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For all she knows, no one is waiting for her. This song from Pinocchio had a revival last year, when the first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron turned it into a pitch-black punchline for Ultron after freeing himself from control. Tired of seeing all these Alice songs yet? Not as tired as we are. This is a solid one, though, with both Tweedles Dee and Dum offering Alice some advice to ignore, this time about the perils of curiosity. Not an Alice standout, but far from the bottom of the barrel.

And now, the Andrews Sisters devote their considerable talents to telling you the harrowing tale of an annoying little tugboat. Well, yeah, it is, actually.

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Oh, bother. Oh, to tabulate how many early Disney songs began with a chirping bird, some strings, and a serene hum. Hey, look!

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Fun and Fancy Free actually has two opening numbers for some unknown reason. Maybe they were just trying to fill time? Jiminy paddles a leaf like a boat, makes fun of some really sad books, and basically reminds us that worrying is overrated. Not a bad way to start a movie.

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Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers sure know how to spin a good yarn. Then you realize that the sequence is chock-full of cigarettes, guns, and casual racism, and it becomes a lot more clear. Still, this is a good old-fashioned Western number and well worth a listen. Just maybe not when the kids are around. Ah, the kind of Disney ballad that can tear your heart out of your chest.

Remember this one? The sailors sing it right at the top, before the story dives down into those titular fathoms on the heels errrr, fins of a fish escaping a terrible but delicious fate. As you might guess, it does not end well. Ever wondered why those scary, old vultures have mop-top haircuts and Liverpudlian accents? Blame The Beatles. After Duchess and her family are drugged and abandoned in the countryside at the beginning of The Aristocats , Thomas introduces himself as a tour guide and roguish charmer alike with this brass-heavy tune.

The only cat of his kind, indeed. John, whose croaking vocals get it? Not the best song in the score, to be sure, but a treat, nonetheless. Whatever the very important thing might be, it sure sounds fun. Brom Bones knows that Ichabod Crane believes in ghosts, more than anybody. And if you do?

Mother Gothel gives up the charade in the much darker reprise, but both are about how damaging and debilitating emotional manipulation can be, particularly from those who pretend to love us. That flute-and-string refrain is pure Collins, too. Cons: This song is basically just Roger Miller whistling, humming, and making some funny noises. Pros: This song is basically just Roger Miller whistling, humming, and making some funny noises, with a melody so infectious that someone actually made a four-hour loop of it on YouTube.

Of note: this is not a Princess ballad. Check back in 20 years; perhaps then it will have the shut-down-the-karaoke-bar status of its predecessors. Most songs that are just there for the end credits are pretty forgettable, but not this Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward gem. You really want these two cute animals to be friends, even as the world tries to keep them apart. And Clopin Paul Kandel frantically plays judge, jury, and executioner in a booming, manic tribute to flagrant abuses of power. Perhaps in , all movies for young people will include songs as thoughtful and odd as this one.

Disney has seen a lot of voices come and go over the years. Great vocalists from every era have lent pipes to bringing one fantasy or another to vivid life. This is the rare case of a reprise far exceeding the original. No big surprise that the best song Phil Collins penned for Disney is basically all about the percussion. That melody alone could make a person weak in the knees. Poor Olaf. This is a very pretty, if mostly unnecessary, little number mostly used to demonstrate the following: a that the stepsisters are even worse musicians than they are people, b that Cinderella has the voice of an angel, and c that Lucifer the cat is an asshole.

Like, less than 90 seconds long. This is not the first song on this list that, to put it generously, has not aged well. That makes things so much simpler. Plus, just watch Grumpy twerk that ass as he gets the piano melody going. This Bonnie Raitt track, written by Alan Menken after the September 11th attacks, is something else entirely. It deserved a much better movie. The whole thing is just so darn cute, even if Pooh is a total idiot.

It can really come in handy in movies, too. They may all be mad here, but the March Hare and the Mad Hatter especially so, a point hammered home by a pair of gleefully deranged performances. Not every song from Beauty and the Beast is romantic and charming. Never has the mob mentality been more easily explained to kids. All it takes is one. Remember Bolt? Disney sure does like to romanticize cleaning and stuff.

But who cares about fetching the water? Not bad for a toad and a horse on a road trip. There have been anthropomorphized sidekicks in Disney features since the very beginning, but no human-animal friendship has ever topped that of Cinderell-y and her little band of merry mice.

The literal Greek chorus taunts her into honesty, making for a terrific Motown ballad and a great piece of musical character development. Writing a list like this one leads to some unexpected discoveries. Animated as if Owl were drawing the whole thing in some very squeaky chalk, this sequence is the biggest reason that missing this one in the theatre was probably a mistake.

Yes, even for grown-ups. A choir creates a gentle rain as seen through the eyes of a child well, a fawn who has never seen one, then gradually the song and the shower both morph into a powerful, frightening storm. Trust us. And now, half of Flight of the Conchords performs a Disney villain song. None at all, so Lady and the Tramp just named her character Peg. Lady encounters Peg in the pound, unprepared to hear what a dog — both literally and metaphorically — her new paramour is, but Peg also makes him sound just wonderful.

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Are they stoned or something? There are arrows pointing right at their asses. Rarely has the sensation of falling headily in love been depicted so lovingly, on film in general. All this darkness, just for some hunny. Good guy Sebastian, trying to help get his friend some action with the aid of various swamp wildlife. At least if you look past the whole light peer pressure aspect of it all. The only thing better than effortlessly flying is when you had to work really hard to get off the ground.

Never has slaving away in a diamond mine been so fun and whimsical. And surrounded by some stunning animation to boot. At its best, the Disney song is a medium that allows for even the most churlish behavior to be excused with a spot-on pop melody and a heaping dose of charm. And in a film as uncommonly dark by Disney standards as The Little Mermaid , the song offers a welcome dose of bounce and levity, particularly in its endlessly clever rundown of the underwater orchestra.

Be right back, gotta listen to it again. So Simba, the cocky little shit he is when The Lion King begins, stages an entire elaborate dance number with a massive amount of savannah residents just to get some alone time with Nala. Talent is when you can write a memorable song. True skill is when you can accomplish the same while writing complete and utter nonsense. Like a witch, right? No, not a witch. Totally a fairy godmother. The best song from The Aristocats is an absolute blast and also stands as one of the more musically complex Disney works. Depression-era audiences adopted it as an anthem of sorts, a tune of resilient cheerfulness in the face of fear.

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And best of all, Karma "loves, loves, loves people. Lester spent the first six months of his life chained up outside, until he was freed in , as part of a dog fighting bust involving 38 dogs. Lester was fearful when he went to his first foster home, through the rescue group Nashville Pittie. Within a year, he started showing a lot of pep -- maybe even a little too much, toward his canine foster siblings. Lester still shows anxiety when he meets new people. But Macey says that once he's comfortable, the doggie "is the biggest cuddler I have ever seen.

Bumper and Willis are the famous "pit bulls in a photo booth" doggies. Bumper, the kisser, had been rescued from a St. Louis man who was trying -- unsuccessfully -- to fight her. She was adopted by Kelly Garrison and her husband, Jason, in Willis, the kissee, was born to a dog who was pregnant at the time of her rescue from the Missouri dog fighting bust. He joined the family in Frey is founder of a St.

Since the rescue group began in , Frey has adopted some dog fighting victims, fostered others, rehabilitated and found homes for more still. Sugarbear was the first. Rescued out of a drug bust in , she was scarred, had clearly been overbred and was heartworm positive with skin ailments that the fighters had treated with motor oil. Safe from harm. Safe from those who wanted to exploit her. In a spot of honor and forever loved. Leo went from Michael Vick's dog fighting operation, to becoming a registered therapy dog. He loved to cuddle and watch TV with us. His big head would lay on our laps and then he was start to snore, that was the best part.

He also love to snuggle in bed," McClay says. Gabe Bravo and his wife, Nicole, met Acadia at a Florida vegetarian festival last winter. They felt a spark of interest right away. Then they found out she'd been rescued out of the Apopka dog fighting bust.

Their feelings only grew stronger, and the couple adopted Cadi from the nonprofit Barkies Legacy. Cadi can be nervous around people she doesn't know but is loving with Bravo and Nicole, and she can't get enough of playing with other dogs. We love her. At first, he was scared to eat and didn't wag his tail, he just seemed to want to disappear into the floor. Some two years later, these problems have not entirely gone away.

Pork Chop isn't great with people he doesn't know and he can't go to dog parks. When he's feeling unsure, he hides. But he's feeling unsure less often, and for shorter amounts of time. And the rest of the time, he's wonderful. On sunny days, Pork Chop loves hanging out and nibbling grass in the yard at the Nashville home Freedman shares with her boyfriend, Jared, and their other dog Lola. The couple teases that he is part cow. Pork Chop also loves to gaze out the front window. He loves smooching and snuggling and romping with Lola. He loves following Freedman around, from room to room, being close to his favorite person.

Tillie is one of the so-called dogs. Tillie also came out with the gentlest, friendliest disposition you've ever come across. She wears pearls around her neck, and a big smile on her face.


Gutshall, along with these two dogs, advocated for Rhode Island to become the most recent state to de-stigmatize dogs rescued out of fighting. It worked. Now there are just 12 states left, that continue to punish dogs like Handsome Dan and Tillie, and all these others, for the terrible things that have been done to them. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Best Friends Animal Society. Jill Foster. Freddie Mowery. Amy Haynes. Sydney Koehl. Homer's made Koehl's life better, too. Lea Fritz. The first time Lea Fritz met her dog, Alice, she didn't even notice her scars. Fritz sat on the ground and held out her arm, so Alice could sniff her. Sandy Smith. But when she saw him at the shelter, she couldn't not take him home. Indeed, with time and training, "Bonzai learned how to be a dog. Bonzai died in June. Smith says he changed her life, in the few years they had together.

Jacqueline Johnson. Eric Vocke.