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Q : Where can I read about this legal provision? Because ASL is a visual-spatial language, students who have varying hearing levels find it to be a highly efficient and logical language. Students learn it quickly, and we frequently see rapid academic improvement as students find ease in expressing their needs and asking deeper questions. A: Spoken language is an important and critical skill for many students. Research clearly shows that children benefit greatly by being bilingual and biliterate.

A: Your school district will arrange door-to-door transportation on a school bus or school van. Your child may travel on the bus with other students who are coming to the same general area. Q: What if my child needs to picked up early to come home due to illness or needs come to school later after a medical appointment? Different isn't bad, it's just different! Each child is unique and has a variety of needs. The demands of extra time could just as easily come from a child with a learning disability, or an extremely bright child. It doesn't in any way change or diminish all of the wonderful experiences of being a parent.

Yes, there is a difference. It takes more patience and time to explain things and fill in the missing pieces from the lack of incidental learning from 'overhearing.

As A Mother Who Is Deaf - I Was Expecting A Hearing Child

You have to be more deliberate in your communication. Raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing is different from raising a hearing child. Parents must become informed about the challenges children face in education as well as socially. It is very different! Communication is constantly an effort.

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If your child is signing, you must always make sure that you have your child's visual attention, and that they get your attention. You are always looking up from what you are doing, always dropping things to get your hands free! For us, every day is a constant challenge.

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In some ways yes, because of some of the needs that they may have and because you obviously communicate in a different way. But for the most part, I want my hearing child and my deaf child to learn the same things , and behave in certain ways. At first there seemed to be a very big difference, mostly because of communication issues. Once we had established communication with our daughter and could explain things more easily and could understand what she wanted or needed, there were very few differences in how we interacted with our children.

Same love, same expectations, same relationship. The only difference is in the language and the need to have your child look at you, and your need to have your hands free if you sign. The biggest difference I have found is that if your child is deaf, everything has to be deliberately taught.

Nothing is picked up through osmosis. They do not automatically pick things up from conversations around them, or from the radio or television like our hearing children do.

Deaf Children's Wisdom

Even though we have good communication in our family, when my daughter was in high school I really started to see how many little incidental things she had not picked up on that we take for granted, because our hearing children do it so naturally. I suddenly found myself feeling very panicky, thinking about all I still had to teach her before she graduated from high school. The things that I realized she had missed out on were not so much the really big important things, but the small things in everyday life that we don't even think about.

They were the things that would not necessarily make a difference in her life in the big scheme of things, but things that my hearing child knew, just because he could hear. They change for all of us as we grow, find new interests, and meet new people.

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It is often said that parent's expectations and dreams for a child change once they discover that the child has a hearing loss. This may be true, but don't our expectations for our hearing children often change as well once we begin to see the child's personality take shape and discover who they really are as they grow?

It is the same with our children who have a hearing loss. No one can predict when a child is very young what kind of person they will become, or what they will do with their life as an adult. admin