Theres No Such Thing As a Free Lunch -- Or Is There?

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This should take on special meaning for Christians.

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If we truly are to do everything to the glory of God, then we must let go of the notion that there is a free lunch. So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

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If something is truly free, there is no need to count costs. In a fallen world, all of our choices bear costs. Awareness of these costs will help us be intentional about how we donate our time, money and energy. This new cost accounting can make our choices more fruitful and is one way we can become better stewards. We will address the broader notion of stewardship in my next post on economics.

No Free Lunch: Why Understanding 'Opportunity Cost' Matters

Question: How did you apply the theory of opportunity cost to your choice of vocation? Leave a comment. Have you ever heard the argument that Jesus was a socialist? I have, often. Need assistance with this form? Skip to content. Anne Bradley Anne Bradley, Ph. Anne received her Ph.

There Is Such a Thing As a Free Lunch

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Salutation Please select Father Rev. First Name. Bringing to bear a large quantity of external sources and articles, this blog presents a clear vision of what economic environmentalism can be. The env-econ.

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Get some ink, just don't stop blogging. My colleagues and I actually laughed out loud at some of the posts!

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So, who needs the public affirmation of high rankings when you've got hordes of loyal readers? Something doesn't fit.

There Is No Free Lunch

Don't be intimidated by the economics angle. It's never abstruse or technical.

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Instead, the tone is straightforward and forthright, at times bracing or breezy. That is a very nice service to the profession.

I try and read the blog everyday and have pointed it out to other faculty who have their students read it for class. It is truly one of the best things in the blogosphere. Whitehead, Econ Journal Watch , 14 3 : —, September Buy our books :.