Confessions Of A (Struggling) Actress

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But it is not like I have offers piling up at my doorstep. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to do television.

Confessions of a struggling actor / Lim Poh Huat.

I was killed off in one show, brought in as the incarnation of a Goddess in another, and now I play an evil sister-in-law who is perpetually scheming for the lead actress to fail or die. Who wants to do this day in and day out? Then a TV role came along and I got selected.

No one is looking for acting experience in television. You just have to look the part and have chemistry with your co-actor. Pooja had done a couple of ads and then TV came along and she just took it up. The working hours are long and strenuous. The dialogues keep changing all the time, and you have one or two takes, tops, to finish a scene.

She feels mom guilt

Everyone just wants to pack the episodes up as fast as possible. The word is a practiced, go-to one to describe the kind of scripts and concepts on air currently. Indian television is given to umbrella trends that every channel and production house jumps on to if one show seems to work out. While saas-bahu kitchen politics ruled the idiot box in the s thanks to Ekta Kapoor and her ability to cash in on dated stereotypes, social tradition and the middle-class obsession for rituals and festivals , from onwards, there was a shift of focus.

15 Famous Actors Talk About What Their Jobs Are Really Like

Led by shows like Uttaran and Balika Vadhu, every channel moved from rich business families to folksy rural milieus. While the content might be progress-oriented and much needed for the majority of the country, the treatment remained melodramatic and OTT, hence distancing younger and urban audiences. A while back, we were riding high on the mythological wave. While the Indian audience always had a soft spot for its myths and epics generally restricted to Sunday mornings , after the success of Devon Ka Dev Mahadev, every network started shows on whichever God they could lay their hands on.

Mythological shows moved on to period dramas like Suryaputra Karn. But all trends are not healthy or necessary. These days, every show has supernatural elements — humans transforming into animals, vampires, witches, banshees, dark spirits, convoluted mythological characters, werewolves and whatever else you can possibly imagine.

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One of the highest rated shows, Sasural Simar Ka, had the female lead turn into a housefly to get revenge. In one episode, the fly was even shot with a rifle, only to be saved by her husband thankfully still in human form at the last moment. He actually took a bullet to his heart to save his fly-wife. Play to my strengths. I would say tentatively, all I can really do on my own, is create content that might get me a small part in a small short film, some time in March, long term.

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Right, now all I can really hope for is to get just one background extra job by March 3rd. Maybe fortune will smile upon me and a directors ship and crew will rescue me from my island, with a background job, where I can run around, walk, dance, swim or do as many cartwheels as the director wants! PS: If you want to be featured as an anonymous struggling filmmaker, write to pitch indiefilmTO.

Celeb Confessions That Will Make You Never Want to be Famous |

You know how Eminem is the Rap God? It provides an illuminating backward look at how the inheritors of a great tradition have honored their calling. Because Olivier presents himself ''warts and all'' he dotes on makeup , this is also an appealing and sometimes moving life story.

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