Tackling Single Parenting From a Mans Point of View : A Practical Guide for Moms and Dads

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If they do like to clean daily, consider getting them a replacement power supply and some additional HEPA filters. With two full-range stereo speakers built in, this soundbar gives them crystal clear, room filling sound, with less than one percent distortion. And, since they probably have cable or satellite television, it makes listening to their favorite music channels a real treat. These large LED readout kitchen timers were the perfect solution to her problem. Another good small gift idea is an oven thermometer to let them check the accuracy of their oven temperature.

And another must-have for the kitchen is a digital instant read thermometer so they can easily make sure their meats are properly cooked. Scary thought, right? These awesome LED candles feature a realistic flickering flame. They are made of real wax, and still give a natural candle appearance, while assuring the safety you desire for your aging friends and family.

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Plus, they come with an easy on and off remote control, so seniors will find them super simple to use regularly. To add extra sparkle to their mantle, dining table or dresser, LED tea lights are a wonderful decorating solution. We think these wall sconces with LED candles would add a beautiful touch to any room. People love to know the weather forecast, and this digital weather forecasting station makes it simple to know the current temperature, humidity, and more, both inside and outdoors.

The big plus with this is the Atomic clock. A slightly smaller weather forecast station has many of the same features, although not the atomic clock, but it is a bit more affordable. Bending, stooping and reaching, it all gets harder as people age. Getting a tight grip on something small like a piece of paper can be equally frustrating.

This tool , with an ergonomically designed pistol trigger and handle, is super easy to use and provides maximum comfort. The plastic handle and jaw, with an aluminum metal body structure, is durable and lightweight to minimize hand and arm fatigue. The rubberized jaws grab and hold even the smallest of objects. The articulating head turns 90 degrees, making it simpler to reach into tight and awkward spaces. If you want to get them a grabber for multiple rooms, get a two pack.

Made in vibrant colors, with pretty decorative trims, these 15 inch by 12 inch bags securely attach with easy hook and loop velcro tabs. The spacious interior is lined with premier cotton and has two pockets that are highly visible and easily accessible. This bag works well on walkers, but can also be used with thin armed power chairs, medical scooters and transport wheelchairs. These bags come in bright floral patterns and plain black for men.

Getting into and out of the shower can present real safety issues as your parents and elderly loved ones get on in years. With sleep becoming more elusive as we age, doctors often recommend a sleep clinic study.

Federal Laws enabling Parents to protect their Children’s Privacy : FERPA, PPRA and COPPA

This sleep tracking pad could alleviate the need, with smart technology that monitors sleeping and waking cycles. When used in conjunction with the Withings Health Mate app, it can analyze sleep patterns. With a daily sleep score, it turns their smartphone into a health coach that delivers practical tips to help your senior sleep smarter. This awesome induction cooktop from Secura plugs in and sits right on the countertop. With 15 different settings and a programmable countdown timer, this cooktop also automatically detects when a pan is set on the burner. In case they get distracted and forget to put a pan on the burner, it will automatically shut off in 60 seconds.

They key to making this a great gift for seniors, or anyone else, is to get them some induction compatible cookware. If they cook a lot, you might want to get them a large set of induction pots and pans that can be used on the stove and on their regular cooktop. If they only do a small amount of cooking, a smaller set of pans will do the trick.

Not all canes are created equal, just ask anyone who has to use a cane or a walking stick. And not all seniors want to use their cane all the time. This folding cane is unique in so many ways. No worry about getting something to small or too tall. Another benefit, is this cane has a super soft, padded handle, which can offer real relief to arthritic hands. It also comes with an anti-marking rubber tip that helps your mom and dad avoid slips and falls, without leaving those nasty black marks on their tile or linoleum floors.

But the really cool thing about this folding cane is that it also has an LED flashlight built into the handle, so if your parents are headed to their car after shopping or any other outdoor activity, they can adjust the light to illuminate the sidewalk ahead of them, or they can aim it directly at the car door making for easier unlocking and entry.

This cane is super popular with users who give it close to a five star rating for its great functionality and usability. As we get older, taking care of feet gets harder. More calluses, and less ability to reach our feet. This handy tool is simple and effortless to use. Used regularly, this home pedicure will become a foot care joy for older folks, rather than a foot care chore. Clipping nails becomes another difficult task as parents get older.

Another great gift addition to their foot care regimen is an electric nail file. And to give them a relaxing, spa like experience that also makes using their callus shaver more effective, a foot massager and soaker is a great gift idea any time of the year.

The experts say to keep your senior on their feet, regular foot care is a must. Most older people are budget conscious, and they like to buy food in bulk when they can. The problem is, being able to use, or preserve, that food before it spoils. The FoodSaver System takes the guesswork out of smart shopping, and they reap all the savings, by safely sealing and freezing meats, cheeses, vegetables, even soups and sauces. FoodSaver bags and rolls are designed to give them easy storage while saving money. Another benefit of using the FoodSaver is that once air is removed, food takes up less storage space in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.

All FoodSaver bags and rolls are Sous Vide safe, so they can simmer their homemade soups and sauces without worry. The multi-layer bags keep air out and minimize freezer burn keeping flavors fresh, and foods nutrient rich. FoodSaver also makes vacuum seal containers to use on smaller items that they want to keep fresh in the refrigerator. Resistance bands are a great way to keep muscles toned and joints working. With daily use they can improve fitness, and most importantly for seniors, overall flexibility.

Stretches can be done in a chair, on the floor, or on the bedside if necessary. This five-pack of stretchy bands features a rainbow of colors and five different resistances, so your senior can start with the easiest while they build up their strength and gradually increase to more challenging stretches over time.

They come with a handy mesh carrying bag, so your senior can take their portable workout gear with them wherever they go. But one of the most frustrating circumstances of doing so, might be trying to get zipped up if that dress has a zipper in the back. These cool gadgets make great gifts for older women, because they make it easy for them to zip up any dress by themselves. This zipper puller comes in black and three other fun colors, so pick her fave and order it now. As fine motor skills diminish with age, another great gift for your elderly mom or dad is a button hook assist. With one locator, and two receivers that attach to key rings, or can be slipped into whatever regularly needs finding, you can help eliminate their frustration and worry.

These are super easy to hear at a distance, with a loud beep sound at decibels. It is even effective through walls, floors, cushions and leather, up to a distance of feet. Now imagine doing that in your 70s, 80s or even 90s. This hose features sturdy brass fittings, and a shut-off valve, that makes it easy to fill to capacity, and then screw on a nozzle. Because of its convenient size, it can easily be stowed in a decorative planter box outside, instead of messing with an unsightly hose reel. Do you have a senior who still loves to cook, but could use a helping hand when it comes to quickly temping meats or other foods?

Plus it makes cooking meat to perfection a breeze. The big digital LED readout is easy to see and temperatures can be adjusted to either Fahrenheit or Celcius. The stainless steel probe keeps hands away from the heat, and it folds in half with the touch of a button for simple storage. It folds in half for easy storage, and just in case someone forgets to shut it off, it automatically does so after ten minutes, preserving battery life.

Exercise is the key to staying healthy, especially for older folks who get slowed down by arthritis, illness or just aches and pains in general. Who can blame them for not wanting to go to the gym? This compact folding pedal exerciser can be used to strengthen arms and legs in the comfort of their own home.

It also helps to increase circulation, improve stamina and relieve tension. To help them build core strength, get them a balance disk for their office or kitchen chair. Dry eyes and stuffy sinuses can all be caused by low humidity, especially at night. This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is a safe way to add moisture to the air in any room, helping to keep skin and other sensitive tissues moisturized and comfortable.

In the bedroom, it features an optional nightlight that emits a relaxing glow, and the 1. This humidifier also features an auto-shutoff when the water tank runs dry. Another plus is the two year warranty. Arthritis can make it difficult if not impossible to use a standard can opener.

Understanding the Five Core Challenges

This smooth touch electric can opener from Hamilton Beach solves that issue with an ergonomic lever that makes for nearly effortless use. This side cutting can opener leaves a smooth edge and removes the can top at the same time. Just in case they want to mix up a hot toddy, these glasses are microwave safe and can handle temperatures up to degrees Fahrenheit.

If your senior simply refuses to give up an elegant stemmed wine glass, this set is both beautiful and functional while also being unbreakable. One of the more practical gifts for seniors, it emits more light per square inch for more effective treatments. For those seniors that live in especially dark locales in the winter months, a daily dose of light therapy at the right time of day can help to minimize seasonal affective disorder, and literally make their day more sunny and bright, despite the weather.

This unit lets them scoop up their favorite grounds, from Folgers to French roast, and brew them in a standard size cup or a great big travel mug, at their discretion. A movable lower shelf gives them complete flexibility to brew into their favorite drinking vessel. Another great idea for a small kitchen appliance that makes cooking breakfast super simple is an electric egg cooker.

It offers dynamic brushing action to provide gentle, effective cleaning that reaches between teeth and along the gumline with up to 31, brush strokes per minute. Especially important for seniors and older people, they can experience healthier gums within two weeks of regular use. Your parents or grandparents can look forward to better cleanings, healthier gums and more vibrant smiles with this awesome present.

To keep germs at bay, you can even get a Philips Sonicare with a UV brush cleaner attached to the charger. Kitchen duties get notoriously more difficult as we age, and burns are always a threat for the seniors on your list. They protect hands, fingers and wrists from getting nipped by hot pans, burners, and oven edges. Supremely grippy, they are soft and easy to maneuver with, so spills and burns are less of a danger. Another great idea is a pair of silicone hot pads that are easy to maneuver and make grabbing a lightweight baking sheet or hot dish simple and easy.

This sock aid makes getting even compression socks on and off a whole lot easier. With a contoured soft and flexible shell, they can stretch their socks over it, and slip them right on. Adjustable for most any arm length, this sock assist will eliminate bending and straining, and it works well for even those with diminished hand strength.

Do you worry about your older parents or friends tripping in the dark as they go out before dawn to get their paper? These solar LED pathway lights can illuminate their way both morning and night, and give you the security that they can do so safely. This pack of eight lights are the perfect sidewalk definers. This handy hand lotion warmer heats up a full 17 ounce bottle of lotion in just two minutes, to deliver soothing skin softening without the chill of lotion out of the bottle. The best gifts for seniors recognize mobility issues and find ways to work around limitations.

This extra long handled shoehorn is a perfect small gift that will keep them from bending and potentially losing their balance just to get their shoes on. With a 24 inch long reach, it is easy to slip shoes on from either a standing or sitting position. Made from high tech plastic, this shoehorn will last long and make their lives so much simpler. Often seniors would rather eat a meal in their favorite chair rather than sitting at the dining table. Especially if they live alone, the TV is their faithful companion. This bamboo tray table is the perfect accent to a couch or chair.

The study stand keeps the table steady, and it easily swivels out of the way so as not to impede them from standing up. The built-in cup holder means less chance of spills, and the additional plastic trinket tray provides room for pens and pencils and anything else they want to keep close at hand. Perfect for a purse or pocket, this mini magnifier is a handy tool to keep at the ready for those last minute issues like reading menus in dark restaurants, checking labels at the pharmacy and other times when clear vision is a must.

The shatter resistant, distortion-free glass gets a boost with tiny LED lights that boost illumination over the reading area. This little unit delivers 3X magnification. For greater magnification at 30X, this larger handheld magnifier features a dozen LED lights in addition to a larger and more powerful glass. Do you have a senior who suffers from dwindling vision or macular degeneration? Peeling garlic is a major pain that requires dexterity and sharp knives.

It saves time and for older people who still love to cook and eat, anything that makes food prep easier and safer is a great gift idea. This garlic peeler can simply be rinsed and it comes with a cute little case to keep it clean and ready for the next use.

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Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom, this motion sensor soap dispenser delivers the perfect amount of sudsy stuff, without leaving smudges, mess and germs on anything. The brushed nickel finish looks great with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, or chrome and nickel fixtures in the bath. The precision sensor has a trigger zone that delivers accurate, high-speed activation, and exactly the right amount of soap with no drips. Slips and falls in the tub and shower are major concerns for the elderly.

Since personal hygiene is super important for everyone, this shower foot brush is an ideal solution to keep their feet scrubbed and callus free, without excessive bending, or worse, standing on one foot to do it. The stiff bristles not only clean their feet, they vigorously massage and exfoliate them too. Another plus? This shower foot brush is antibacterial and can easily hang from a small hook in the shower to drip dry.

Older men like to look great, and often favor a button up shirt when they want to dress up. This awesome button hook is a great small gift that takes the pain and frustration of managing small buttons and kicks it right to the curb. Nothing feels better getting out of the tub or shower than wrapping up in a cozy warm towel or bathrobe.

This towel warmer features a minimalist design that can accommodate up to two oversize towels, or dozens of washrags and face towels. It warms and keeps towels toasty warm at a consistent temperature of degrees Fahrenheit. This unit plugs into a standard outlet, so it can easily slip into a corner of the bathroom. Once towels and robes reach the perfect temperature this unit automatically shuts off, but holds the warmth in until your senior is ready to use them. This cozy fleece robe is ideal for the senior woman on your gift list. Not only is it warm, this pretty robe has big patch pockets in front to keep hands warm and stow tissues and reading glasses at the ready.

This fleece wrap robe is also a warm and cozy wonder. As dexterity, strength and vision diminish, one of the basic self care concerns for seniors is the ability to trim their nails without snags, or snipping sensitive skin on their fingers. The ClipDifferent nail clipper is a simple solution to this dilemma.

To clip nails, your senior simply slides their nail up to the easy little guide in front and the clipper automatically trims it off, leaving nails smooth and snag free. What a perfect gift for anyone on your list, especially your seniors. As we get older, our dexterity often suffers. These super simple magnetic jewelry clasp converters make fastening necklaces and bracelets a snap. These are especially great gifts for older women who suffer from arthritis or other medical issues that cause diminished fine motor skills.

While these clasps are 14k gold filled, you can also get the clasps in sterling silver and you can buy multi-packs as well. One of the gifts of getting older is having the time to read all the books you want. This bookrest is a comfy way for them to read in their recliner, on the couch, or even in bed, and it will definitely hit the sweet spot for those book lovers on your gift list. Lots of seniors need a shower bench, but they often settle for those ugly plastic and metal ones that are fine for utility, but not much for aesthetic appeal.

This beautiful teak wood shower bench has an Asian-inspired design that will look lovely in the bathroom. The angled legs are super stable, and the curved bench seat is comfy on the bum. The higher sides act as an aid in getting up from the bench post shower. Be sure to order some teak oil to keep it looking as good as new, so perhaps another gift would be you taking the time to oil their bench for them once in a while. A really awesome gift for seniors is a lighted magnifying mirror for their bathroom.

This fog free, two-sided circular mirror has an eight-inch diameter face, and features a smooth degree swivel design that provides 1x and 5x magnification options to make sure your elderly relatives can see all the needed details as they get ready for their day. From ease of shaving, to perfect hair and makeup, these mirrors make terrific gifts for older men, as well as women, because sight can get fuzzy with age.

The extension arm and smooth rotation adjusts to all angles for a dynamic point of view. This bathroom mirror has an attractive nickel finish that protects against moisture and condensation. At DB, it can be heard up to feet away, with a continuous strident alarm that lasts for 30 seconds, or until the pin is reinserted into the device. This handy device can be attached to a set of keys, a purse handle or numerous other places.

It also has a convenient LED light that can make fumbling to unlock the car or the front door a thing of this past. Because it comes in a two-pack, for less than ten bucks, you might want to make sure every member of your family has one of these little safety devices. As people get older, they tend to spend a lot less time outdoors, and a lot more time observing the world from their windows. This squirrel proof bird feeder can be easily hung from an eve, tree limb or garden crook. With a seed ventilation system, bird food stays fresh longer and attracts more wild birds.

To make this an extra special gift, make time to install it in an easily reachable place, and get a bird identification book to go with it. Both National Geographic and the Audubon Society have great guides right here. One of the facts about getting older is that people get up a lot more often to use the bathroom at night. Because darkness is one of the key times for falling accidents, a motion sensor toilet night light can be a lifesaver.

These little units are heat activated, so they immediately turn on when they sense body heat in the room. Once your senior leaves the bathroom, they automatically shut off. This three-pack is a great deal, allowing the person on your list to place one in every bathroom for nighttime safety. From tissues and wet wipes to sunglasses, reading glasses, bottled water, and spare change, this front seat car organizer can keep everything within easy reach. This car organizer is custom made for their specific make and model of car, so it will be a perfect fit.

The other cool thing is the adjustable handles that let them easily swing this organizer to the back of the seat in case they want to take a passenger with them. Do you worry about balance issues with the elderly person in your life? Reducing their chance of falls is paramount on most of our minds, and this motion sensor trash can helps to eliminate a common kitchen issue.

With this smart garbage can, they can simply wave their hand over the top of it, and it opens automatically. Battery operated, it runs on standard D batteries. The exterior is sleek stainless steel, but unlike those that take lots of upkeep, this garbage can is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant. The top simply lifts off for easy emptying of the contents. It has a modern, stylish design that looks great in the kitchen or in an office as well. People were made to squat, but that gets more difficult with age, as does pooping.

Older women and men often suffer from constipation due to limited activity, as well as hemorrhoids from years of heavy lifting, having babies and more. Sitting to poop is bad for efficiency, inflames hemorrhoids, creates unnecessary straining, and, in general, is hard on your behind. This is the only position where the Puborectalis muscle fully relaxes, which straightens the kink and allows for a complete elimination without any straining.

The Squatty Potty is an awesome and functional present for parents, or your grandparents too. You can also get a single Squatty Potty if they only need one. Get them some Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray with powerful nano-particles to eat up that bad odor before the smell becomes unbearable. If you have a senior on your gift list, this electric wine opener will be a most welcome gift.

It comes with a foil cutter to make removing that covering quick and simple. The wine opener itself is stainless steel so it looks sleek on any countertop. With the simple press of a button, this opener removes the cork in seconds, and it can open nearly 30 bottles on a single charge. We think your seniors will appreciate the fact that it comes with a rechargeable battery.

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Does your mom or dad sometimes pull a wobbly chair over to a counter and then climb on it to reach something? Mine do, and frankly it scares the heck out of me. It easily holds an adult on stable footings, with no wobble. Overall, these findings show that parents have strong views on the road safety training of their children and that they also tend to allow a high level of pedestrian independence for their children. The video does not appear to influence these views to any notable extent. As shown in Table III , mean scores for the treatment and control groups were typically between 3.

Table IV shows how often parents report that they engage in road safety training with their child. These figures show that parents perceived themselves to be attentive and consistent in their use of road safety training activities.

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This final set of questions is the most important of the study, for they create the context within which parents use and respond to the video. At the end of the study, those parents in the treatment group were asked in more detail about their views of the video.


The results indicate that parents continued to regard it in an educational capacity. Overall, these findings suggest that parents regard The Busy Road Show video as an effective educational aid. This perspective is in place before they watch the video and is maintained after viewing it in their homes over a period of some weeks. The methods utilized in this study yielded no evidence that the video was serving an effective educational function, for either parents or children, when used in an ordinary capacity at home.

This was a very clear outcome. The pattern of null findings was thoroughly consistent, over the large number of items analysed. However, parents viewed the video as an effective educational tool. Their assessment conflicts with the evidence and this mismatch flags issues about the way in which the video should be promoted. This is because their expectations create the context in which they will purchase and use it. When parents in the treatment group were asked, at the end of the study, how much they thought their child had learned from the video, a generous mean was obtained.

When asked how effective they thought it would be as a way of teaching children about road safety, responses approached the top of the scale. Thus, they regarded the video as an educational tool and they believed it was effective in that regard. However, the remainder of the data gathered conflict with this interpretation. No evidence at all emerged from this study to suggest that the video is functioning effectively in an educational capacity. Such findings accord with previous research reports, in which authors conclude that techniques need to be focused and intensive if they are to be successful in teaching children about road safety [for a review, see Thomson et al.

This is particularly the case with young children because they have difficulty understanding and transferring the verbal concepts of road safety Cattell and Lewis, ; Sheppard, ; Vinje, ; Antaki et al. Thus, there is little reason to expect that, and no evidence to support parental beliefs that, standard home viewing of the video will have an educational impact on their children. However, research has demonstrated that young children do not generally have the ability to cope alone with the demands of the pedestrian environment [e. Tolmie et al. Once again, research studies using observational methods [e.

Zeedyk and Kelly, , in press ] suggest that parents are less attentive and consistent in their pedestrian supervision than they believe themselves to be. Thomson et al. Such an interpretation accords with the conclusions formed more widely within the health promotion field, that interventions targeting a mass audience are rarely effective in producing attitudinal or behavioural change [for a review, see Tones and Tilford, ].

Could methodological issues have contributed to the lack of findings? We would argue, on the contrary, that it is within the first month that such a change is most likely to occur. It might also be suggested that the items used in the assessments were not sufficiently sensitive to detect change. This is always possible with questionnaire items, particularly when used with children.

Future work might employ alternative methods or contexts for data gathering purposes. Practicalities imposed limitations on the kinds of data we were able to collect on this occasion, which is a problem frequently experienced in health education research [as discussed by Tones and Tilford, ]. However, they serve as reminder of some valuable points. Parents, as well as other interested parties, deserve to know the extent to which a teaching tool can reasonably be said to be effective. Grayson [ Grayson, , p. Gregersen and Nolen, ; Johansson, unpublished ].

In retrospect, it would have been useful to ask parents more about why they expected the video to be educational, perhaps through brief interviews. This was not done because, as is typically the case with exploratory research, we did not know at the outset how critical this point would become.

However, the comments of one parent may be informative in this regard. There is thus every reason to expect that other parents will share the expectations of the parents in this sample that the video is, primarily, an educational tool. Road safety is a topic that continues to draw attention from groups throughout British society.

The Singing Kettle are to be commended for raising the profile of road safety by providing a product that creates opportunities for children and parents to talk about relevant issues. There may well be other ways that the video could serve an educational function, perhaps as part of a structured programme and that possibility provides an avenue for future research. The important message to be gained from the present project is that, when used on a casual basis at home, The Busy Road Show video is better regarded as entertainment than edutainment.

Our thanks go to the Editor and two anonymous referees for comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Sign In or Create an Account. Sign In. Advanced Search. Article Navigation. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Article Contents. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Article history. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Table I. Can you name some people who could give you a helping hand to cross the road? Tell me where you think some safe places to play are. Should children hold hands with their mummy or daddy when out near roads? Children were told a story about a boy who started to run across the road.

They were then asked: What do you think about what the little boy did? After being shown a photograph of a girl standing at the kerb, children were asked: What should the little girl do before she crosses the street? What does it tell you to do? After being shown a photograph of a traffic island, children were asked: What is this? What is it for? After being shown a photograph with a man standing on the pavement sidewalk and a woman standing on the street, children were asked: Which one is walking in the safe place?

View Large. Table II. Percent of children naming a representative of each category for each question asked. Why hold hands with parents? Table III. Table IV. Houghton Mifflin, New York. Antaki, C. Cattell, R. DTLR, London. Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions Firth, D. Grayson, G. Gregersen, N. Ivett, L. Limbourg, M. Reid, D. UK Government Statistics Service. Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions.

Rothengatter, J. Sadler, J. Report produced in association with Edinburgh Health Challenge, Edinburgh. Scottish Development Department, Edinburgh. Sheppard, R. Singh, A. Thomson, J. Tolmie, A. Tones, K. Vinje, M. Wallack, L. Whitebread, D. Zeedyk, M. Issue Section:.