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In this region he is DJ-ing since - meanwhile he also works for international events, like Milongas, Festivals, Tango-Balls and Encuentros. From the beginning of his Tango-Life he has been delighted by the richness of melodies and the musical variety in the traditional tangos. His favourite tangos are going like an infective fluid into heart, brain and feet.

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He is an active Musicalizador, playing music regularly at some of the main Milongas in Rome, as well as all around Italy and abroad in Europe and in the world during Tango events, Festivals and Marathons. It was by chance that Salima discovered the world of tango.

The first time she approached a mixer was many years ago, at the milonga her school had held in the main square in the town centre of Conegliano Treviso, Italy.

Introduction to Argentine Tango with Gala Performance by World Champions!

She regularly plays at events, encuentros and milongas in Italy and abroad. DJ Salima Barzanti in Facebook. Please enable Javascript in your browser for full functionality of this site. Two people who come together to connect but who are also deeply connected to themselves. That's the kind of relationship that I want.

That most quirkyalones want too. A quirkytogether relationship is defined by two people who come together to share deeply, to passionately connect and stay passionately connected to themselves. Quirkytogether is a chapter in my book, Quirkyalone and I'm sure someday it will be a book of its own. In the big picture of history, we are evolving from a world where women were not equals and relationships were constructed to support one person and that would be the man.

In many parts of the world, the status quo remains. Women feel they need to have a man for social approval or even for their safety, and they still serve and obey their husbands. In the U. Yet most of us are operating according to old programming. We are evolving new ways of being in a relationship. Quirkytogether is the new wave. Quirkytogether is an invitation to look at romantic relationships with an open mind. To create relationships that let us be who we are and support us to grow as individuals and as a couple.

Where we show up fully as who we are, and share the things we want to share out of desire and not obligation or adherence to the social scripts. The metaphor of tango for quirkytogether Enter tango. Tango, though rooted in an era when women were not equal, with decidedly machista roots, is such an apt metaphor for quirkytogether. The dance itself brings masculinity and femininity together in such a way that both need to be rooted in themselves in order to dance.

To create a dance -- or a relationship where both people get to be fully alive, both have to be in their axis. Passion and connection with another depends on a deep connection with yourself. Luciana Rial Baumgartner was once teaching me how to do a fast turn with her. You need to have the right amount of tension between the two people in order to generate the connection. That tension is created because each person has a strong core and while dancing for the other, he or she is also dancing for herself, making sure her body is in alignment.

That tension creates the dynamic, the whee, the thrill. When you get all floppy in your core the dynamic falls apart. One person starts putting pressure on the other. She compared the dynamic to a romantic relationship.

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When we get floppy in terms of our own personal alignment in life, the connection suffers because we prioritize the connection with the other over the connection with ourselves. When we're single, we lose our axis when we think we need to change who we are to attract someone, or when we think there's something wrong with us or our lives because we are romantically alone. When we're in a relationship, we lose our axis when we stop doing things we love and become fused.

We change who we are to please the other; he likes golf, I'll like golf, and so on. We get obsessed and let a relationship or its demise determine our self-worth. We fear being alone and don't feel we can be alone. Most of us have lost our axis in relationship. That's how we grow, we learn what it's like to lose it. We evolve to a healthier and quirkytogether-er relationship pattern put in the work to find our axis. In life. In ourselves. Finding your axis is a process. Studying tango -- and continually finding and losing and finding my axis again -- feels to me like putting a metaphor for relationship into my body.

It helps me to remember, This is what it is to lose your axis in tango, this is what it is to lose your axis in a relationship, and this is what it is to find it again.

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In the dance, as in life, it's not like you find your axis once and stay there in perfect alignment unless you are a professional dancer, maybe , with perfect posture. You find it, you lose it, and you find it in your body again.

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Dancing and life is a process of learning how to sustain your axis more and more consistently over time. You lose your balance. You realize you lost it.

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You reset. We do the same thing in our lives as we lose our centers and then come back to them again. The question is whether we notice and how quickly we recover back to ourselves. Sasha Cagen is the author of Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics, a relationship coach, and a tango fanatic.

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You can learn tango and go on your own inner tango journey in her Quirky Heart Tango Adventure , a tango tour for single women in Buenos Aires. Real Life. Real News. Real Voices.

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