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After a fateful event, he loses his way and wants to change his life. He wants to raise a Bugatti that has been sunken at the bottom of Lake Maggiore for seventy-five years. The reviews of the novel were enthusiastic.

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Fateful The desire to give new meaning to a life that has come out of kilter occurs repeatedly in her work. This is also true of her first theatre text after the novel. In Am Schwarzen See i. At Black Lake , two married couples meet again after many years and circle round the question why their children committed joint suicide and why they, the parents, knew so little about them and still know so little today.

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In charge of the premier was again Kriegenburg, who set the desperate parents in a monumentally dreary loft and underlaid their loneliness with small gestures of uncertainty and the distortions of pain. It presented no vast panorama of characters, but instead focused on four figures of a chamber drama.

The neo-liberal deregulation of the markets has led to continually new market turbulences and intra-European waves of immigration. Rascal Play , premiered at the Deutsches Theater Berlin , Spanish twins stand for the dream of a better life. Deserted by their father when they were young, little more seems to be in the cards for them than a future as unskilled workers. So they enter into a criminal business with a fallen middle-class jeweller. He proposes to them that they rob him and he collect the insurance. Quick access: Go directly to content Alt 1 Go directly to second-level navigation Alt 3 Go directly to first-level navigation Alt 2.

Navigation area:. Same motif here in flint material. Compare now to the "sandstone" figuration above. Die Augenkerben lassen vermuten, das das Gesicht mit anderen Materialien gestaltet worden war. The above granit figure presents a stilisation of the facial part, like shown below in a larger head about 7,5 inches. The eye depiction suggests a remodification in different material? Hier ist eine kleinere Gestalt zu erkennen, die eventuell eine Affenart, oder eine Kleintierdarstellung bedeutet.

Die Kopfform ist interessant.

The last page of www. The head of the smaller figure is for this matter interesting. Ein ca.

It is 19cm large. Auch hier sind es die Konturenmerkmale von Affen, aber im Schlagschatten erkennt man nun den Kopf eines Menschen im Profil? Only 16,5 cm large is this flint "chunk", but much thicker and seems to have been the half part of a full figuration sculpture. This was noticed on several other finds as well and introduced on different pages of this website. See back side impression on the handaxe shape below. Jack R. Zu dieser Zeit existierten bereits Menschen.

Sein Name:Gigantopithecus blacki. This almost pulpy looking mass is held by a small bebble of quartzite, giving it the artificial touch now. Why is not the rest of the nodule damaged? For the "accidental" argumentation, please compare 2 finds, one "giant baboon" and one already introduced, has the shape of an elephant in publication Diese Details sind besser am Original zu studieren.

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Sculpture of a sitting female ape, showing several picture impressions all over, best to be studied in original. Rather large in size and heavy in weight, the object might not be considered "portable art". Typus: "schlafender Gorilla Kopf". Schlafender Affenkopf. A sleeping "family" with traces of carving in coarse grain rock and quartzite stone. This larger flint core is marked via the cortex, indicating the sleeping or closed eye lids as observed on the large coarse grain granit find shown above.

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Vergleiche die Gestaltungsmerkmale Flint und Granit. Compared now to a smaller granit "cleaver" employing a third artifact with human features, see 1. Deciphered "ape" with sea-urchin, resembling in part the themes shown on the previos sculptures of full size apes, holding on to something. Dann konnten bis zu 10 Teile immerhin ausreichende Absicherung liefern.

Free tanslation into engl. But it was the polymorph sculptures, that dominated the material, making a seriation rather difficult. Overall assessment:. We have here forms in transition: including "natural nodules" in flint, with little or hardly recognisable obvious traces, such as requested for artificial standards, up to forms partially styled into a readable figuration. See sampled material below.

ELVIS VOM HUNDSKOPF - World Pedigree DataBase Saint Bernard, Saint Bernard Pedigree DataBase.

A "death mask"in flint. Zitat Ende ". Zeichnung: J.

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Der Stein besteht aus rotbraunem Eisenstein jasperite und wiegt Gramm. Vergleichbares geologisches Material ist ca. Immerhin gab es neuere wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse.

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A perfect natural cobble stone, now seen in the light of early mans recognition for its human "mask". Unfortunately, it remains unknown to the public so far, if the collector W. Eitzmann continued his investigation at that time, in order to find sich traces on other implements, because the "single-find-problematic" is well known to research und must be seen for this pebble under the same aspect. Natural features must have been recognised by humans and re-shaped according to own ideas, not always easy to understand. I was very surprised to have brought to light an ancient fauna for this territory, such as apes, hippo, elephant and more, not at all to be expected in the deep gravels of Schleswig-Holstein?

Moostierchen oder Bryozoonen. Picture of Bryozoan within the flint structure. Overall assessment: We have here forms in transition: including "natural nodules" in flint, with little or hardly recognisable obvious traces, such as requested for artificial standards, up to forms partially styled into a readable figuration. Gelaende,Findlinge II.

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