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In Papa Bear's Bed. The Princess Test. Shirley Jump. Slocum Stuck with You. The Cowboy's Seductive Proposal. Sara Orwig. Wed to the Texas Outlaw. Carol Arens. Going, Gone. Laura Crum. Dancing With Dalton. Laura Marie Altom.

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Macadoo: Horses of the Maury River Stables. Gigi Amateau. Lost Highways. Curtiss Ann Matlock. At the Texan's Pleasure. Mary Lynn Baxter. Reuniting with the Cowboy. Shannon Taylor Vannatter. Helen R. Falling for the Rebel Cowboy. Allison B. His Touch. The Racehorse with Magic Shoes. His Mother's Wedding. Judy Duarte. Midnight Struggle. Sherry Walraven. Trails in the Wilderness. Janessa Suderman. Repeat Performance. Sharleen Cooper Cohen. Marrying the Rancher. Roz Denny Fox.

Falling For Grace. Stella Bagwell. Iris Tuftin. Fay Risner. Amish Country Arson. Joyful Wisdom. Jacob's Spirit. One Big Bat. Grandma Robot. Ella Mayfield's Pawpaw Militia. Crystal's Beau Wedgewood, Minn. Detective Renee Brown Mystery. The Coffin With A Window. Haunted Teapot On Whistler Street. Katrina's Gift. Bender Creek Bridge's Troubled Waters. The Answering Machine Knew. A Coffin To Lie On. The Cavorter. The Cowboy Girl Annie. Ages up to 5. In this counting story, two siblings enjoy a bus ride in Burkina Faso.

Ages 4—9. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, illus. Elephants decorated with different colors have a race to determine who is fastest. I Want a Bedtime Story! Nara and the Island by Dan Ungureanu Oct. Nara has an adventure on a mysterious island. Dream It! Draw It! Think It! Do It! Ages 7— In this graphic novel, a moose who can shoot lasers from his eyes and his sidekick endeavor to save the forest.

Low are the debut books in a series reimagining Sherlock Holmes as a year-old living in Singapore and Watson as his trusty robot companion. In this series launch, three young muralists land in the Wild West when they fall into the world of their own painting. Being a Girl by Hayley Long, illus. Schulz Oct. Mutts continues with.

Move It, Miss Macintosh! Ages 4—7. Every time book-loving Mr. Fox finishes a book, he eats it. Lila and the Crow by Gabrielle Grimard Oct. A crow helps a new girl in town learn how to avoid being bullied. When Pablo finds a treasure at the local dump, can he keep it from falling into the hands of a bully? Ages 12—up. About Phoenix by Nastasia Rugani Sept. In Costa Rica, Alexa and her classmates raise crocodiles that they then return to the wild. Magnetic Magic by Terry Catass Jennings, illus.

After using magnets to fool kids with magic tricks, Dena teaches them about magnetism. When fall arrives, Kate discovers how to save her flowers from the winter cold. Tuktuk: Tundra Tale by Robin Currie, illus. A lemming stars in this tale of Arctic animals preparing for six months of darkness and cold. Characters compete in the Tongue Twister Tournament in this story introducing English and Spanish phrases that are difficult to say quickly. Ages 6— A boy juggles his desire to be an artist, the need to escape a bully, and his interest in a girl.

Patriots by David Drake Oct. Jenkins Oct. This story about a special celebration introduces French and English vocabulary. Dinosaur Rap by John Foster, illus. This introduction to dinosaurs includes a CD. Ages 3—8.

Agatha Christie The Secret Adversary (audiobook)

A girl comes to value gratefulness over materialism in this contemporary fairy tale. Ages 5— Nighty Night Bear by Rettore Sept. This padded cloth book features a removable miniature bear attached to its. Ages up to 3. A Spooky Halloween by Andrea Lorini, illus. Ages 2—5. Gorilla Loves Vanilla by Chae Strathie, illus. At an ice cream shop, animals request imaginative flavors.

This swashbuckling tale includes pirate gear. Baby Sparkler by Nick Ackland, illus. Joining Mini Movers, illus. Sing the Song! Peekaboo Books spies Peekaboo Bunny Sept. And S. Squad releases Blackout: Danger in the Dark Dec. Live Love Lacrosse by Barbara L. Clanton Oct. Addie loves lacrosse, but must find a way to lose weight to make the team. The Mermaid Girl by Xequina Nov. After a flood, Camila protects a mermaid from her marine biologist mother and others. After a Time by Laurie Salzler Nov.

In the late 19th century, a teen disguises herself as a boy to work as a rider for the United States Postal Service. Ages 14— My Turn! Two animal friends learn to take turns. One Lonely Fish, illus. Fish star in this interactive counting book with shaped pages. Parent vehicles teach their young ones how to excavate and build before going off to bed. A child and his puppy encounter friends on a walk through their neighborhood. Piggy by Trevor Lai Dec. A lonely pig makes a friend. Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf by Greg Wolfe, illus. Giraffes Ruin Everything by Heidi Schulz, illus. A boy annoyed with giraffes discovers that one giraffe is only trying to make friends.

Be a King by Carole Boston Weatherford, illus. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. Ages 4—up. My Kite Is Stuck! Aspiring sleuth Shelby and her sports-loving sidekick Watson take on a dog-napper. In this series launch, newcomer Chloe and her friends form a club to encourage kindness among their classmates.

Elspeth Pule returns to rescue her new friends from the clutches of an evil witch in this sequel to Blue in the Face. Two friends living in an orphanage battle a dangerous spirit. Art accompanies these poems inspired by poets of the Harlem Renaissance. Life in a Fishbowl by Len Vlahos Jan. Interweaving past and present stories, this novel centers on two girls and the event that changed their lives—and the world. Poppy by Mary Hooper Aug. Worlds collide when two siblings attacked in a cabin are rescued by a mysterious bounty hunter. Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige Sept.

Super Fly is back in Super Fly vs. Furious Flea! Doodler Oct. Baker Oct.

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Rebellion of Thieves by Kekla Magoon Oct. Maas Sept. Hungry Henry by Marla Osborn Sept. Henry gets increasingly hungry as he dreams of meeting such critters as a blueberry sheep and a waffle turtle. I Want to Be a Drummer! Daniel builds a drum set using objects he discovers at home. Sleepy Solar System by John Hutton, illus. Griffin Sept. In this series launch, a penguin in Australia journeys to Antarctica to meet her cousins. Before by K. Payne Sept. When confident Alex joins a successful band, she clashes with a bandmate who eventually comes to admire her.

After one and then a second of her girlfriends disappear, Alissa sets out to discover what happened to them. Gravity by Juliann Rich Nov. A teen who has a shot at Olympic gold in ski jumping is drawn to a skier who is her biggest competition, and the girl of her dreams. Crystal Force by Joe Ducie Sept. A boy develops a superhuman-like ability to fight after escaping from—and blowing up—a juvenile detention facility. Alias by Tracy Alexander Oct.

Castle Sept. My Senses picks up Smelling Oct. Cuddly animals count down to lights-out time. There are absolutely no dragons in this book—none whatsoever. This Orq He 1! Orq and Woma are 1, until new neighbors Torq and Slomo move in next door. Good Night, Bat! Good Morning, Squirrel! Opposites Bat and Squirrel attract in this friendship story.

You Are Not a Cat! Cat and Duck disagree about how to behave. An Apache girl struggles to reclaim her heritage. Answering the Cry for Freedom by Gretchen Woelfle, illus. Gregory Christie Oct. Aim by Joyce Moyer Hostetter Oct. A boy discovers his true aim in life.

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Activist and white seminary student Daniels fights for civil rights in the s. Ages 5—9. Catching a Storyfish by Janice N. Harrington Sept. A natural-born storyteller loses—and ultimately regains—her voice. Misunderstood Garvey overcomes bullying, discovers a new talent, and bonds with his distant father.

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  5. Judgmental Flower by Julia Cook, illus. All ages. Two monster siblings have a falling-out and make up again. Are You Sure, Mother Bear? A mother reassures her cub that everything will be there when she wakes up in the spring. Bears in the Snow by Shirley Parenteau, illus. Big Brown Bear devises a sled that can carry four bears playing in the snow.

    Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton Dec. One little bear tries to say awake as sleepy forest animals snuggle in their beds. Also an Octopus by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, illus. What happens when a ukulele-playing octopus decides to build a spaceship? Frida and Bear Play the Shape Game! Art-loving friends transform various shapes into animals. Gary by Leila Rudge Nov.

    A grounded racing pigeon who dreams of exploring the world finds an adventure. Lucky Lazlo by Steve Light Dec. When a cat snatches the rose Lazlo plans to give an actress starring in Alice in Wonderland, a wild chase takes place through the theater. Motor Miles by John Burningham Sept. Miles is an ornery dog…until a neighbor builds him his own car. The Nutcracker by Niroot Puttapipat Sept.

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    This edition of this holiday ballet features a pop-up finale. The Owl and the Pussy-cat by Edward Lear, illus. Julia Donaldson contributes a foreword to this newly illustrated edition. Ages 4—6. Toby by Hazel Mitchell Sept. Du Iz Tak? When a plant grows taller and sprouts leaves, bugs build a tree fort in it. The creators of How to Train a Train explain how to catch and tame a pet truck. A softhearted pirate captain launches a search for an ideal animal sidekick.

    Return by Aaron Becker Aug. The Caldecott Medalist concludes his Hat trilogy with this tale of two turtles who find a hat that looks good on both of them. Jones Oct. Finders keepers? I Love Lemonade by Mark Sommerset, illus. Juana and Lucas by Juana Medina Sept. Lucy by Randy Cecil Aug. A homeless dog, a kindhearted girl, and a juggler with stage fright converge in overlapping stories. Things get off to a rocky start when a third friend joins the mix in this follow-up to Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover.

    Slingshot and Burp by Richard Haynes, illus. Combatting summer boredom, two cousins create their own Wild West adventure. Griffin, illus. Led by two best friends, third graders band together to solve the mystery of a missing item that is crucial to the success of the school musical. Applesauce Weather by Helen Frost, illus. An annual fall apple ritual brings together a family grieving the loss of a beloved aunt.

    Employing her signature comic-book style, Williams illuminates the Tudor era. Cloud and Wallfish by Anne Nesbet Oct. Noah and his parents slip behind the Iron Curtain into East Berlin in this novel of espionage, friendship, and family. Told in poetry, this relays the experiences of a young survivor of the tragic Donner Party of Marcus Sept. This novel of death, love, grief, and hope offers the first-person account of a girl who comes back from the afterworld as a dog. Phoenix by SF Said, illus.

    A boy with great power must turn to alien enemies to discover his true nature and bring peace to a galaxy at war. The Catalyst by Helena Coggan Oct. This novel by a teenage author centers on a girl with a terrible secret whose world teeters on the brink of war. Buy As Gift. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Author and country gal. Average Review.

    Write a Review. Related Searches. If spring is a season of rebirth and love, Hallie Lapp's farm, at first glance, If spring is a season of rebirth and love, Hallie Lapp's farm, at first glance, seems the place to be. What she didn't see coming after the birth of her daughter, Redbird, was an abandoned baby dropped off in her View Product. The longest year of Joy Petermeyer's life is just about over. Nurse Hal's stepson, Daniel Nurse Hal's stepson, Daniel Lapp, is due back from Tennessee in August, and they planned to get married.

    Only according to his Aunt Ida's letters, Daniel is having a However, there is something larger at play than simply one missing Cure. The task of finding Salvatore is constantly hindered and other, more Haunted Teapot On Whistler Street. Anna Winters buys the cottage of her dreams. The yard is full of blooming roses The yard is full of blooming roses which lends color and fragrance to the place. When her elderly mother, Joyce Winters's dementia worsens, Anna takes her in.

    From the start, Joyce says