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Kefira must choose a path- will she choose Good or Evil? Scarred by childhood trauma, the two loners never expected to battle an unwanted attraction. Yet hard as they try to fight their feelings, a common purpose and shared danger ignite a spark that grows to a flame neither can deny. She stirs up old memories for Mercedes Gunn who fears the discovery of long-held secrets, and for Fernando Moreno, once the love of her now-deceased grandmother. Most of all, she shakes up the mostly well-ordered future that sheriff Luc Moreno has planned to protect his own family and their home.

Will it ultimately destroy any hope for love to blossom? Eye of the Storm Five years after his imprisonment for treason, Marine Corps Major Michael Stormwalker gets a chance to prove his innocence. The one person qualified to help him uncover the truth, however, has other plans. Sparks fly in the clash between a seemingly immovable object and an equally irresistible force.

Pretty Konstanze aroused strong feelings among her contemporaries. At dawn, in the marble palace of a Prince, a nine-year-old sings for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, then at the peak of his career. Always delighted by musical children, he accepts Nanina as a pupil. For her, this is the beginning of a long stage career. For Mozart, it marks the start of his ruin. His greatest works will be composed in poverty and obscurity. Christoph von Hagen is handsome and brave, but he is also a Casanova, a man with a reputation that stretches from his mountain manor all the way to Vienna.

Ask Customs Agent Jack Murphy. He uses both to hunt felons. Join Inside Star Wars and go behind the camera and find out how one of the most iconic series in film history came to be. Josh Flanagan is back after an unexpected absence, as he and Conor Kilpatrick search for an oasis of calm in comics, while existing in a turbulent world. It was a great week with some stand out books, and Josh will fight going off on a tangent with every single sentence he starts. Also, it's a week of genuine inkers, and we think we like it. Music: "Cruel Summer" Superchunk Learn more about your ad choices.

This week, Ryan Haupt jumps into the show at the last minute to help Conor Kilpatrick talk about comics while weathering the onslaught of Conor's allergies and outside construction noise.

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The Patron Powers take a dark turn this week. He's just happy to have his co-host back. Last time we did this, we talked to a letterer, and this time, we're talking to Jordan Boyd, a colorist on many titles you've probably read. Josh and Jordan have some history, but in the intervening years, Jordan's gone on to build a great career in making comics. We talk about his origins, and his work now, as well as some of the things a colorist has on their mind that the average reader might not. You can follow Jordan on Twitter.

Josh brings in the reserve jamoke, Ryan to fill in for a vacationing Conor. We deal with a tragic? Plus, rudimentary science questions from a moron Josh to a bonafide scientist Ryan. This is the end, the final curtain, the big show. Josh Flanagan and Ryan Haupt got together, and talked about the bathroom situation and other facets from this biggest of superhero movies.

What was good, what was bad, and what else can we pull out of this three hour extravaganza of superhero gluttony? The time is now. It's the big one, so if you made it through the movie, you can handle this especially long special edition podcast. We are inevitable. Conor's on vacation and Josh is some sort of podcasting masochist and turns in this semi-annual solo extravaganza.

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Settle in, and listen for the creeping fatigue. Justice League vs. The Fatal Five! She must warn her father of the plot against his life without revealing her means of discovery.

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Would he believe her? He had to. She pushed her woolen bedcovers aside and slid out of bed, tired and groggy but determined. No one must ever learn how truly different she was. Labels: excerpt , paranormal romance , Shirley Martin. There is a time between wakefulness and sleep that is known as the hypnogogic time. It is a creative time; some call it the genius state. Did you ever find that an idea came to you, something you've pondered for a while, just as you were falling off to sleep, or just as you were waking up?

No doubt, you think you'll remember it for later, but do you? I t's a good idea to have a pen and tablet or a hand-held tape recorder near your bed. Then when you get an idea, you'll have a record of it. Based in Miami, she met her future husband there. After raising three sons, she devoted her time to writing, something she had always wanted to do. With a vivid imagination and a love of storytelling, Shirley has always enjoyed writing. Her first published novel, "Destined to Love" reflects her familiarity with western Pennsylvania, where she hails from, and her love of romance writing.

With several fantasy novels and novellas, her writing should appeal to just about every reader of romance. Her books have been sold at Amazon and most major book stores and have garnered great reviews. A widow, Shirley lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her two cats. Labels: Shirley Martin , writing. Interviewed by Jean Henry Mead. In addition to Joan Hall Hovey's critically acclaimed novels, her articles and short stories have appeared in a number of diverse publications.

She has also held workshops and given talks at various schools and libraries, and taught a course in creative writing at the University of New Brunswick as well as tutoring with Winghill, a distance education school in Ottawa for aspiring writers. Joan, your work has been compared to Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King. How would you describe your suspense novels? I'm always flattered to be compared with authors I admire, but I like to think my own writing is unique to me.

Of course being a voracious reader all my life, I'm sure my writing has been influenced by many fine authors. We all stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and paved the way. I'm a big Stephen King fan. It's not easy to describe one's own novels, but I will say that I always strive to give the reader a roller coaster ride and a satisfying conclusion. And characters that will resonate with my reader long after the books is closed. I like to write about ordinary women who are at a difficult time in their lives, and are suddenly faced with an external evil force.

I didn't think a whole lot about theme until I had written a couple of books, but I realized with the writing of Chill Waters that my books generally have to do with betrayal and abandonment, and learning to trust again. And more important, learning to trust oneself. Almost any good book will tell you something about the author herself.

Juliet Waldron Special Edition

You can't avoid it. All my books are generally rooted in childhood. I draw on my life for inspiration and an emotional connection. Then I'm off and running.

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The seeds for Night Corridor , for example, were planted in my childhood. On Sundays, I went with my grandmother to visit an aunt in the mental institution, once called The Lunatic Asylum. She'd spent much of her life within those walls. They said she was 'melancholy'. Though the sprawling, prison-like building has long since been torn down, the sights, sounds and smells of the place infiltrated the senses of the 12 year old girl I was, and never left. Night Corridor is not about my Aunt Alice, but it was indeed inspired by her. My latest novel The Abduction of Mary Rose was inspired by a true story as well.

After her adopted mother dies of cancer, Naomi Waters learns from a malicious aunt that she is a child of a brutal rape. Her birth mother, a teenager of MicMac ancestry, lay in a coma for eight months before giving birth to Naomi, and died five days later. Feeling angry and betrayed, but with new purpose in her life, Naomi vows to track down the man responsible and bring him to justice. Are your novels set in your home territory of New Brunswick, Canada?

And what inspired them? My novels are set in fictional towns that could be anywhere in New Brunswick or Maine, since the flora and fauna are similar. I researched the city but I also spent time there. And the town where I live, whose streets and hills and shops are bred in my bones, is probably in essence where all my novels are set, whatever fictional name I give them. What have you stressed in your creative writing classes at the University of New Brunswick? I stress to students and myself because we teach to learn to relax and let the story come to them. Not that you don't have to think; you do of course.

But sometimes we think too hard. Imagine, I tell them. Please explain the distance education school in Ottawa for aspiring writers. I have been a tutor with Winghill School for writing for over 20 years. Most of the correspondence is conducted over the Internet, though a few students prefer to correspond by mail. It's a great school. I enjoy my work and get almost as excited when my students publish as when I do myself.

I'm sure I learn as much from them as they do from me. How has your writing evolved since your first books, Nowhere to Hide and Listen to the Shadows. Language is important to me, and I hope my work is always improving in some way. Maybe the dialogue is crisper, the transitions smoother, the characterizations deeper, but always evolving. And that comes simply from being an avid reader of the best there is, both in my own and other genres. And writing and writing and writing. Since I both love to read and write, it's not a chore. Too, I like to think I've grown as a human being over the years.

I've become more insightful, more compassionate. And that reflects in your writing. What, in your opinion constitutes a good suspense novel? With any novel, regardless of genre, characterization is the most important element. He is a ruthless killer, but we are fascinated by his complexities and we're happy to follow him throughout the books. They are interwoven. With suspense, I am always aware of the thread in my story and I hold it taut, letting it out a little at a time, but never letting the thread go slack.

It should grow tighter and tighter until it fairly sings. This is what constitutes a page-turner. How has the ebook revolution affected your own work and are the electronic versions outselling your print editions? With ebooks you promote in a totally different way, mainly on the Internet. Although I still do book signings in my local bookstores, I can see that my focus is different now. Pretty much like most ebook authors. Once, my books could be found in bookstores across Canada and the U.

That's no longer true.

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Now they're available worldwide on the Internet. Sounds great, but that means that you're vying for readers with literally thousands more writers showing up every day, many of whom are self-publishing. Some of those books should never have seen the light of day. But I've also found some excellent new authors among them. We have stars like J. Sellers and others who are making a very good living selling their ebooks. So in the midst of this gargantuan storefront window, you have to somehow find a way to make your books stand out.

But the possibilities are endless. Describe your writing schedule. I work on other things in the afternoon — tutoring, promoting and whatever else needs doing. Advice for aspiring suspense novelists. Try to write true, whatever you write. Find that truth inside the fiction.