In It to Win It #25 (Camp Confidential)

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We found something similar. Morgan , Paperback Be the first to write a review. About this product. Stock photo.

Camp Confidential #25 - In It To Win It

Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Morgan , Paperback. Be the first to write a review About this product. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Camp Confidential 1 : Natalie'S. Description Summer camp means lots of things: new friends, roommates, bug bites, bathroom duty But it's also a chance to be on your own and to reinvent yourself. A shy girl can become the belle of the ball, and ajock might find new competition.

And each is keeping a secret. But if everyone is hiding something, how will they ever become friends? Natalie Goode is a city girl-way more interested in fresh sushi than fresh air. So she's bummed when her mother ships her off to "Camp Lake-puke" to broaden her horizons. But before long, Natalie notices there are some pretty cool girls are camp and even some cute boys, too.

If she can loosen up, she might even enjoy herself-unless the secret she's been keeping gets in her way Product details For ages Format Paperback pages Dimensions Other books in this series. Extra Credit Melissa J Morgan. Add to basket. Priya Shah - Priya was not mentioned much in the first summer at camp because she was in 3B.

She is an Indian American. Readers, however, got to know her better in the 9th book, Best Boy friend Forever and is best friends with Jordan. Priya once had a crush on her best friend, Jordan, but got over it soon when she found out that Brynn liked him. She once had a slight crush on Spence. Is a tomboy. She did go to Walla Walla. IM name: Pree. Amy - Amy is an amethyst that Alyssa found on the grounds of Camp Lakeview on the first day of camp in Charmed Forces. When Alyssa found the rock she took it to the nature shack with her book called The Geologist's Handbook.

Then she found out that Amy has psychic powers, so Alyssa made predictions using Amy, and all her predictions came true. Alyssa later finds out Amy belongs to a younger camper named Gwenda who is obsessed with science and was planning on using Amy for her Nature Shack project but offers to give her back to Alyssa after her project is finished. Lainie Wilcox - Lainie is a Camp Lakeview legacy who happens to be a bully. In the 16th book, Golden Girls, she intimidates Natalie and tells her that she admires her.

Natalie later finds out Lainie is using her to get tips on how to get a boy to go out with her but when Lainie finds out that is the same boy Natalie is crushing on, she completely turns her back on her.

In It to Win It #25 (Camp Confidential) Book Review and Ratings by Kids - Melissa J. Morgan

Lainie does not like Tori, although for most of the book Natalie cannot see that. Jessica - Jessica only goes by Jessie. She's Candace's best friend, and doesn't come back the third summer. We get to know her better when camp's over. She, like Jenna Bloom, has a twin brother Peter Chace. He doesn't attend Camp Walla Walla, but we learn more about him when camp's finished. Joanna -Joanna appears in book 21, 22, 23, 24 and She goes to Walla Walla, but not Lakeview. Her target in Assassin is Avery, and her mom and dad split up.

IM name:JoannaRihanna. Anika Not mentioned very much, only in book Is friendly, laidback, and warm.

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Has natural highlights in hair, and white teeth. From New Zealand. Been all over the US for several outdoor trips. She loves puppies. She once toured rain forest in Brazil, and completed bike challenge along California Coasts. IM name: NeeksDoesntReek. Adam Bloom - Jenna's twin brother, and a prankster. He is one of the best photographers at Camp Lakeview.

He is also good at sports like Jenna. His girlfriend is Alex. He also gets nervous with Alex when he is around his father. In one book he admits he gets nervous when he's with his dad and Alex and that's when they come together. He didn't go to Walla Walla because he was doing sports back at home.

Book Simon - He is a cool, laid back guy. He used to date Nat due to the fact of a horrible nature hike. Sometimes he doesn't pay attention to the things around him. He and Nat broke up due to long distance. He's sweet and smart in nature. He is mentioned twice after his breakup with Natalie, but is never heard from or seen again, in the book. He plays many different instruments, and his favorite color is blue. He didn't go to Walla Walla. Devon - His crush is Grace because they are both into drama. He didn't come in the third summer because he went to Hawaii on vacation.

He didn't go to Walla Walla, and wasn't heard from or seen again in the book after his vacation. Trevor - He used to date Alyssa. He didn't go to Walla Walla, and wasn't heard from or seen in the book after that. Blake - He appears stuck-up at first. He is rich. Blake's uncle is Dr. Steve, the director of the camp. The more the series progresses, he seems to be an honest friend. He is also a prankster who makes Jenna think they might be able to make friends, but like Jenna he can drag pranks and prank wars too far.

He didn't go to Walla Walla, and was not heard from or seen again. David - He appears to be annoying, but he is sweet, daring, and funny. He has two crushes, Jenna and Sarah; he first goes out with Sarah before realizing he likes Jenna. He is actually Jenna's first crush. He later realizes he likes Sarah and gets back with her at Camp Walla Walla. Jordan - He is Priya's best friend and is dating Brynn. He later breaks up with her but then they get back together.

He has a hard time focusing in school. He appears disgusting around the guys and Priya , and picky with his food, but he is loving and funny. Spence - He is known as the flirt. He wears glasses and has blue eyes. He has a crush on Priya, Chelsea, and Grace. Takes Grace to social in book Logan - Dated Natalie. In the 19th book, they get together again but then break up because of the long distance. They get back together though in book Donovan - In the 19th book, he takes Spence's place as the flirt.

Every single girl at Camp Lakeview is in love with him, especially the girls in 6B. Tori states that she is "off the market" because of Michael. At the end of the book, Donovan asks Candace to the Midsummer's Dance with him, and Candace says no because she doesn't want a boyfriend, and she said if she won the boating race she wouldn't go. Gaby willingly asks Donovan to the dance right after and he says yes.

Finally, in mid-dance, Donovan takes Gaby to the woods and kisses her on the lips; and even a French kiss. Reed - He and Natalie go out, and he comes to Walla Walla with her, but apparently likes pampering himself more than Natalie and he was flirting with Brynn, which is why Natalie broke up with him.

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In the middle of camp at Walla Walla, he can't handle it, so he goes home. Miles -He is part Inuit and falls for Sloan in book He helped her to organize the Green Festival.

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Connor -Meets Chelsea at Walla Walla and develops a crush on her which leads to a relationship. Peter Chace -He is Avery's twin brother and is into acting. In book 22 he pretended to like Sarah because he wanted to get connections but failed since that was the lie that Sarah told everybody at camp. In book 25, he is forced to go to the Walla Walla reunion and dress as a cheerleader and the girls as the football players. Natalie coaches the cheerleaders and when Natalie finds out that Peter is here, things get slightly out of hand. She was still angry at him for hurting Sarah.

Into the book, Peter finds out that he has feelings for Nat and she gives him another chance. They get together after. Julie counselor - She is the counselor for 3C in the first summer. She acts very peppy. She is very responsible for the girls and she challenges the girls to new limits.

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Marissa C. She is also very girly and bonds with Natalie in the first summer and helps Jenna overcome her fear of diving. She is Stephanie's best friend and also works in the mess hall. She apparently gives great advice. Nate counselor - He is the counselor for 3F in the first summer. He is trendy but not a "push-over" even though he lets some things go. Pete counselor mess hall staff - He was a camp counselor until the first summer when he changed to the food staff. He's one of the most popular staff. The final summer at Lakeview though, Pete hadn't appeared.

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