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La nocion de Stalin durante la segunda guerra mundial fue antisemita Dirigida hacia Judios Ultranacionalistas y Anticomunistas extremistas. Todo judio educado sabe cuan adeudado esta con Napoleon, es una lastima que no sientan lo mismo por Stalin. Joseph Stalin probablemente salvo a los judios del nazismo. Joseph Stalin probablemente salvo al mundo del nazismo. Acerca de los rusos Neo Nazis, con la caida del comunismo, floriecieron al mismo ritmo que el colapso economico y la busqueda de Chivos expiatorios comenzo.

La guerra chechena empeoro la situacion , debido a las crueldades grabadas en camara acerca de soldados chechenos decapitando rusos y el terrorismo musulman atacando Rusia. Recientemente ha habido ataques hacia Africanos, Asiaticos y mestizos. El Neo nazismo es tan grande en Rusia que es dificil compararlo con el contexto de los Estados Unidos.

Nuestro partido anuncia el comienzo de una lucha armada en contra de los colonizadores negros y todos los rusos oficiales que los soportan. Consideramos la expulsion de los Caucasicos y los asiaticos del territorio Ruso como una necesidad primaria. Sentimos que es necesario garantizarles la independencia a todas las republicas del Caucaso Incluyendo Chechenia , junto con la expulsion de todas la poblacion caucasica que reside alli. Demandamos la liberacion de todos los Neo Nazis Rusos que estan en prision y que frenen la persecucion de Maksim Martsinevich.

The Path to Post-Galilean Epistemology

Demandamos al Vladmir putin que renuncie y entregue el poder al gobierno Nacional Socialista que debe ser liderado por Dmitry Germanovich, el lider de la Sociedad Nacional Socialista de Rusia. Reconocemos el liderazgo politico de la Sociedad Nacional Socialista de Rusia, nosotros somos una celula armada operando independientemente.

No pararemos de luchar hasta que el poder este en manos del Gobierno Nacional Socialista. Martsinevich es la cabeza de un grupo llamado Format 18, que fue encarcelado por generar Odio Etnico y Predicar la violencia. La violencia Nacional Socialista en Rusia esta fuera de control. Hay mas violencia Per capita en todos esos lugares que en Estados Unidos. El crecimiento de la violencia Nacional Socialista esta amenazando Europa y es necesario hacer algo lo mas rapido posible. The conclusion of that post was, yes, they are White.

It seems that quite a few White nationalists also deny that Armenians, Georgians, Dagestanis, Azerbaijanis, Chechens and other Caucasian peoples are White. White in this case will refer to peoples having a phenotype that is not only Caucasoid but also resembles European Caucasoids. As you can see in this neat video of cute little Chechen kids shot in Jordan.

There is a large Chechen and Circassian population in Jordan dating back to the imperial wars of conquest that Russia waged on the Caucasus from Having looked at quite a few pictures of people from the Caucasus, I think that there is a distinctive phenotype there. Some of the most infamous students of race, in particular the Caucasoid Race, especially the White or European branch of it, were the Nazis. The Nazis were actually incredible in this regard.

Germans are pretty obsessive and studious about most things, and they love to write up ponderous, footnoted essays on everything around them. The Nazis were no different. The were some of the most horrible murderers in history, but they were particular about who they killed. They were even particular about Jews. Their beef was not with the Jewish religion — the Nazi beef with the Jews had to do with race. All of the things that Nazis disliked about Jews were said to be genetically coded into the Jewish genome, and the Jews who they really hated with the Ashkenazim.

The Krymchaks were determined to be Jews by Himmler himself and ordered destroyed, although they were generally considered to be non-Ashkenazi Jews.

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The Karaites were considered to be racially Tatars, descended from the famous Jews of the Khazar Kingdom, and hence were ordered to be saved. However, there was some confusion, and some were killed. Amazingly, the Einsatzgruppen themselves the fanatical murderers of lore actually conducted research studies into the Karaites when they showed up in the Crimea to determine if they should be killed or not.

They also sent requests back to Germany for guidance on whether or not to kill the Karaites. The Karaites themselves petitioned to the Nazis that they were not Jews, and a number even went to work for the Nazis. In Crimea and Stavropol, communities of Mountain Jews were destroyed. However, when the Nazis conquered part of the Caucasus from August to October , in particular the towns of Mozdok and Nalchik, the Mountain Jews there were largely spared.

There was a controversy in the party over whether or not they were really Jews. Incredibly, the Einsatzgruppen had scholars in its ranks who went into the homes of these Mountain Jews to conduct studies on whether to kill them or not! This controversy was not settled by the time that the Nazis were driven out in early It is interesting that in general, the Nazis cared much more about the racial stock of a given Jewish group than about whatever strange brand of Judaism they practiced. A good overview of this strange and complex situation is here in a piece by Kiril Feferman. Nazi racial scholars working at various institutes set up for the study of race in Germany!

It is not known what they determined, but apparently the people of the Caucasus were considered non-Slavs and a good racial stock. At any rate, very large numbers of people in the Caucasus went over to the Nazis during World War 2. There is current anti-Communist revisionist thinking that says that hardly any Caucasians went over, but this is not the case.

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Many people in this region had long wanted to be free of the Orthodox Slavic Russians, and the Nazis played up this fear by offering them the promise of independence. At the time of the Russian invasion, Stalin put almost the entire population of Chechnya and Ingushetia on board trains for Siberia because he feared that they would cooperate with the Nazis. The local Chechen and Ingush governments had in fact welcomed the Nazis and said that they would collaborate with them. The Crimeans were also deported on the basis of collaboration, and many of them died too.

Many Crimeans had in fact collaborated with the Nazis. All through the region, there were lots of collaborators. There were separate Georgian, Armenian and Caucasian legions of volunteers in the Nazi military. After the Soviets withdrew, they went back to the Netherlands and served as an occupying force there. To be fair, many Caucasians also fought for the Red Army. Repost from the old blog. In this post, we will examine whether or not any sane person could possibly say that Dagestanis and Tajiks are not members of the very large Caucasian, or White race.

The Nogai often have prominent Caucasian features and interestingly, many have joined forces with the Chechen guerrillas. The remainder are made up of many tiny groups, often each speaking their own strange and complex language. These tiny groups seem mostly to be related to the Iranian groups mentioned above.

The political situation in Dagestan is violent and unstable, with a highly active violent Muslim and separatist rebellion that the Russians have not been able to suppress. There are conflicts between Dagestanis and Chechens in a part of Dagestan bordering Chechnya that was hacked off of Chechnya, depopulated of Chechens and donated to Dagestan back in The Chechens want it back. At the same time, the Lezgins agitate for a separate state in the area of southern Dagestan and northern Azerbaijan where they are most populous.

Tajiks are an interesting ethnic group. The Aryans are an Iranian people who settled in Central Asia years ago. Due to centuries of Persian immigration, they have a lot of Persian blood now. Physically, they resemble Mediterraneans such as Italians and Greeks. A minority are mixed with Asian lines from the Mongol invasions. In other news, the student arrested for the distribution of the video has been named.

Viktor Milkov, 23, from the city of Maikop in the Russian territory of Adygea, is a student at Adygea Technological University and a member of the Russian National Socialist Party who has been disseminating Nazi propaganda on the Net for 2 years. The man said he received the video in an anonymous email from a woman.

The man is being charged with distributing the video, but he is not thought to have been involved in making it.


He is a known follower of the Russian Far Right and was involved in forming an organization called the Adygea Movement of Slavs. Many Russians have moved in since. The group was founded in Their hard-to-find webpage has been painstakingly tracked down by this blog and can be found here. Milkov is being charged with inciting national, religious or ethnic hatred, a charge that carries up to five years in prison. Nationalist violence is completely out of control, with at least 70, skinheads logged by human rights groups, racist attacks occurring every day and an average of one racist murder a week.

Repost from the old site. The infamous Russian neo-Nazi beheading video, which can be found on this site here , along with a long post describing it and giving background to it, has long been rumored to be a fake. I never thought it was a fake, simply because faking such an act so well requires the facilities of an expensive movie studio. There is no evidence that these amateurs had access to such a studio. However, new evidence has just emerged that the video is real and is not a fake, according to Russian law enforcement LE.

I figured as much. The Russian neo-Nazis are completely out of control; they assault and kill people all the time, and not a whole lot is done about them. It made sense that sooner or later they would take to the next level and commit a homicide on tape a la Al Qaeda and the insurgents in Iraq. Kistaman Odamanov from Dagestan said that one of the men killed on the tape was her brother, Shamil U.

Odamanov , Her father, Umakhan, and her brother, Artur, along with other relatives, also recognized Shamil on the tape. Shamil, from the town of Sultanyangiyurt in the Kizilyurtovskeyeo District of Dagestan, had gone to Moscow to find work, and possibly to find a bride, two years ago and had disappeared in March The video appeared in mid-August Shamil was in touch with his family the whole time he was in Moscow, calling home every day while he worked as a laborer.

During phone calls home, he frequently complained of run-ins with skinheads who stalk people who appear to be immigrants in the low-income housing around Moscow. He called his father in late March to wish him a happy birthday.

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  5. That was the last time anyone ever heard from him. He has not yet been found. In the video, Shamil was wearing the Adidas jacket and shirt given to him by his brother Artur. Shamil has been identified as the poor soul who is beheaded in the video. Another man, said to be a Tajik, is shot to death in the video. He has not yet been identified.

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    Raziyat is a neighbor of the Odamanovs. He was an ordinary boy. The father is a calm, balanced family man without any bad habits. They were very worried, they looked for him. His brother traveled to Moscow to search for him. They told him that they found the site where Shamil was killed, but that there was no evidence of murder there. Police are investigating several ultranationalists in connection with the video, but have not yet arrested anyone.

    The initial beautiful footage in the video, showing a small Russian town in the midst of a vast forest and large lake, has been identified as the Kaluzhskaya region near the city of Kaluga, miles southwest of Moscow. The exact site where the killings took place has not yet been found. No bodies have been found either. Please be careful if you wish to watch this video, as many people have been very upset by it.

    Original source for this article was in Russian, if you can read it. I really advise my regular readers to not even watch this video. Allez donc lire la Bible. Je ne plaisante pas, croyez-moi. Un conseil? Plus jamais. Pourquoi dois-tu encore souffrir? Un exemple? If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. Leggete vi la Bibbia. Vogliamo parlare dei poveri Russi uomini, donne, bambini spietatamente bruciati vivi dai lanciafiamme Tedeschi o dei Vietnamiti arrostiti vivi dal napalm Americano?

    Ne sconsiglio la visione anche ad un pubblico maturo!! E non scherzo, credetemi. Volete un suggerimento? Vi prego, credetemi, ho pianto e sono stato anche male. Questi facevano parte di una piccola guarnigione di 13 soldati a guardia di un piccolo villaggio. Eccovi la mia cronaca, convulsa, emotiva, secondo per secondo: Quel soldato muove la testa ma…come? Il midollo,la colonna vertebrale sono ancora attaccati?! Il soldato cade a terra. La camera inquadra il soldato morto, una faccia da bambino innocente, con la gola squarciata.

    Fermo immagine sul soldato… Speravo fossi morto, credimi! Cosa ti faranno adesso? Loro sono attorno a te, non si avvicinano. Uno con le scarpe da ginnastica ti smuove per controllare se sei ancora vivo… Mostrano il primo piano della tua faccia, del tuo corpo, le mani legate dietro alla schiena, ritornano sul tuo viso coperto di sangue. Eri ancora tu, soldato! Ho riconosciuto i segni nella tua camicia kaki…nooo! Tutti i Ceceni visibili nel filmato sono stati uccisi.

    Sembra che il video originale sia suddiviso in cinque parti. Non si vedono le teste mozze. Tutte quelle donne vestite da vedove, con addosso le cinture esplosive, morte, soffocate dal gas delle forze speciali Russe, tragica sorte toccata a tanti innocenti ostaggi Russi? I Ceceni, guidati anche dal leggendaro Comandante Shamil, hanno resistito quasi 60 anni agli Zar!

    I Ceceni non erano filo-Nazisti ma si erano illusi alle ciniche promesse di Hitler; promesse che sicuramente non sarebbero mai state mantenute: basti pensare alla fine destinata agli Ucraini vedi Generalplan Ost che si erano schierati con il Fuehrer…lo sterminio! Nel ci fu la furiosa reazione di Stalin al tradimento delle repubbliche Islamiche caucasiche. Il mezzo di trasporto era il treno e purtroppo molti Ceceni uomini, donne, bambini morirono di stenti durante il viaggio.

    Assieme ai Ceceni furono deportati molti Inguscezi e Tartari. Insomma, di ogni cosa catturi la mia attenzione o faccia vibrare il mio cuore. Cecilia, l'Incantautrice di Storie. Ho sempre avuto un legame speciale con i miei capelli. A tratti, forse, perfino morboso e ossessivo, comunque per me meraviglioso.

    Di opposti che sono affini.

    Discover "Le Marche". All about its tradition, life style, food and much more…

    Mai darla per scontata. Pur restando in silenzio, Tori Premessa: In un'epoca in cui si osanna l'arte del riciclo, posso pensare di riciclare anche la mia filastrocca di Natale dello scorso anno. Stento a riconoscermi, tuttavia quella nell'immagine sono io Una collezione di cieli azzurri. Una poesia anche per te. L' Incantautrice di Storie. Web Storytelling Blog: dove le parole, come una melodia, raccontano e incantano. January 3, Read More. Tempo di Tregua-. December 21, Quattro giorni dopo che la nostra pr Imperdibile la visita al Museo del Presepe, nel seminterrato del Complesso di S.

    Benedetto in pieno centro storico, una mostra permanente opera del presepista Fabrizio Ciccolini. Never forget culture goes through what you produce and what you eat, as well.


    Assolutamente imperdibili sono i Musei Civici di Palazzo Mosca. In questa abitazione Rossini nasce il 29 febbraio e qui trascorre i primi anni di vita assieme alla sua famiglia. La casa natale di Gioacchino Rossini. Foto Credit: Adriano Gamberini. Gli Orti Giuli di Pesaro costituiscono uno dei primi esempi ottocenteschi di parco pubblico in Italia. Altri opere da non perdere sono: il Museo delle Ceramiche, la Sinagoga, il Museo archeologico Oliveriano, la Biblioteca Oliveriana, Oratorio del Nome di Dio, Tempietto rossiniano, solo per citarne alcuni.

    One of the most remarkable city of this coast is Pesaro, the regional capital together with Urbino with ancient cultural traditions. For this reason, its historical and artistic heritage is huge and important, with many museums and libraries, chierches and theaters, villas, monuments and antique palaces. The cathedral and its extensive churchyard faces Via Rossini and during the Middle Ages the church was dedicated to St. Terence, martyr and protector of Pesaro and first bishop of the city in the 3rd century.

    Pesaro Cathedral Property of the Arcidiocesi of Pesaro.

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    Absolutely not to be missed are the Municipal Museums in Palazzo Mosca, a historic building in the heart of Pesaro, which was once the residence of one of the most important noble families of Pesaro. The Municipal Museums have found their house in the Palazzo Mosca since and they are only a few steps from Piazza del Popolo. Gioacchino Rossini was born in this building in Febraury 29th, and here he spent the first years of his life together with his family. The Orti Giuli is one of the earliest examples of a public park in Italy.

    La provincia di Pesaro e Urbino presenta un territorio variegato dal punto di vista morfologico. Comprende ben 67 comuni e si sviluppa dal mare ai monti. La meravigliosa spiaggia di Fosse Seiore in compagnia dei gabbiani in alto ed un piacevole relax col primo sole del mattino in basso Foto Credit: Adriano Gamberini. Nelle aree interne invece, predomina il sistema di rocche, fortificazioni militari e torri. Basti citare la rocca malatestiana del Castello di Gradara, che evoca la travolgente passione di Paolo e Francesca narrate da Dante nella Divina Commedia.

    La rocca zoomorfa degli Ubaldini nel centro storico di Sassocorvaro. Accanto ai parchi di San Bartolo e del sasso Simone e Simoncello, troviamo la riserva naturale statale della Gola del Furlo: un paradiso protetto di 3. Oltre che lupi, caprioli, daini, cinghiali, istrici e puzzole. Il Lago della Gola del Furlo. Pesaro and Urbino is a Province with a kaleidoscopic landscape, composed mainly of hills and highlands.

    The beach in Pesaro on the left and the summer fun on the sandy shore between Pesaro and Fano on the right. Photo credits: Adriano Gamberini. The beautiful beach of Fosse Seiore in the company of seagulls above and some relaxing time bathing by early morning sun bottom Photo Credits: Adriano Gamberini.

    A visit to the area becomes a discovery of the relationship between city and sea, between the coast and rolling hill. You can find many towns rich in history and tradition. Inland it is also worth to explore castles, fortifications and military towers from the past. Just to mention one of them: the Castle of Gradara, which recalls the overwhelming love passion between Paolo and Francesca, told in the Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri.

    Ubaldini fort in the old centre of Sassocorvaro. Photo Credit: Adriano Gamberini. In all the Province there are huge green areas, many parks and natural reserves containing rare species of fauna and flora. Alongside the regional parks of San Bartolo and Sasso Simone and Simoncello, the visitor can also have a walk into the public nature reserve of Gola del Furlo: a protected paradise of 3, hectares of woods, ranges, fields and unblemished peaks.

    The Furlo reserve is the home of a huge number of different wildlife such as golden eagle, the peregrine falcon, the eagle-owl, the wall creeper, the blue rock-thrush and the sparrow hawk. Not to mention wolves, goats, deer, wild boar, porcupines and shunks. The Lake of Gola del Furlo.

    The culinary highlights of the area are certainly the most appreciated in Italy. Each town of the Province has its own identity, that can be found not only in their monuments, squares, works of art, but also in the extraordinary variety of ingredients, dishes, products and flavors. From left to right: Elisa, Nadia and Chiara. Interno del museo. I sei fratelli Benelli. Panoramic view of the Catria Mount. A pic from the inside of the museum. The six Benelli brothers. Eccovi un elenco di alcuni dei prossimi eventi in programma: Villaggio di Natale — Fermo.