The Way Back to Happiness

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Click around in the archives , but most importantly, take what you read and apply it wholeheartedly to your own experience. Be willing to consider that these identities are not true. Contemplate the freedom of not living your life according to them — or any identities. Follow happiness, and listen to your heart. Thank-you, Gail. I tried when I read your blog post, to let all the worries just melt off my shoulders. I did feel free, just for a moment, until my owl mindset took over again. I did this at my desk, and I wonder, if I only did this at my desk, that I would get stronger and able to do it more often throughout my day.

Thanks for your advice and counsel. I enjoy your take on life and I am glad you are writing this blog. Trish Crew. You did an experiment and discovered something very interesting: letting go and feeling free means not having a negative critical mind in charge of your experience. When you let the worries melt, here is freedom, right here! You start by dipping a toe into the ocean of freedom, again and again, and eventually you are ready to dive in and let it take you. What a beautiful journey you are on! I am different from most in ways that I think good.

I love the way you clarify what true self looks like and am encouraged to discover that retirement has given me back much of what I had lost. Without a job and all the bending that takes to be successful, I am relieved of much pretending. Also, with age comes the realization that others, for the most part, only have the control over me that I allow.

Thank you for this post and for helping me to understand more clearly some of the advantages I have gained with passing years. A couple of other people have mentioned how the true self becomes more transparent with aging. As you say, less bending, less pretending. And along with this, the dropping away of fears about what others think. When any fears subside, there is space for reality to shine through.

Even though aging can support reclaiming the true self, as you have so beautifully expressed, there is no need to wait and hope. At any moment, anyone of any age can investigate the veils that hide reality and see what is revealed when they soften. In fact, we can try dropping all of it and see what happens. This section woke me up from a sleep I knew I was in. I am young, and I have watched myself go through the phase of putting on that mask.

1. I stopped feeling sorry for myself.

I do remember myself, I remember what I loved only a few long years ago that I pretend to not care about now. I wish to find myself again. I worry that it will be something I have to try to hard to accomplish… Well, and a whole lot of confusing emotions.

Stop thinking about what's wrong. Refocus on creating more right.

I guess fear is one if the main things I need to let go of, though. It sounds like your mind is giving you some trouble — creating fear-filled thoughts that worry about the future. This is all mind, and these thoughts are not reliable. The solution is so simple: all you need to do is recognize presence in the moment. There is no staying on track — just choose presence, peace, freedom now…now…now.

You are already on the journey, and your honesty shines through so brightly. The sweetness of you is so apparent that it almost seems odd that you believe you have forgotten. Just for a split second, put your fear to the side and see what remains. You are transparent, open, completely fulfilled. Dear Gail. Where to start… Like some situations mentioned in your article, I grew up poor so never dared to ask for dance lessons though my older sister enjoyed any activities that she wanted myself and my other middle sister suffered much verbal abuse and some violence from our mother father was absent.

Nevertheless I was creative and refrained from vices for many years despite immense pressure from peers. Eventually in my late twenties I weakly succumbed and began drinking and smoking because I was tired of being the outsider. I wish that I had been stronger. Perhaps I would not have sunk into severe depression. Suicide was never an option for me. I have thought of myself as undeserving for so long for no good reason.

Helen Shapiro-Walkin' Back To Happiness.

Best wishes Gail. I love that you are learning to trust yourself again.

Find Your Way Back to Happiness with a Chronic Illness

Your thoughts may tell you that you are lacking or not good enough, but you are discovering that who you are is beyond those limits. We all benefit when you let your full, brilliant self shine. Dear Ms Brenner , I have just discovered your blog and reading this article has brought a certain peace of mind and relaxation which I have experienced a few times reading personal development articles or books. Hi Gail, Thank you for your post. I am normally quite content, creative, open and listen to the universe for where it may want me to head next. I often find myself giving answers or help to others but at the moment and past few months need that help myself.

I have my own business and thought it was the way to go in the future for my soul on this physical plane. But the very difficult challenges and near business collapse of late have me what seems like frozen in time. How can I kick start my true life purpose and lift this veil of darkness and confusion. Thank you in advance and bless you. Sometimes things need to collapse to make the space for something new. Keep going back to what you know to be true for you — and that knowing may be just in the moment. You may not have a sense of the big picture. Keep checking in and listening. Stay close to your truth in the moment — not what your mind tells you but your inner knowing.

Surrender and let life take you. Thank you, this really opened my eyes, it helped me remember who i am… even if for a little instant. There is an inner intelligence and clarity within you that can help you navigate life. Take conscious breaths, get quiet, and let yourself connect with the wisest place in you. And as you do this be very kind to whatever arises.

Do you have any advice? Thank you. Thanks for your question, Daniel. It sounds like fear is driving the thought process that you describe. All sticky thought patterns are driven by an underlying emotion, so opening to that emotion is often helpful. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Read More. Cut off all thinking Guided Audio Meditations — Now Available! Do you have the courage to find your way back to your Self? Recognizing Your Self You will know when you get there, even if for an instant, and here are the signs.

And here is your task: Bask in the glow of knowing your Self in those moments when the light shines through Untangle the patterns that veil the truth of your Self.

How I Took Back Control of My Happiness and My Life

If this is all you ever do, you will have lived a blessed life. How We Forget We all develop false identities so that we can survive in the world. The Way Home The trail of breadcrumbs back to our Selves is always available — we just need to learn how to recognize it.

Blessed Remembrance When you touch into who you really are, there is a recognition. Do you remember? Do you forget? If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others and sign up to receive FREE articles, guided meditations, and access to key insights from Gail's book, The End of Self-Help. Thanks for sharing: Twitter. So happy to see you here, Nishi, and thank you for your comment. Sending love…. Hello Tdill All the problems you are describing have the same root — they come from believing the content of your thoughts. Sending love and a big hug….

Renee, My heart is so full, and I am celebrating with you. I felt happy for him. I am very happy for him. Of course, it's far easier to be magnanimous toward an ex when you're in the midst of your own steamy situation. He's known every date I've been on," she told People.

And this breakup wasn't a bad, like, it didn't end bad, we didn't do bad things to each other. He's still close with my family.

Walking Back to Happiness

Anything I knew was coming out, anything that I've done, I let him know just because I don't want him to ever be hurt by it or shocked by it. Though, she conceded it'd be unlikely he'd feel too bothered what with not having one jealous bone in his entire six-foot frame. Having been off the market for so long, she was sweetly unaware of the gravity of uploading a selfie —never mind one in which she's kissing him on the cheek—to Instagram in late March.

Semantics aside, Nikki insists that her public display of affection doesn't mean she's "fully taken. It's an arrangement that could best be described as "dating heavy," she told Us Weekly. Let's put it that way But I don't like the titles 'boyfriend and girlfriend. She further delineated the situation on her podcast. Yes, I spend the night at his house.

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We are not engaged, we are not married, we're not boyfriend and girlfriend, we don't say, 'I love you. Though Nikki told Us Weekly , "I adore the s--t out of him," she admitted that Brie didn't initially share her same take of his being "the sweetest man you'll ever meet. Years of viewing Cena as a natural extension of the family left her feeling anti-Artem, noted Nikki, "because she was so in love with John.

So I'd never give Artem the time of day because I was like, 'No, they're getting back together, so I don't care about you. Nikki is well aware that her sister wasn't the only one to struggle with seeing her move onto a new guy after so many years by Cena's side. Though she's intent to keep many of the more private circumstances behind their breakup under wraps, she made it clear on her podcast that the overarching issue was quite a common one: In the end they just weren't percent compatible.

Our timing wasn't right," she concluded. Can the timing be right for us in the future?

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