The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)

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The Running Girl (Kaunovalta, Book I)

Alexander Neill Author Daughter of Dragons Kaunovalta Series Book 3 D. The Running Girl Kaunovalta, Kaunovalta Series Book 1 D.

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The Sea Dragon Bjornssaga, Bjornssaga Series Book 1 D. But something else needs cracking — the murder of Garvie's former girlfriend.

Running Girl

Chloe Dow — the running girl of the title — is 15, blonde and beautiful, a draw for the predatory male gaze in school and beyond. When her body is found in a local pond Garvie suspects she might have got out of her metaphorical depth long before she ended up in the real wet stuff. Immediately all thoughts of revision vanish from his mind — the game is most definitely afoot.

Soon Garvie is turning up clues and uncovering shady shenanigans in his home town. It's his first major case, and he has to contend with a tyrannical boss, difficult colleagues who think he's not up to it, and a mystery that stubbornly refuses to unravel. So he could definitely do without some teenager interfering and muddying the water, especially when the boy appears to have an unerring ability to find out things before he does.

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There is humour in the clashes between the unresponsive Garvie and the adults in his life, but fundamentally this is a serious, not to say dark story, with plenty of drug references and some swearing. Chloe's murder is brutal, the forensics believable, and there's a strong theme of sexual abuse and exploitation that is certainly no joke.

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