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Campbell earned his undergraduate degree in biology at Savannah State College University and continued his studies in environmental engineering at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was awarded a Master of Science degree in Clyburn D-S. House Appropriations Committee. Cromer has also served for many years on the Vestry of the Parish of St.

Monica and St. James, Capitol Hill. He has edited and reported for five daily newspapers in the South, including his hometown paper, The Post and Courier. Frazier, who studied journalism at the University of South Carolina, has taught newswriting as a visiting lecturer at Rhodes University in South Africa. Following service in the U. Army, he received a B. North Charleston, S. Sherman E.

Miami Beach, Florida

He received his B. He retired in Smalls , a Gullah native of St.

Helena Island, South Carolina, has promoted her culture for more than a decade. Victoria joined the team at Penn Center in to organize the Sesquicentennial Celebration, was promoted to Program Coordinator of the History and Culture department and again advanced to Director of Development and Public Relations. She expands on her mission by serving as a Commissioner for the S. Smalls is an artist; she has been painting and exhibiting her artwork nationally as a self-taught artist for 15 years; and is currently authoring a book on Gullah Geechee artists.

Since , she has administered NOAA-funded student research training programs while researching essential fisheries habitat, African-American participation in Georgia fisheries, and approaches to increasing minority representation in marine fields. Hoskins merges her interests in marine research and education by focusing on assessment, equity, and transparency in governance by serving as a member of the Savannah Chatham County School Board.

She and her husband Akino live quietly in Savannah with their two dogs. Helena Island, South Carolina, uses digital media technology to document the Gullah culture incorporating traditional historical, genealogical and documentary research. Center in Atlanta. Sumpter currently teaches digital media production at The Art Institute of Atlanta.

She is a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Meredith D. Croix, U. She can sense things, see them just by holding something they owned, even if they are dead. Without turning back, he says, very simply, "Kill the psychic. Augustine, Florida, the hunt begins. The world-renowned Casa Monica Hotel in St.

Augustine, Florida, plays host to both national and international celebrities. But having ten beautiful women who happen to be psychotherapists reserve the entire top floor is unique, especially since they are all psychics. The women are there to work and to play. There are, however, no plans for murder, but murder will stalk the halls of the hotel and the streets of the city, turning its gaze on the ladies when least expected. Ta Da! After the narrator of Let's Talk finds out she can communicate telepathically with her German Shepherds and two cats, we follow their further adventures in learning about the world around them.

In Ta Da! They escape from gators, coyotes, and hunters with murderous intent.

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All these activities occur in an everyday sort of way - that is, in a way that could happen to anyone or any creature. They also make new friends and share adventures with then, from catching thieves, saving a dog from the Intracoastal, and going on their first plane ride. Paul finds herself, as the new County Commissioner from District 4, overwhelmed with work left undone by the past Commission.

Two of the Commissioners take great delight in loading her up with a sign ordinance committee. A job two past Commissioners couldn't cope with, an albatross no politician wanted hung on him or her.

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She also acquired a donation of land to build Davis Park, then finds the donors now want to build an enormous development next to it, called Nocatee. With a wry sense of humor, she provides an inside view of commission maneuvers. The slipping and sliding to fulfill election promises to keep those with deep pockets happy.

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  • One of these money people wants a landing site at his home in the western part of the county for his connivance in his travels. Two of the commissioners grease the skids for him and it shoots through approval with ease. This landing site soon turns out to be more than a mere connivance — rather a major landing site for drugs. Paul's friend Jeffery Stone gets involved in a multi-agency bust of these dealers.

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    Paul inadvertently finds herself kidnapped by two workers of this cartel. A harrowing chase on the St. John's River in the middle of the night ensues. Let's Talk! Not long after my German shepherd died, I was sitting at my window thinking about getting another shepherd. In my mind I was walking through the dog pound with an attendant.

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    We stopped at a cage. I said, I am pretty. Her brother was also there and he too could also talk with me. I took them both home, and so start the stories of Duchess and Duke. We later acquired a Desert Lynx cat, while we were at another pound getting a kitten for Duke. Turned out the Lynx cat, named Tiger, could talk and he was scheduled to be put to sleep.

    They asked me to invite you, the reader, to come along. In Ponte Vedra?! A group of citizens want to incorporate the community of Ponte Vedra, including Palm Valley. Mary Paul and others in Palm Valley are adamantly opposed. Many in Ponte Vedra, for financial reasons, do not want to incorporate. They join together to try and defeat the referendum in September. The local county commissioner, who actively supports incorporation, decides not to run for office again.