Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits

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Despite appearing as an outcast, she was non-threatening. When Maier pointed her camera, those who filled the frame would most likely presume that they were simply indulging the crackpot fantasies of a deranged old woman. In , Maier slipped on a patch of ice in downtown New York, hitting her head on the floor causing serious injury. She was admitted to hospital, where doctors were confident that she would make a full recovery. However, Maier refused treatment and her health began to deteriorate rapidly. Whilst in hospital, her storage lockers containing her most prized possessions, the archive of a lifetime of dedication to one medium, were sold to dealers to clear her dues.

In the same year that Maier died, Chicago-based auctioneer Roger Gunderson came into possession of a number of storage lockers, filled to the brim with photographs, newspaper clippings, clothing and other bric-a-brac. Seeing the potential for a small profit, Gunderson quickly began auctioning off the contents to various collectors.

Two of the men present at the auction were Ron Slattery, a regular with a penchant for old amateur photographs, and Jon Maloof, a realtor sourcing material for a book project. Slattery was the first to successfully bid for some of the material. He acquired a box of around 2, small prints.

Maloof went for negatives, 30, of them. Slattery was immediately satisfied; the pictures he had bought were beautiful and interesting. What he found took his breath away. The first man to purchase her work at auction, Ron Slattery, would come to realize the potential value in his collection of old photographs and preserve them carefully so that they may appreciate over time. Chicago based artist and collector Jeffrey Goldstein, after catching wind of the developing situation, would go on an acquisition spree, often meeting in secluded spots, accompanied by armed accomplices, to deal in expensive Maier negatives.

However, a Google search in returned just one result, her obituary. Maloof was too late, Vivian Maier had died as a result of her head injuries, just months before. To this day Jon Maloof has dedicated himself to exploring, archiving and promoting the life and work of Vivian Maier. Finding Vivian Maier Motion picture. London Review of Books.

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Vivian Maier - Her Discovered Work

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Open Shutter Gallery. Archived from the original on October 16, September 20, November 6, Cleveland Print Room. January 29, Archived from the original on February 3, Retrieved January 29, Portrait Society Gallery. May 12, March 25, The way she did photography was almost in a simplistic form, but who knows what meaning she would have had when taking them. Feb 28, Jolie rated it it was amazing Shelves: art-related , from-library. Mesmerizing and haunting, as always.

Mar 08, Kokeshi rated it it was amazing Shelves: america. I just fell in love with the work of Vivian Maier. What a great collection of Maier's work. Mar 05, Ambur Taft rated it it was amazing Shelves: comedy-random. Love the story, love her camera, love her photos, and love her shadow! Oct 12, Elsabe rated it it was amazing Shelves: photography. What a contradiction! Did she intend all these self portraits as her signature to her work. Did she think about the fact that she had to reveal her identity through her self portraits?

Did she make sure that each of the boxes of negatives at least contained one self portrait? This book could serve very well as "The of imaginative selfies " to our current self obsessed and mostly completely unimaginative culture of people who need to record their own actions! Has anybody yet calculated how muc What a contradiction!

Has anybody yet calculated how much the development of that thousand photographs attributed to her would have amounted to? Jan 12, Suzanne Cowan rated it it was amazing Shelves: art , oddities-and-curiosities. Absolutely fascinating book of photos from a woman who should have been famous, but instead died in obscurity. Check out her documentary if you get the chance and definitely check out the other books of her photos.

Oct 05, Tom rated it really liked it.

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Interesting, but not as compelling as other compilations of Maier's photograph. The impulse of this volume is to try to make sense of who Maier was by looking at how she depicted herself and what that says about her aesthetic and ethical impulses. Nov 26, marcali rated it it was amazing. Mar 12, deleted d rated it it was ok. A little boring but she did play with it in interesting ways, I wonder what she was trying to say. Oct 21, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: art-art-history , photography , bios. Vivian's photos inspire me. Jun 22, Grg rated it really liked it.

Bringing a portrait of private artist Vivian Maier to the big screen

Her photos had a real boldness to them when I saw them in the documentary and on the website. Some of that is lost when viewing them in book form. Still beautiful though. Nov 04, Alyssa Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: loves-of-my-life. This woman is a photographic genius. I can't get enough of her work. Even if I've seen a photograph 30 times, I still feel like I was punched in the gut.

She is incredible. Jan 08, Larry rated it it was amazing.

Twenty Wonderful Vivian Maier Self-Portraits

Really great photographs. It's great that her worn has been discovered. Too bad it wasn't during her lifetime. Dawn rated it really liked it Aug 05, Rwildfon rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Thanh rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Masha rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Katie rated it really liked it Mar 18, Grace rated it really liked it Jan 15, Kindle Embers rated it it was amazing Sep 14, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.

About Vivian Maier. Vivian Maier. During those years, she took more than , photographs, primarily of people and architecture of New York, Chicago Vivian Dorothea Maier February 1, — April 21, was an American street photographer, who was born in New York City and spent much of her childhood in France. During those years, she took more than , photographs, primarily of people and architecture of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, although she traveled and photographed worldwide. A Chicago historian and collector, John Maloof, examined the images and started to post Maier's photographs on the web in , soon after Maier's death.

Critical acclaim and interest in Maier's work quickly followed. Books by Vivian Maier. Trivia About Vivian Maier: Sel No trivia or quizzes yet.