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Please feel free to leave clothes, canned food and hygienic products in the "Dream Box" at the front desk. Thank you for your support, please share! Chinese New Year! Click to see the event on Facebook.

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Drama Club! Join us on the 15th, at in Castelo do Queijo. Commencement - Teachers. Click "read more" for the link.

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Enjoy the Summer! Commencement ! Have a great Easter! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man. It's the power I have to forgive. I forget, there was nothing in me, that He should even care for my wreathed life, yet He did. I am thankful today for forgiveness given and forgiveness received.

Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – November 9

Today, you may be carrying the pain of unforgiveness. Not fun! Let it go. Forgive as you have been forgiven.

Give forgiveness to those who have hurt you with no strings attached. That will allow another to receive the pure joy of that forgiveness. Never forget what Christ did for you when His forgiveness was given. Remember how you felt when you received that forgiveness.


Remember, the Lord forgave you,. Colossians NLT. God's forgiveness-- Given and Received --is something to truly be thankful for! Wednesday, November 14, Mistakes.

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When I look back at my life-education, and by 'life-education' I'm not talking about book learning. I'm taking about--the school of LIFE. At this institution of higher learning, I am a scholar. Some of the painful lessons I've learned could also be called mistakes.

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And we all know that past mistakes have a way of pressing in on a person to the point of physical agony. I know that sounds painful, and it is. Remember, I'm a scholar when it comes to mistakes. When I read the Bible, I discover that I'm in excellent company when it comes to people who have made mistakes and didn't give-up. In some of these Bible stories you could say that these people push the 'mistake card' all the way to utter failure.

Celebration of Joy and Hope

Moses messed up when he killed the Egyptian guard, and still, God used him to delivered the children of Israel. Gideon didn't start out a brave solider.