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Christine Goodner, SuzukiTriangle. The one thing I like most about writing is that I can share with others and help them in some way. Vikki Walton, VikkiWalton. The one thing I love most about writing is that it connects me to every period of history, every culture on earth, every human experience.

Telling stories is how I make sense of the Universe. The one thing I love most about writing is the outlet it gives me to encourage not only others, but myself, in our spiritual walk. Bobby Benavides, BobbyBenavides. The one thing I love most about writing is that it heals me. It provides the ability to express my inner thoughts and heal others in the process. The one thing I love most about writing is that it releases the poisons of the past and becomes the salve that heals me.

The one thing I love about writing is that it helps me get to know myself better. An added bonus is knowing I was able to encourage someone or give them a reason to find humor in everyday circumstances. Marilyn Newbury, MarilynNewbury. Deanne Welsh, DeanneWelsh. It helps make meaning and renews my hope. Sovann Pen, SovannPen. Before I got into writing seriously, I was told that writing will be able to help me out with sorting out my emotions.

Eric Burdon, EricScottBurdon. The one thing I love most about writing is being able to encourage, help and connect with people all over the world. People I could never reach in person. And with writing, I can take as much time as needed to process thoughts and feelings before sharing. Danielle Bernock, DanielleBernock. Nicole Akers, NicoleAkers. The one thing I love most about writing is that it helps me know what I think. Eric Gale, FaceYourGoliaths. The one thing I love most about writing is hearing from folks who comment on my work.

Jonathan Hutchison, FoundationalHope. The one thing I love most about writing is g etting in the zone. Lauren Salkin, Huffington Post. The one thing I love most about writing is the magic I find woven into the words able to bring hope and life to my readers! Nancy Bouwens, IntentionalLife. April Yvette, AprilYvette. Jewel Eliese, WriteAwayMommy. The one thing I love most about writing is being able to spew a problem onto a page, look at it, work it from different angles, then solve it in words.

Kris Loomis, KKrisLoomis. The one thing I love most about writing is t he writing.

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Jeff Goins, GoinsWriter. The one thing I love most about writing is — it allows me to find the bright side to any given situation. It allows me to relate with and educate others.

Passion in the Writer, Passion in the Reader

That is very empowering in itself! The one thing I love most about writing is the way it opens me up and helps me see everything differently. Stephanie Berryman, StephanieBerryman. The one thing I love most about writing is creating pieces that convince others they are not alone in their struggles. Anne Peterson, AnnePeterson. Michelle Bengston, DrMichelleBengston. The one thing I love most about writing is sharing my story worlds with other people.

Storytelling began for me when I was young, but there are only so many people who can hear a non-recorded verbal tale. Writing allows me to share my story with more people. Kevin Enriquez, StoryFocusedLife. I hate writing but love having written. The one thing I love most about writing is not just one thing. I relish the freedom of expression and the power in connecting with others.

Also, my brain appreciates the dump on the page as I try to make sense of this world. Tanya Gardiner, BrokenMama. It reminds me to keep in connection with that higher power of creation. It keeps me on my toes, unlike ballet, which knocks me off my feet. Sohma Rae Hathaway, FindingtheDiamonds. The one thing I love most about writing is being able to share my story with the world…and get healing in the process. James Prescott, JamesPrescott. The one thing I love most about writing is having the ability to document actual stories of my life to pass on to my family and those that follow after I am gone.

John C. Gyorki, ThinkerMe. The one thing I love most about writing is the ability to affect how people think without ever meeting them. I love empowering other women to speak their truth by being unflinching about my own. Gretchen Hanson, ChefGretchenHanson. The one thing I love most about writing is the slow refinement of a personal journey into something that has collective sense.

Wherever you are on your journey, whatever your goals as a writer, take a few moments today to dwell on the components of story or fiction that move you. Allow yourself to be swept along with your enthusiasm at least for a few moments. At least long enough to refuel the engine that keeps you not only writing, but writing with power and substance.

Remind yourself that those passions are life, life to you and to anyone else who reads your words. Readers want to see and feel. They want to experience tugs on their emotions and challenges to their minds. They want to live, if only for a few hours, in the worlds only you can reveal to them.

They want to meet, maybe pretend to be, the characters that only you can introduce them to. Remind yourself of the power of story. And then let that power move you as you devise ways to move others. Great article as always and very necessary for rekindling my fire for a second draft of The Writing Master.

Thank you, Beth. Or to lose your enthusiasm. You inspired me. Just what I needed to get me to finish the novel I started and my non-fiction project. Rita, I wish you great success with both projects. Finishing them, whether or not you do anything else with the manuscripts, will bring its own reward. Great post Beth! From the mundane of minutiae to the power of passion and harnessing the dynamo of drive. You are so spot on, we all need a break to refresh and recharge! You have provided the reasons for doing so.

Ignite Writing Passion: Four Ways to Create a Culture of Writing Among Students and Faculty

So many have the great story still within, begging to see the light of day. No matter what we do, when we give out, we also need to refill. Thanks for another motivating post. I understand the importance of keeping a battery fully charged. My writing battery gets charged by means of various mediums; one of which is your articles.

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I like to encourage writers. Yes, I believe we do. And if we come to find it boring, we get to write something more energizing. Learning is a tremendous motivator at well. Someone recently asked me if I might be interested in furthering my education. Oddly, some define education as sixteen units of university subjects.

But every book I read, and every volume of reference material I study, seems to satisfy my personal need for continuing education. I feel the same as you do about every reference book I read. Thank you for this reflection on Walt Disney as a creative. I saw the two episodes and marveled at the same elements of his story: especially trial and error; failure and success and so on right to the end of his life.

Good Reminder! But he was highly successful at a great many endeavors. And he left a trail for others to follow.

Why a Blog is so Damn Powerful

Dreamers who can make their dreams real have been doubly blessed. And writers are just those kinds of dreamers. Well said, Beth.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday #Writing Challenge Theme-“Passion” #WQWWC

I found the program really inspiring on many levels—including the dreaming. And trial and error not withstanding, he was a great success and, as you say, left a hopeful trail for others to follow. After checking 48k words last week it sent me this:. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.

Mine was almost an ad…sorry. Editing makes me stupid. Delete me like a poorly turned phrase. I can take it…reserving the right to whine…I meant to post it in the main comments. I just get spam comments that other spammers later link to. So I delete them. You just commented before I could delete the comment. NaNo Support Page. So maybe it's not only about the words.

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It's about syntax. And plot.