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Here's a close-up picture of the PRS next to the Kindle 3. I found that adjusting the contrast settings can make the Sony's font appear bolder, but also makes the text appear rough around the edges, depending on how dark you set it. Here's a pic of the PRS next to the Kindle 3 with the darker adjustment set to about as dark as it will go. These last set of pictures are examples of each text size. Because of its small screen, the PRS is best suited for reading smaller text.

These pictures are roughly to scale at their full size: extra small , small , medium , large , extra large , XXL. The new Pocket Edition comes with 2GB of internal memory, with about 1. That's enough to hold around ebooks and documents. The battery life is rated at 10, pages per charge, or about 2 weeks.

Because of the touchscreen, the Sony PRS has a completely different interface than the PRS, with more menus, options, and on-screen features. Add that to all the existing features of the Pocket Edition and it comes out to a pretty long list. The has all the features listed above, the main difference being the has a larger 6-inch display. And aside from the margin cut setting which seems to only work on certain books , there are no options for changing line height, margins, or other character adjusting features. For that you have to modify the book's CSS code and add extra fonts to the Reader.

Landscape mode: The annoying thing about reading in landscape mode is that it shows duplicate sentences on every other page in ebooks. With most ereaders each new page consists of entirely new text, whereas the Sony PRS breaks a single page into two sections, making the middle half overlap on both pages. This makes it difficult to keep your place when turning pages.

Page Settings: Some page settings reset when closing an ebook and then reopening it.

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For instance, you have to reset the margin cut feature each time you open a document. Another thing is that 2 and 3 column split is a nice zooming option but goes from top to bottom instead of left to right, so it's pretty much useless except on PDFs with 2 and 3 columns. The text is darker and glare is no longer an issue.

As usual with Sony's products, the build quality is solid with an aluminum front and back panel, making it one of the best looking ereaders.

Other positives include Adobe EPUB support for ebooks from a wide variety of ebook stores as well as borrowing ebooks from libraries. As most reviews will point out, the main drawback with the Sony PRS is the fact that it doesn't have any wireless connectivity and costs more than other wireless ereaders like the Kindle WiFi and Nook WiFi. About 12 years ago, I co-founded a startup called Basecamp: A simple project collaboration tool that helps people make progress together, sold on a monthly subscription.

This post is for those young people. We spent the past six months designing and redesigning the new user flow for people who start using Airtable on their iPhones. This is the story of how we got here, and what we learned along the way. Are you using a messy network of spreadsheets and software to hold reports and get insights on your content marketing?

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If you've got just a few hours to boost your business savvy, we've got you covered. These 11 documentary films offer in-depth looks at entrepreneurs, companies, and big ideas you might only be superficially familiar with. If you only focus on the multi-billion dollar valuations of young companies like Pinterest, Uber and Snapchat, you might assume has been a very good year for tech startups. In reality, it has been more of a bittersweet year.

When Jeff Bezos founded an online bookstore in , no one could have guessed that in less than 15 years, Amazon would fundamentally reshape the U. UX research allows you to test and validate your hypotheses by understanding how people are using your product. Update: I published a copy of this base on the Airtable Universe, check it out. People are annoying I will add at this point that this is a recurring theme on this blog.

Adam Altman, head of product at Automatic Labs, uses Airtable to organize the product development of an innovative connected-car platform. I notice that these articles focus on finding bugs to the exclusion of almost every other component of a review. Last year, when Mayor Ed Lee heard that Twitter was planning to move its headquarters out of San Francisco and down to the peninsula, he quickly consulted with his digital experts—his two daughters, Brianna, 27, and Tania, If was the year of Bitcoin, then is going to be the year blockchain technology disrupts the technology world forever.

The following is a guest post by Mark Stephens. Large companies tend to be regarded as dull and unsexy. ScholarMatch, a small nonprofit serving underprivileged students by crowdfunding college scholarships, started using an Airtable database as an inexpensive and flexible software solution for managing donors and donations. Their stories came out slowly, even hesitantly, at first. Then in a rush. One female entrepreneur recounted how she had been propositioned by a Silicon Valley venture capitalist while seeking a job with him, which she did not land after rebuffing him.

Wherever Joe Tamargo goes, people stare at his forearms. He likes it that way. Years ago, Tamargo, a resident of Rochester, New York, auctioned off space on his arms, transforming himself into a human billboard. The chart above shows the forward revenue to enterprise value multiple of all public SaaS companies.

Remember the heyday in March ?

Sony PRS-350 Review

A month ago, the market traded these businesses at 4. It had started back in the late nineties when I took a job with a dot com.

I had a boss who was a bully, plain and simple. He shouted, he threatened, he manipulated. I stood up to him, but it drained me. Every day was a battle. I was modern once, about 14 years ago, when the Guardian hired me to write a TV review column on the strength of a website I created. A lot of the advice we give startups is tactical; meant to be helpful on a day to day or week to week basis.

But some advice is more fundamental. The other week I spent some time visiting friends in San Francisco. However on this journey, the weirdness of the city appeared to be at a whole new level. One Thursday morning in early June, the ballroom of the Rosewood Sand Hill hotel, in Menlo Park, was closed for a private presentation. Last month I wrote an article about the inevitable rise of Ethereum.

Ethereum is not the only cryptocurrency profiting. Many other currencies including Bitcoin are up hundreds of percents.

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So, you want to change your life and be happier? Maybe happiness means unlocking your greater potential, enhancing your quality of life, or realizing your lifelong dreams. By now you may have absorbed countless personal development books, videos, or blogs. If you had to pick one really annoying sock puppet to represent the imploded excesses of the dot-com boom, it would be the microphone-wielding mascot of online pet food retailer Pets.

Today there is a new contender: Masayoshi Son. This free ebook edition is made available by kind consent of my publishers, Ace and Orbit, under a Creative Commons license with certain restrictions attached.

In particular, you may not create derivative works or use the work for commercial gain. While some methods may vary one of the most important starting points for any project is a set of guidelines. I came across Airtable at a recent hackathon-esque event, when a fellow developer suggested we use it as a way to store and use our data. I was super into it. For the first time, I felt like: "This is a database for me.

This is what I want out of a data storage system. Almost a year ago I joined an up-and-coming YC startup called userfox. I left a well-paid engineering job at a big dotcom that was treating me well and where I liked the people I worked with. A lot. The game will kill you frequently. It's a bit mean like that.

If in doubt, before you make a move, please save your game by typing "Save" then enter. You can then restore your game by typing "Restore" then enter. Style guides and pattern libraries are essential tools to help Web teams maintain sanity while creating experiences for our multi-device Web. On Monday, the Michelin guide to France was released.

What You’ll Need to Experiment with CSS Shapes

AngularJS commonly known as Angular is an exceptionally powerful front-end development framework for building sophisticated JavaScript apps. Over the weekend, widely-respected startup investor Fred Wilson posted a lengthy blog post musing over the implications of some uncomfortable data: startups in the trendy consumer internet space are having more and more trouble raising money once the first lumps of cash run out.

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The best interview question — what important truth do very few people agree with you on? Just think about it for a second. In his book Zero to One, Peter Thiel argues that it might be easier to start with what everyone seems to agree on and go until you disagree. Ordering properties is just one choice you have to make that makes up a complete styling strategy. Naming is a part of it. Sectioning is a part of it. A student of the class, Blake Masters, copied all the class notes and I read every post, like thousands of other visitors to the site.

Given its massive box office, you likely saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend. And whether you loved it or hated it, chances are you had some questions about the portion of the movie you managed to stay awake for. As always, our patented Spoiler FAQ has the answers you seek! The venture capitalist Bill Gurley was recently asked whether he thought cryptocurrency "initial coin offerings" ICOs were in a bubble. Billions of dollars have been poured into over 1, new digital coins issued by startups so far this year.