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Age To get out of your creative rut, you start a side project.

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You throw a Replacements cover on the end for good measure. These shows give you a glimpse of the sad future ahead of you.

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Age At this point in your career you call it a career now , everyone in the band hates each other. Age Even though your label wants nothing to do with you, you still owe them another record to fulfill your two-album contract.

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality (Official Music Video)

It's experimental and boring and sounds like a watered down version of your former self. Only the dumbest, least discerning of your fans like it.

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Age The reality dawns on you that you have no marketable skills since you either skipped or dropped out of college to play music. Fortunately, your spouse has a steady career and goes to work to pay the rent while you become a stay-at-home parent. Age Since your friends spend their days at their jobs, you now have plenty of free time which you waste the majority of on Facebook. Your profile picture is a photo of your baby. You rattle off one lengthy rant after another with your out-of-touch social commentary which is leaning increasingly Republican, by the way.

Since when do you no longer fit into a medium, by the way? Age A band you used to tour with is playing in town. You get a babysitter for the night so you can stay out past 9 PM to catch their show. They put you on the guestlist to spare themselves your lecture about ticket prices and service fees. The venue is sold out and you suddenly realize that the punk scene has somehow managed to soldier on without you.

This gives you an idea….

Emotive punk band Nature Living release fullset live video [Japan]

Age You announce a reunion tour. All original members playing your classic album. You plan two weeks of shows for the following year and they sell out instantly. Based off of the popularity of the ticket sales, you release a year anniversary edition reissue of your first album. It was an amazing experience. Thank you very much!! Your music is truly inspiring to me…. You probably already figured this out, but you can listen to, and purchase all of our songs by following the links on the Music page.

Thanks for your support!

A Timeline of Punk Music History

Hey there — thanks for your support! Rebellion was our first demo and it was only released on cassette.

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  • On The Fence was our last recording which we never pressed to CD, but is now available on cdbaby. Cheers, Steve. Just refound you. Just listened to My Solution… 5 times in a row…fucking ripping song…took me back to bad times made good…at least for a moment in Warner i miss you very much and will always remember everything we did together and the friendship you showed me from my early days. Hello, thank you for the opportunity to download your songs.

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    Greetings from Czech Republic: Nervo. Hope all is well..

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    • Wuttup motherfuckers!!! Hope everyone is good. My daughter just graduated high school. Was thinking about carrying her into my 10year recovery party that you guys played with Stepchild.