of people who can use them. But how much more will they have to sacrifice to see it through to the end? Get it, get it? Heh heh. Cheerful in the face of dark opposition. Innovative to improve a backward world. Industrial as a cure for oppressive conditions. Unyielding beneath all who seek to bind and control them.

Faithful until they conquer the fear of death and rise to great acts of heroism and service. Mormons and Steampunks are two faces of the same coin. Twelve authors spin tales of true believers facing impossible odds, risking this life in the hope of gaining something better after. Hays and Meg Weidman.

The perfect gift for dog lovers and Oz fans of all ages. Two young Vushla questioned what everyone knew about death. What should they do with the answer? When the time comes for Vushla to die, they go into the ocean and are dissolved away. But when he meets a young Vushlu who lives by the sea, Terrill must confront information that calls this fundamental belief into question. Will the two of them discover the truth? And what should they do with what they find? Hi, John. Quick question: is there a way for me to use images from my site in my comment? I was hoping to show off the covers.

The Bug Boys! Two South Yorkshire lads, infected with alien nanobots, discover they can absorb the abilities of the bugs they swallow. What follows is a crazy set of adventures as they explore their abilities and limitations, and deal with the aliens who sent the nanobots to Earth. Cowboys and Dragons. Gods and Centaurs. The Five Corner Rose embodies the myths and legends of the creation of the world. And, perhaps, its destruction. Book 1 of series. Their new flatmates are laid-back Sanjay and conspiracy theorist Pete. Ben Cabot is more at home in a lab.

Together, with their combined lack of experience, they have to find out what got the old team killed. Most historical fiction embedded in the Elizabethan era tends to be bodice-ripping tales of Court intrigue, set amidst the silken splendor of palaces. Mine tends to hang about in ale-soaked taverns, muddy streets and fetid back-alleys where cold-steel by lantern light offers redemption or grim death by turns…. Ex-soldier turned play-actor Christopher Tyburn thought he had left bloodshed and violence behind him when he abandoned the war against the Spanish in Flanders, but fate has different and far bloodier plans waiting.

When Tyburn accidentally intercepts a coded letter from a hidden Jesuit priest in Warwickshire, he is entangled in a murderous and deadly conspiracy. Stalked by unknown enemies, he must race to uncover the conspiracy and hunt down the Jesuit to clear his name. Ally Brown has lost her creative voice as a comedian and is hiding her failure from Drew Stephens, her live-in boyfriend.

She has a day job as a legal assistant at a prestigious New York law firm which she is not particularly good at and also hates. When Elise Newman, the attorney she works with, disappears without a trace, an already bad day escalates into a violent encounter with a man in the park. Gaining a false sense of control, Ally channels her rage into further acts of vigilantism until someone discovers her secret and wants to exploit her newfound violent disposition for their own gain.

If America and the world had to cope with alien invasions, radioactive mutants and mad scientists, while launching humanity into space years earlier than in our timeline? Atoms for Peace tells the adventures of science investigators Steve Flanagan and Gwen Montgomery and National Guard medic Dani Taylor as they cope with their personal struggles while trying to keep the world safe. Available in hardback from Amazon and ebook from multiple retailers. This fantasy adventure from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Kristin Cashore, and Tamora Pierce! Campbell award two years in a row.

Sorry, George! A student at the Pifianka Academy of Polytechniques, Khaly accidentally reveals her magical gifts when she brings her school project, a mechanical dragon, to life. Forced into hiding from the Guild, a powerful government faction with the sole purpose of destroying all magic, Khaly discovers that the Guild has bigger plans than simply snuffing out all magic; they want complete control of non-magic users as well.

I arrived on the Spanish island of La Palma with a six month contract. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. I thought this book was really good. I liked Aurora as a main character though she was a little whinny. And Andrea was soo sexy! Also what happened to Katie!?! I hope she got what she deserved! I can't wait to see what else this series has in store. View 1 comment. This was a cute werewolf story and a good start to a series I hope? Liked the characters and romance was good. Jul 20, Nicolette Scarletti rated it it was amazing.

This book had it all. From awesome bad guys, to a great love story. There were twists, surprises and even a few tears. If you want to read a werewolf romance done right, I highly recommend Beckoned. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Amanda K. Amanda K. Dudley-Penn was born in June of in Tullahoma,Tennessee. She has loved writing from a young age and spent her time writing stories and poetry for those close to her. It became her dream to become a published writer. With the support of her three children and husband, she began writing her first novel, The Hidden in and finished it in June of She is currently the author of Amanda K.

She currently lives in Grand Prairie, Texas with her husband, David and her two youngest children, Isabella and Joshua. Books by Amanda K. Trivia About Beckoned The Bra

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