The Last Methuselah

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In the years since Methuselah first sprouted, Solowey has successfully germinated a handful of other date palms from ancient seeds recovered at archaeological sites around the Dead Sea.

Noah’s Family

To do that, she'll need to grow a female plant from an ancient seed as a mate for Methuselah. So far, at least two of the other ancient seeds that have sprouted are female. If Solowey succeeds, she notes, "we would know what kind of dates they ate in those days and what they were like.

That would be very exciting. In , scientists in Russia were able to grow a plant from 32,year-old seeds that had been buried by an Ice Age squirrel in Siberia.

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Genetic tests indicate that Methuselah is most closely related to an ancient variety of date palm from Egypt known as Hayany, which fits with a legend that says dates came to Israel with the children of the Exodus, Solowey says. In addition to Solowey's hopes of establishing an orchard of ancient dates, she and colleagues are interested in studying the plants to see if they have any unique medicinal properties. The other date palms sprouted from ancient seeds look similar to Methuselah; distinguishing characteristics, Solowey says, include a sharp angle between the fronds and spine.

Read Caption. Christian Living by Understanding the Mind of Christ. Come and see what this secret meaning is. Names have significant meanings in the Bible and in many eastern countries. They are in a sense prophetic of a person. Jacob means "crooked.

Li Ching-yun, the last descendant of Methuselah

But no godly man like Enoch could put "death" into his son's name Death at some point also became a famous god's name. Instead, the letter was switched to make 'death' hidden and yet present. We need to ask, "Why? What was sent?

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Right after Methuselah's death, a great judgment would be sent upon the world. This judgment was none other than the world-wide flood that swept the then known world into oblivion. Only eight people survived the sea of death. See the chart. We note here that the middle letter for death is switched so that it forms another word "and. We would not know of this prophecy except from Jude 14, When did this prophecy come about?

We sense this prophecy was given to Enoch before Methuselah's birth.

Enoch then built this prophecy into his son's name, Methuselah death and sent. Enoch's prophecy of great judgment would come right after his son died.

'Methuselah' Palm Grown From 2,Year-Old Seed Is a Father

His son's name Methuselah was Enoch's secret word. We understand there might be suspicion to this name because some books interpret Methuselah's name to be "man of the dart. There is the oddly placed conjunction "and" in the middle of the two words "man" and "weapon. In summary, "death and sent" is the most meaningful name given the context of Methuselah's life and death along with his father's important vision. God revealed his special judgment upon the wicked at Methuselah's death.

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He cleverly incorporated this prophecy into his son's name. Perhaps the most confirming aspect of all of this is God's stamp of grace. Everyone knows don't you?! The longer he lived, the longer the judgment was put off.