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After discussing the implications, the group moved on, only to run into Dr. Wily , Dr. Eggman , and their remaining force of Roboticized Masters. Light ended up a prisoner aboard the Wily Egg , with his cell next to that of Snively. Wily and Eggman took the occasion to mock him over his imprisonment, but Light then received a more welcome visitor: Rouge the Bat , who informed him what the doctors were up to and then showed him a schematic of the flying fortress so he could help her figure out how to sabotage it. Wily and Eggman came back again during the battle between the heroes and the Robot Master Army , and set a Motobug and a Met on him that ended up wrecking each other.

Light tried to reason with the two scientists, reminding them of all the times they had played with powers too great for them to control in an effort to get them to forsake their plan. Unfortunately, his pleas fell on deaf ears and tipped Eggman off to the fact that he had been helping Rouge. The doctor from Mobius later arrived while Light was trying to reach help using a communicator cobbled together from the destroyed robots, and had Metal Sonic drag him to a nearby airlock. Light was then dropped from the Wily Egg, with no one close enough to rescue him physically.

After informing Mega Man that their father was unhurt, Proto Man lent Light his helmet so that he could talk to Mega Man directly, and then defended him from Gemini Man. Light urged his son to stop Eggman and Wily before turning his attention to helping the others in the battle. He soon found himself with a patient to attend to: Sonic's friend Tails , who was injured during their infiltration of the Wily Egg.

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Unable to do much for the friend due to being a doctor of robotics rather than medicine, Light tried to make him comfortable. Fortunately, it was then that Duo arrived in response to Dr. Light's call, and the two conversed briefly before Duo departed to help Sonic and Rock. When the other Robot Masters created by Dr. Finding the pair at the mercy of Eggman and Wily, Knuckles and Proto Man went on the offensive while Light and Rush freed the captured pair. Knuckles and Proto Man pressed their assault, causing heavy damage to the Egg-Wily Machine X that was aided by the doctors' mutual sabotage.

Unfortunately, the doctors got their mech back up and running and were able to draw energy from the Genesis Reactor , repairing their damage and greatly increasing the machine's power. Proto Man and Knuckles were forced to retreat with Dr. Light in tow, but their efforts bought Sonic and Mega Man time needed to absorb some energy from the reactor themselves.

With the doctors' defeat, Super Mega Man then reversed the effects of both waves, returning Proto Man and the rest of the inhabitants of Earth 20XX to their proper places in reality. StH : Some years into the future, Dr. Light created an even more advanced type of robot with the capacity for human emotion. Dubbing his creation X , Light placed him in a protective capsule that would analyze his systems and insure that they wouldn't break down, doing so because the process would take longer than he had left and he had no successors to carry on his work.

X would later be awakened in the year 21XX-a century after the time of Mega Man-and become the template for a new race of robots, the Reploids. It has become increasingly difficult to steal motor vehicles, with all the anti-theft devices, such as immobilisers, gear-locks, etc. These steps have resulted in a dramatic increase in vehicle hijackings.

The hijacker has the element of surprise and this is a concern. The increasing retrenchment and the high unemployment figures are also factors. This is easy earned money and the already well-established syndicates will buy these vehicles from the hijacker. Vehicle hijacking is an organised business, run according to business principles and based on thorough planning.

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Specific vehicles with specific characteristics are ordered beforehand and efforts have to be made to meet the requirements of such orders. These vehicles will then be resold to the already predetermined buyer. The hijacked vehicles that are not sold to buyers in South Africa, will be smuggled out of the country.

A large number of stolen and unlicensed firearms is also a concern. Most of these firearms are bought or supplied to the robbers by the syndicates. This easy access to firearms makes the robbery of a vehicle the easiest crime to commit and by far the quickest way of earning a few thousand rands. It is obvious that vehicle hijackers are motivated by greed and an insatiable need for more and more comfort, rather than need. An insatiable hunger for power is another theme emerging in robbers.

The power-base for the latter is presented by access to firearms.

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Possession of a firearm forces everybody to obey or else face the consequences. Vehicle hijacking forms one of the sub-categories of armed robbery and does not constitute a different crime from armed robbery. Robbery with aggravating circumstances can be defined as the unlawful, intentional and violent removal and appropriation of movable corporeal property belonging to another.

If the victim is first injured by the perpetrator and then dispossessed of the property while being physically incapacitated, armed robbery is likewise committed. However, the victim needs not necessarily be physically incapacitated. In the absence of actual physical violence, a threat to commit violence against the victim is sufficient. The threat of violence may be of an express or implied nature. Vehicle hijacking neatly fits the above definition, with the property involved being specifically a motor vehicle of some kind.

The analysis indicated that hijackings occur every day of the week, reaching a high on Fridays, due to motorists being more relaxed and traffic increasing earlier on a Friday. Weekends show a lower hijacking rate due to syndicates checking their stock and placing orders on Mondays as well as the fact that there are fewer vehicles on the road. This also explains why Tuesdays and Wednesdays show more hijackings.

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The hijacking of vehicles reached its lowest point at 02h00 in the morning. Hijackings are low during the night and early hours of the morning and start increasing at 06h00 due to motorists leaving home for work and stabilises throughout the day. A drastic increase occurred from 17h00 in the afternoon due to motorists heading towards home. Vehicles hijacked during this peak hour 16h00 - 20h00 may be explained by the fact that people returning from work are often tired, frustrated and not alert to potentially threatening circumstances.

Negligence on behalf of the motorist could also not be excluded, e. This trend is not new and the motorist will become the prey of hijackers. Another explanation for this phenomenon is that highways are congested with traffic, which makes it almost impossible to catch hijackers involved without air support once they have disappeared into traffic. As it was earlier indicated, in the majority of vehicle hijackings, firearms were used to commit the crime.

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  • Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal reported the highest incidence of vehicle hijacking. The circulation of illegal firearms in South Africa is disturbing and has to have a direct influence on the increase of vehicle hijackings and violent crime in general in South Africa. The trade in stolen firearms is a lucrative industry in South Africa and the rewards seem to justify the risk of apprehension for the criminals involved. The punishment of crimes does not seem to have a deterrent effect on potential criminals anymore.

    The analysis indicates that firearms most used are pistols and revolvers. A very small percentage of vehicle hijackings are committed using knives, hands, high calibre guns and shotguns. It is noticed with great concern that there is general confusion over the issue of the public shooting and killing or wounding another person under differing circumstances. People have a responsibility to protect themselves in a situation where they need to discharge a firearm in the process of self-protection. The test used by the court to determine the lawfulness of the defensive action is that of a reasonable man.

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    The question to be asked is whether a reasonable man in the same position would have done the same thing. In all cases where a person is killed, the matter is investigated to establish if anyone was responsible for the death. This is the point when people perceive they are being charged with murder by the. SAPS and believe they cannot defend themselves against an unlawful attack without being charged. If your action is within the principles of self-defence, there is nothing to worry about.

    Freight Hijacking - A commercial vehicle is hijacked not only to secure the vehicle but also its cargo, which can be of substantial value. Frequently, the cargo is of more interest to the hijacker than the truck. Transport Hijacking - The vehicle is taken for the express purpose of using it as transport during other crimes such as drug dealing, burglaries, bank robberies and gun running. The vehicles are probably later cannibalised for spare parts or simply dumped. Thus intimidation, violence and vandalism are associated with the crime. Operational Hijacking - A group formally work together in a more structured way.

    They usually have experience in car theft and have established contacts within the motorcar underworld that will receive and pay cash for stolen vehicles or spare parts. Syndicate Hijacking - The most organised of all and often have international connections. A network of hijacking groups is established with the overall coordinator, syndicating out work so that he remains out of view in exactly the same way as the drug baron uses pushers.

    This makes identifying and arresting the ultimate boss. Additionally, a syndicate is often backed by a lot of money, especially if there are international links and makes full use of any potential to bribe the authorities in order to protect their operations. If your vehicle is hijacked or stolen, promptly report it to the SAPS.

    Make sure you have the vehicle details: model, colour, vehicle identification and registration numbers available to assist with the recovery of the vehicle. When forced to drive with a hijacker, be observant without making direct eye contact and try to memorise as many details as possible. It is important to describe the hijacker as accurately as possible. When observing a hijacker, take note of his head and face - the shape of the eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

    Take note of possible irregularities. Look at the hair, skin colour, complexion and possible scars and tattoos. Observe the build, sex, body movement, clothing and any conversation that may take place. Taken hostage - It can be helpful to have a survival plan in the back of your mind should such an incident occur. It is difficult not to become paranoid about being taken, hostage. However, it is just as easy to become complacent. Should the conclusion of the drama be by way of armed intervention, and escape is not possible, immediately drop to the ground, remain still and obey the orders of the leader.

    This is the term given to a particular range and combination of reactions following trauma. Reactions following trauma can be divided into three main groups:. Protecting Yourself against Hijackings. Have you ever considered the type of injury you might sustain from a specific type of crash? What would be the first injuries a paramedic might expect to find when he arrives at a specific crash or even before arriving when the crash is described to him? Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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