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She dismantles any lingering view city slickers may have of the country as idyllic. Dancer is a young boy who has a run-in with the town bikies and splits with his father before things get too serious. A sensitive and respectful story set amongst the beauty of the Kimberley. Dean: It was hard to finish the last few pages through my tears of this highly anticipated wonder — it was so beautiful.

Finely crafted words, characters to fall for and a story to steal your heart. This is truly wonderful and well worth the long wait. PS I love Penny Dunbar. John: The most anticipated book of the year decade! Zusak delivers: a singular story about a family of larrikin Sydney boys reeling from tragedy with trademark flourishes of heart-break and soul-lifting goodness.

You can feel the time Zusak has invested in every sentence. As Australian as Cloudstreet. The timeline of the book moves like a conversation, revealing bits of information when they become important to the next step in the tale. A great winding story steeped in love, loss, memory and the angry finding yourself of adolescence. Mischa: Bridge of Clay is a mesmerising tour-de-force! Set in the suburbs of Sydney, Zusak has crafted a remarkable and emotive tale of brotherhood and familial trauma.

City of Smoke and Mirrors

With lyrical and allegorical rich prose that deserves to be luxuriated in, Bridge of Clay is a complex and intriguing character-driven story that will not disappoint fans! The great American novel: grizzly and dark. These fractured characters are disillusioned by a lifetime of unemployment, addiction, rage and marginalised living, their lost loves and misgivings are reflected upon, building to a shocking climax.

A harrowing yet smashing debut for fans of 4,3,2,1 or A Little Life. Winner of the Man Booker International Prize for Flights, Tokarczuk follows up with a work that showcases her ferocious dark humour and politics in a form that contains existentialism, myth and praise of William Blake — from whose work the title is taken. This is a novel about science and faith, people and work, action and apathy. Kingsolver uses a dual narrative to deliver the story, weaving together the s with America. Delightfully odd pictures illustrated by Carey accompany the story of an orphan under the tutelage of a medical wax modeller who grows into one the most prominent women in history.

Absolutely fascinating and a pure joy, I loved this more than I ever expected. The second collection of stories from deceased writer Lucia Berlin, this is vital and vivid as the first. The stories are arranged in roughly chronological order, two set in Texas, followed by three in Chile. The title story recalls the time when the author was married to Buddy Berlin, a jazz player and heroin addict.

There is paradise, lots of drinking, dark humour and the wonderful gritty dialogue for which she is known. Hanif returns with a memorable and exquisitely strange novel, brimming with his trademark humour and sense of the absurd. With a finger on the pulse of our contemporary existential malaise, the absurdities of war, and the redemptive powers of human connection, Hanif has crafted a Heller-esque satire appropriate to these uncertain times. Compelling reading.

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With the descriptive prowess of Elena Ferrante, the meticulous stylings of Donna Tartt, and the mystery-laden urban fantasy of Neil Gaiman, Dimitri has crafted an intensely readable story that will keep you up long into the night. This opens the circle where normal slips slowly into the world of Ideas and Metaphors, Buddhist traditions, unexpected characters and chance encounters. One to savour. An enrapturing read. The Chinese Dream, a term popularised by the Xi Jinping administration and later appropriated by artists and activists, is the target of this biting and unflinching satire of totalitarianism in modern China.

In this magical-realist novel, the narrator has just discovered he is terminally ill when the devil appears and offers him one extra day of life. But in exchange, something else has to disappear from the world forever! How do you decide what makes life worth living? Stylistically reminiscent of Murakami, If Cats Disappeared From the World is a beautifully rendered story of loss, love and estrangement. In a group of friends, five young Greenlanders explore queer identity in their home town Nuuk.

Fresh stories in every sense, this is a thrilling new voice from a young, prizewinning Greenlander telling a story they could relate to, that they wanted to hear. Vibrant contemporary prose at its invigorating best! Deadpan and sharp: what an explosive combination! Korede is a bitter Nigerian woman whose younger sister has a habit of killing her boyfriends.

Her sister Ayoola is the favourite child, the beautiful one, the sociopath and murderer. How far will Korede go to protect her sister when a man she loves is involved?

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Witty and fun, this book is terrific! This stunning debut novel from critically acclaimed artist and musician Jenny Hval is a beautiful portrayal of sexual awakening and queer desire. Jo finds her new home coming to life in unimaginable ways. Her senses become heightened and fraught as the lines between dreaming and wakefulness are increasingly blurred. Psychologically dark but poetic and sophisticated, for lovers of queer fiction and gothic horror. From the author of The Silent Companions comes another chilling Victorian Gothic tale of madness and murder.

Purcell has crafted a nuanced and macabre mystery laced with historical detail and twists of the supernatural. The first book in the Detective Cardilini series, set in s Western Australia. As suggested by its titular pun, this murder mystery set at Comic Con. Written with an excellent balance of humour and horror, The Con Artist is a must for anyone who enjoys an oddball read. Everyone is on the run from something. An eerie, intelligently woven book, this is a proper old school whodunit. Wilkie Collins meets Gone Girl, this is an immersive murder mystery with a hint of a ghost story.

Still affected by a childhood trauma, but packing attitude and resilience to burn, she defies her bosses to continue investigating the death of a tourist at the Grand Canyon and discovers a plot against democracy itself. A gripping and intoxicating ride. Seraphine and Danny are twins from a wealthy family with a history of mysterious deaths. When Seraphine finds a photo of only one twin just after their birth, her curiosity is piqued and she begins poking about. A raft of secrets all seem to lead to the au pair… who is she?

A cracking mystery with a gripping twist. In A Keeper, Norton again uses his native Ireland as inspiration for the story of Elizabeth Keane, who returns home following the death of her mother. A slow-burning stand-alone psychological thriller from the author of the Dublin Murder Squad series. The Wych Elm is part mystery, part thriller, part family drama, and focusses on questions of identity, privilege, and the transforming effects of traumatic events.

What sets French apart is the atmosphere she creates. She challenges us to think about what we might be capable of when pushed to the limits. This is the largest and most definitive collection of time travel fiction and non-fiction ever assembled. A story of first contact, or perhaps the prelude to first contact, that is more than anything an examination of the nature of fame and human nature in our internet driven world. The voice of the narrator looking at events in hindsight is compelling and relatable. An introspective and hopeful book that pulls you in and then crashes into an ending that takes your breath away.

This French bestseller, the first book in The Mirror Visitor series, is just that. Ophelia, our feisty heroine, can read history through touch. It is because of this gift that she is being married off to the bear-like treasurer Thorn in the snowy, far away Ark of Citaceleste. Here no one can be trusted.

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Ophelia navigates a rocky path trying to figure out how she will exist in this deceptive new world and why she must hide her true identity. A must-read! In this companion to the All Souls Trilogy, we are thrust into the past to discover how Marcus MacNeil became a vampire of the de Clermont family. This book centres on Chinese controlled Moon colonies and mining and the growing political tensions that surround Luna. Through the perspective of a post-technological demise, and accompanied by curious and breathtaking illustrations, this graphic novel provides an image of a possible and terrifying future.

With its melancholic yet minimalistic prose, this is an incredible retro-futuristic read to get completely absorbed in! In a word: superb.

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Hancock is an enchanting and unexpected fiction debut. Hancock enters the social world of the upper-class and their courtesans, presenting his mermaid as a curiosity. I absolutely loved this novel. I was drawn into this fantastical world of 18th century London and adored the many wonderful surprises along the way. This first-class thriller holds your attention from start to finish. The Ruin is atmospheric, with intriguing characters and quality writing. Kate: One of my favourite crime fiction reads of the year.

I am so looking forward to getting stuck into book two, due out in March ! In the case of Alice Hart, it took three; the seaside village of her birth, the community of women at Thornfield Flower Farm where she grew up, and the residents of the desert town where she went to find herself. It was this interlocking of strong characters and richly drawn settings that stood out to me most as I read The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, as well as the inspired, well-developed and relatable language of flowers Holly Ringland has created.

Szu is the year-old daughter of a one-time cult horror actress, Amisa who played a Pontianak Pontianak: the beautiful vampiric ghost of Malay myth who is comprised of spirits of women who died while pregnant. An outsider, Szu lives with her mother and aunt, a perhaps crooked spiritual medium.

Privileged Circe befriends Szu at school and their friendship grows and falters. Narrated by Szu, Amisa and Circe, this is an absorbing novel that spans contemporaneity and antiquity with fluidity and freshness. A beautifully crafted, funny and true blue coming-of-age story about family and brotherhood and love. Lillian: I could not put this book down. Dalton writes about boyhood, family and falling in love, all in one beautifully complicated novel.

A love letter to both the itch to explore and the desire to come home. Mischa: This mesmerising literary speculative novel from one of my all-time-favourite sci-fi authors is a quiet yet deeply profound exploration of the human condition, exploring issues of gender and racial equality, sentience, and freedom of choice through an effortlessly humane lens.

The characters, bitter-hearted Francis and her hilariously detached son Malcolm are brilliant. If you like off-beat books then this wonderful, frivolous absurdist comedy is for you. John: Looking for something different? The brilliance he displayed in previous novels The Sisters Brothers and Undermajordomo Minor is on show again in French Exit, a gleeful comedy tragedy? Vibrant characters with pithy and arch humour and a talent for the preposterous all add up to the best form of entertainment. This book is a scream! Then the demons come knocking at her door — literally.

This a great read to dive into and devour. This is writing that stops you in your tracks and really makes you really think. Set in a very near-future, exploring racism, consumption and contemporary injustices, with uncomfortable and unforgiving violence. John: Literary Semtex.

Allied Powers

You carry this book around with a kind of awesome reverence for fear it may explode in your hands. Stories of racial violence, gun violence and, yes, retail violence! A wise, layered, and moving look at how ordinary people endure the unthinkable. Including interviews with family members and survivors of traumatic events, Leigh Sales forensically asks the questions we all want answered but would never ask! Told with candid honesty and intimacy, Sales investigates the vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit whilst also revealing a deeply personal life-changing experience of her own.

Laskas has composed an endearing homage to the US President who requires no introduction. Regardless, To Obama stirs nostalgia for the political moment that now seems so far away. Her memoir is poignant and compelling, providing an inspiring portrait of how one woman refused to let the Australian media shut her out of an incredible career. Did I say inspiring? Miyazakiworld looks at his life, his significant body of work, and the impact his animated gems have had on Japan and the rest of world. An unforgettable portrait of a director whose art has challenged the dominance of Hollywood culture in the film industry.

This is the project that Lucia Berlin was working on when she died. While her short stories were largely taken from life, the writing in this book presents differently. She has applied the craft of fiction to attempt to recreate her written life, wherein her shifting life and idea of self and home underwent frequent shifts. Collected journal entries and photographs, and letters from friends and lovers make an intimate autobiography of self-portraits through time. This is a funny and insightful behindthe-scenes story of animation studio Aardman, creators of much loved characters Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

Australian sporting hero Peter Norman won silver at the Mexico Olympics. But his act of solidarity with US medallists protesting inequality cost him everything. Norman pinned a Human Rights badge to his tracksuit and remained silent, an act which cast him into exile. This is the extraordinary story of a man and a moment that changed the world.

The real life Shantaram! What this step-son of an anthropologist soon discovered was how to grow up in the face of danger, including drugs in Columbia and jail in Africa.

This adventure story for the wild and free-spirited uncovers some really dark magic out there in the big wide world. A cuttingly honest, thought-provoking memoir proving there are no days off for our paramedics and ambulance drivers. Empathy is a professional necessity, but how do paramedics preserve their peace of mind? Mel B, a. Addressing the horrors of abuse and the difficulties of public life with strength, tenderness and insight, Mel B has provided a fascinating and generous portrait of the life behind the headlines.

Worth the wait. Here is their story, told for the first time in the words of the band. He details a complex character and an excessive life of consumption, pain and insecurity. The Blues is always in his heart. The Clash asked the question. Criminals are scared pantsless of him.

If you ask me, that's a far more exciting mystery than some oyster's cough drops. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone during this vacation. If, that is, I don't get killed by the police, Don Komodo's crew that's on my tail, some of The Buzzard's rogues gallery or the Buzzard, himself. Create Widget. Also by This Author. Also by This Publisher. Mike Romard reviewed on on March 19, I have felt so many things for those that have done this sort of thing to me. I feel when I speak my mind they feel it to be swat or a lash out at them.

I gave up on that, you cant get any one to respond to hostilities. So what would you do? Things that I wanted to do or had full intention of doing sometimes get left by the wayside because other things have come up. For instance, in my case, my partner got a serious foot infection and was in the hospital for two weeks and then needed home care for two more months.

This put a kink in a lot of things, including his birthday party. Sometimes, yes, people make false promises they have no intentions of keeping. As a businessman putting social settings aside for a moment I deal with this a lot. People often promise to do things for me, or return calls or set up meetings, etc. In one recent case, I finally called a business client, who then apologized and explained that her husband had had a serious fall and she simply forgot about our online meeting.

If you contact someone about an appointment and they give you a reasonable excuse and a heart-felt apology, you should accept that and move on without bringing it up again incessantly. Obsessing about such things will just give you indigestion and heartburn and make you feel like crap. Posting about it constantly on social media sites will also lead people to perceive that you are a whiner, which is a big turn off for many people. As someone who has been turned down a lot e.

You are a very nice person, and it is the person who breaks a date with you who is the cad, not you. Nope, I certainly am not perfect myself—far from it. Sorry, Coony. How about a book starring a mutant armadillo private detective? He digs for the truth! In fact, I'll let him tell you about my book: "The name's Dilbert Pinkerton, private detective. Birthday speed-draw for my best friend!

Crocodile and bear playing pool, watch please? Self made yarn tails you say? Furry Reddit - Sun 5 May - Lovely dreams Furry Reddit - Sun 5 May - I dated the creator of Concession Comics, and Ballerina Mafia. WIP - First yarn tail. It's huge! Sexy dancing, good music, and fursuits? Blue baby jackalope Furry Reddit - Sun 5 May - New episodes will begin on June 2.

Believe it or not, Roo and Tugs convinced three women to come to our recording studios and answer questions Fur What It's Worth - Sun 5 May - Believe it or not, Roo and Tugs convinced three women to come to our recording studios and answer questions. How do they feel as women in the fandom? Are women really the minority? Do desperate men cling to them? Paw paw paw and wiggle wiggle wiggle Furry Reddit - Sun 5 May - He's Out, Boyfriend Is Not Should He Do Something about It?

Ask Papabear - Sun 5 May - Dear Papa Bear, My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. He is in the closet and it affects how much we can communicate with each other. His major fear is that his family and friends won't accept him. I've never had problems with telling people that I'm gay. But, I can understand his fear, because we're both from very rural parts of Minnesota, and I've had my fair share of trouble. I've come to terms with him refusing to tell his friends and family.

I'm really curious as to what you think could be done to ease him to tell his parents.