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Directed by Mark Brokaw. Johnson presentation of the Vineyard Theater production of a play in two acts by Nicky Silver. Opened on Broadway April 23, Reviewed Off Broadway Oct. Broadway musicians have succeeded in earning their largest wage increase in over two decades. Announced on Wednesday, the Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local AFM said in a statement that after over four months of deliberations, they have secured a three-year collective bargaining agreement with the Broadway League and Coordinated Bargaining Partners to [ The collective of writers and producers known as the Kilroys has been pushing for gender parity in the theater for five years now.

The Tony-nominated play, running until July 7 at L. How soon is too soon? Chosen from hundreds of nominees during a selection meeting in June, [ The play is set in a city council [ By Marilyn Stasio.

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Close Menu. Variety Intelligence Platform. Variety Mobile Logo. And, as expected, if you've ever had the pleasure of seeing her onstage before, you won't be able to take your eyes off Gilbert. This incredibly expressive local actor puts her whole body into a role, with every physical movement and gesture adding to her portrayal. Gilbert as Lisa is well dressed in stylish costumes by Rosemary Pardee , but a barely contained bundle of nerves and energy. She's a woman, full of greater potential, who can't seem to do the right thing, but also one who doesn't let that stop her from putting herself out there -- so unlike her brother.

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The Lyons ends with a hint of resolution, with widowed mother Rita preparing for a getaway to the Caribbean and each Lyons kid trying to bond with an unlikely stranger. Even excepting for a few subplot twists better left as a surprise, these are signs that the future for this family might be better than its past. It wouldn't take much.

If that maxim holds true, then the Lyons must be the most loving—and hoarse—family in existence. Death provides permission for the Lyons to go at it like possums in a burlap bag, although you get the feeling this clan has never exactly been reticent. Patriarch Ben John Lescault is in the hospital dying of cancer and the disease has made him a potty mouth—even the most banal of questions is greeted with a fusillade of profanity.

Wife Rita Naomi Jacobson kvetches about his language, but pretty much takes the whole situation in stride. Enter the adult children Lisa Kimberly Gilbert , a recovering alcoholic and divorcee with two children, and Curtis Marcus Kyd , a gay writer who appears to be in a stable long-standing relationship. The first act is a brutal free-for-all, as everyone tries to make it all about them rather than the dying man lying in the center of the room. A seen-it-all Nurse Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey drops in and out of the action.

With most of the secrets out in the open, there is no cleansing sense of relief or closure. These secrets were part of their identity and they wore them proudly. It is almost as if they—and the audience—are choking on truth. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Rita, played with brazen bravado by Miss Jacobsen.

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For a minute, she drops the overbearing Jewish mother act—funny as it is—and talks to Ben simply about what basket cases their adult children are. Miss Gilbert is both fragile and incandescent as Lisa—someone who tries so hard but is such a mess— who admits that her family drives her to drink and how she finds it exhausting to remain cheerful. Next, Curtis has an unsettling encounter with a real estate agent Brian Brandon McCoy , who thinks he is merely showing Curtis an apartment.

Kyd and Mr.

McCoy adeptly handle the shifts in mood and emotions, making the situation seem highly charged and desperately sad. Back at the hospital, it is now Curtis occupying a hospital bed and acting very much like his father. Taking advantage of her kids being in the same room, Rita makes an announcement that would not be out of place in an over-the-top reality show and Miss Jacobsen delivers this A-bomb with such style you almost applaud Rita.

This leaves Curtis and Lisa to fend for themselves and when Lisa crawls into the hospital bed you catch a hint of their childhood bond. Everyone in the play is such monsters and even the unseen characters appear to be opportunistic or abusive, and Lisa is telling her brother that human contact is the way to go?

Perhaps if we had seen more humanity and less collateral damage to the Lyons, this ending would ring true. In keeping with the lethal spirit of Mr. Review by Missy Frederick Perhaps the worst fate one could wish on the characters in The Lyons is for the four of them to end up in the same room together again.

That might put most families on their best behavior.

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Ben dares express shock that she once bought a gun years ago, with designs on using it on him. The first act of The Lyons proceeds rather conventionally, but the second act reveals more surprises. His scenes with a no-nonsense nurse Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey, making the most of a small role have a tenderness to them. From the opening scene where we see the Jewish matriarch, Rita Lyons Naomi Jacobson , prattling incessantly about re-designing her living room while her husband Ben John Lescault lies dying of cancer—to the last scene where Rita informs her dysfunctional family that she is fed up and striking out on her own, Director John Vreeke keeps the edgy, caustic — yet humorous — tone afloat.

Jacobson exudes supreme confidence as she strides across the stage. Lescault adds a very realistic tone of belligerence to the proceedings. The scene where he demands the attention he is due is a standout of the play. Though the laughs keep coming in this savage comedy, there is great pain and anguish underneath the lines.

The website of costume designer Uriel Gomez.

I was never really quite prepared for the frequent shifts in tone, and there are some slow patches to still iron out. Trapped in their own isolated worlds of illusion and will, the characters speak as if they have been freed to say whatever pops into their heads and the lonely son, Curtis Marcus Kyd and ex-alcoholic daughter Lisa Kimberly Gilbert attempt to inject their scenes with spontaneity and intrigue.

As the homosexual son, Kyd is wonderful and moving with a strong physical stage presence and is particularly effective in the second-act scene as he searches for a new apartment. As the realtor involved, actor Brandon McCoy hits all the right notes. The subject of toxic families is nothing new but Silver keeps it fresh by keeping the audience off-balance with the audience never knowing what to expect next.

The Lyons Den with Ben Lyons

Her attempt is only partially successful as there is too much overt telegraphing of emotions. More successful and, indeed, hilarious is the performance of Gabriela Fernandez-Coffey as the grimly determined nurse. Fernandez-Coffey possesses a dead-pan sense of humor with a sense of droll comic timing. In what is becoming a Round House tradition, Scenic Design is a standout. Designer Misha Kachman has designed a perfectly appropriate hospital bedroom and apartment for the revolving set. Lighting Designer Colin K.

Bills does a bang-up job of lighting the proceedings and Costume Designer Rosemary Pardee parades the perfect attire for this cast of urban characters. Matthew M. Producing Artistic Director Ryan Rilette is to be commended once again for re-invigorating the Round House Theatre with such a fine array of provocative new fare. Do not miss the madness of The Lyons! Our son's father-in-law lives in Lyon, France quite a beautiful city by the way. But playwright Nicky Silver said this about naming his play.

I'll say that. I think that they are a combative group, which is not to say that they don't love each other very much. For whatever reason, each of them has been isolated in some way and is fighting pretty ruthlessly to find some kind of completion, some kind of connection that they don't have naturally.

The play opens with the elder Lyons, Ben the superb John Lescault on a hospital bed dying from cancer. His wife Rita the amazing Naomi Jacobson by his side planning to decorate the living room She adds, "I know you won't be there to enjoy it. Try to look on the positive side. It's not so bad. Jews don't go to hell She's a reformed alcoholic, divorced, with two children. Rita tells her almost matter-of-factly that her father is about to die and they've known this for several months without telling the children.

Lisa is flabbergasted.

Lucious Lyon

She's also shocked to learn that her parents believe one of her children is retarded. They ask, "Have you had him tested? She then asks her to express a feeling, something meaningful. Lisa talks about a time when she was little and in a playground, and when no one is looking, falls and gets injured. She's told she's talking about a scene from the film "Kramer v. Son Curtis then arrives. admin