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I think my biggest issue with this one was the view spoiler [ length of time the two main characters spend apart. Once they reunite though, it was amazing all over again. That issue aside, it was still a fantastic book. Same high quality of writing. A fantastic twist I did not see coming.

I liked that we got inside Gideon's head in this one. I still adored Dierdre and how strong she was. Especially with everything she went through in this book. There was no OW drama. There was OM drama in the form of the "baddie". There wasn't a lot of sex in this one and when we do get some, it comes very late in the book. However, that fit with the overall plot, so I wasn't too disappointed. What I was a teensy bit disappointed about was the lack of Nate and Finn in this book. I hope both of them get books of their own.

As well as Liam, who intrigued me a lot. Last, it was all wrapped up in a super sweet ending. Trigger warning Thankfully, it isn't very descriptive. View all 12 comments. Mar 25, Jenny - TotallybookedBlog rated it really liked it. Afraid of the darkness inside me.?

L M Halloran led us into the darkness, taking us on a suspenseful, raw and gritty rollercoaster of emotions, into a world of duplicity, passion, and a haunting past kept us on our toes, guts churning. A love story against the odds kept our romantic hearts beating. Captivating and intelligent storytelling kept us turning the pages. All we see is broken threads and horrendous knots. The pattern. We loved the banter between Liam and Gideon, two men from very different worlds with one heart-stopping suspenseful goal!

Deirdre Moss is the renowned hard arse PR Shark. On the surface, she appears put together, ruthless and professional. A cool customer but dig beneath the surface and we find a woman with a violent and horrific past, who has the emotional and physical scars to prove it. Tell me a story, Deidre, so I can paint something beautiful with your words.

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Whilst Deirdre is put together and tough as nails, Gideon is wild and untamed. Opposites in so many ways, yet with a dark past that haunts them both. I want you to save me. Their pasts carry an omnipresent cloud over the story, making sure we could never rest, waiting for the strike. When it came it was gut-churning! She showed no softness and her voice felt quite masculine and severe. Though we empathised with her, sadly, Deidre was possibly one of our least favourite L M Halloran heroines.

Gideon was a revelation. At first, coming across as grumpy and detached, and lacking a filter, once his true personality and heart broke free, he was sweet, seductive and vulnerable, a man who cared beautifully and passionately for Deirdre. Instead, it served as a sexually charged enhancement rather than a page filler. A mesmerising epilogue capped off another fabulous read!

We desperately need his story! Every time you look at them, they change a little. A tweak here, a smudge there, a new color or shape. View 1 comment. And Ms Halloron has not disappointed. We learned a little of Deirdre's past in Art of Love - but hooley dooley, that was nothing compared to what I have learned reading Sin Of Love. Sin of Love is darker, more emotional. I had such a visceral reaction to this story, my heart ached, my stomach hurt, and I didn't know whether to throw my kindle on the couch or t ARC received for an honest review I knew after the ending of Art Of Love that we were going to be in for one heck of a ride with Sin of Love.

I had such a visceral reaction to this story, my heart ached, my stomach hurt, and I didn't know whether to throw my kindle on the couch or turn the page at times. It takes a while for Deirdre and Gideon to come together in this installment, however it is not surprising once you start reading. I liked the darkness of this story - I know, it is something that a lot of people shy away from, however the story could not have gone any other way with this one.

I loved getting more into Gideon's head with this story as well. The quality of the writing is amazing, the story telling is wonderful, and I was hooked from the first word to the last. Thank you Ms Halloran for giving us Deirdre and Gideon's story. Mar 28, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: must-read , dark-romance , give-me-books-promotions , romance , kindle-books , february , dark-and-disturbing.

I mean I don't know where to start with this review because after the huge cliffhanger in the first book I was wondering where the second book was going to go and where it went just blew me away and had me on pins and needles and had me screaming at my kindle and crying. I just love Deidre's story but Gideon's was amazing and haunting both at the same time. Deidre has left and taken Gideon's heart and soul with her. He is a broken man and wants her back, no needs her back to live to breathe.

But Deidre is broken as well and she needs to heal and then they can get back together again if they are going to get back together. This is a must read duet and if you read book one you need to finish the duet and see where Deidre and Gideon go. This is dark and intense and so loving that it will break your heart! Apr 01, Cleida R rated it it was amazing. My road to freedom This is a beautifully written story which is breathtaking and heartbreaking story. These are two individuals who are hurt.. Hurt by their present, hurt by their past and looking for light in all the darkness which consumes them.

The Ultimate Sin

I do recommend this duet to you all! Mar 08, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , dark. The exciting conclusion to Art of Sin in the Illusions Duet. Art of Sin had me in a spin and I read it non-stop. With Deirdre trying to finally put a stop to the horrors that haunted her early life, Gideon finds his life spiralling out of control. This book felt very, very different from Art of Sin. Whilst I loved book 1, Sin of Love, had me reaching rather than falling in love with it. The first half of the book was too drawn out, sadly, with days being counted off, and a strange passing of time until the story starts to reach its final explosive conclusion.

Having read both books, I was left confused as to why Finn was added as a prominent character in Art of Sin only for him to barely make an appearance in Sin of Love. Having fallen for him and his fun-loving ways, I was sad to see him become almost a shadow in this story. For me, the romantic suspense was enough. Had these been standalone stories, I would not have picked up Sin of Love because of the dark theme, but despite my reservations, I did enjoy the story overall. Her word skills are second to none and the diversity of her story writing skills are becoming legendary.

Tropes that I would clearly avoid normally are brought to life in a way that I can appreciate, even if I may never learn to love them. This duet will definitely be one to remember in View 2 comments. Mar 05, Jo-The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-received-for-honest-review , reviewed-for-the-hopeless-romantics. This book was nothing short of amazing. I had a feeling that this final instalment was going to be even better, and I was right.

Moments that stole by breath and scared the hell out of me. And my greatest sin. Gideon refused to give up on the woman that he loved and the story that unfolded was a messy road full of twists and turns that made for a compelling and a thrill-a-minute read. I was hooked with every turn of the page. Damaging everything that comes too near.

But still he stays. My personal lighthouse. LM is an author to be in awe of. I fall in love with her beautiful words every single time. My body, my spirit, my mind. He's helium. My road to freedom. Apr 08, Sbell rated it it was amazing Shelves: amazon-unlimited , book-boyfriend , angsty-but-lovin-it , can-t-put-down , belong-together-forver , dark-read , love-this-author.

Halloran is fast becoming one of my favorite authors, and she didn't disappoint with this duet. This is a dark story that made my heart actually hurt for Dierdre. You like tough as nails heroines, but with a soft core, then you will love her. She has had to fight her entire life for her self, and for her friend Nate.

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Gideon is the type of man that is literally swoon worthy. He has so many layers, and such blind faith in Dierdre. He sees her, really sees her, scars and all.

See a Problem?

I loved how steadfast he w L. I loved how steadfast he was, he was just perfect for Dierdre. They are soulmates. Gideon fought for his future and he fought for Dierdres future, and I loved that about him the most. He saw the Dierdre that she didn't thnk anyone would ever see.

This book ends on a cliff, but trust me. It is worth the wait. I loved the epilogue in this duet. It put a huge smile on my face. I hated that this book had to end. Deidre makes a selfless yet questionable decision to protect those she loves. She encounters her past in the worst possible way. I was spellbound and heartbroken at times while she experienced some dire situations. I admire her determination. Gideon was heartbroken at her disappearance and wallowed in his misery until he finally gathered the strength to search for the woman he so desperately loved.

He acquired the help of the mysterious Liam and they eventually were able to learn Deidre's whereabouts. There's so much that happens but through it all Gideon doesn't waver in his love and devoted patience to helping Deidre heal. I loved this even more than book one! Mar 27, Anne Milne rated it really liked it.

The conclusion to this series is a heart pounding fast paced exhilarating ride. My emotions were over the place for the majority of the book. My admiration for Deirdre's character increased so much and Gideon proved himself over and over. This is darker and more emotional than book one but to complete the story it needed to be. This is an author that I'll be checking out past and future books. Reviewed by United Indie Book Blog Mar 19, Jennifer D.

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What a wild ride! With the way Art of Sin ended, I knew we were in for quite a story and L. I had to take a couple days to process before writing this review, it was so good. I am in love with Gideon and his strength and patience. I don't know if I have seen another man fight so hard for the love of his life. Deirdre is one strong and amazing woman to not be completely broken after everything.

Their love for each other lights their darkness. This is the top read o What a wild ride! This is the top read of for me and it will be hard for another book to top it. Apr 08, Natalie M rated it really liked it Shelves: epic-love-story , bad-boy-hero , crazy-good , mafia , possessive-protective-hero , dark-twisted , family-drama , strong-heroine , stalker , filthy-rich-hero.

Excellent ending to the Illusions duet. I loved the pacing, the emotions and the H and h.

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The story was twisted and action packed! I really enjoyed the author's work and will plan to check out her other books! Mar 25, Jamie Guellar rated it it was amazing. Sin of Love is part 2 of the Illusions Duet and omg what an amazing dark and twisted read it is!

And I will say their may be some triggers. This read is definitely not for the faint hearted.

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I wish I could get into more detail, but if I did I think I would give to much away. If you love dark r Sin of Love is part 2 of the Illusions Duet and omg what an amazing dark and twisted read it is! If you love dark reads then this duet is for you! Mar 20, Caroline Pajda rated it it was amazing.

An emotional rollercoaster filled with angst and so much feels. Deirdre and Gideon were destined for each other. Their love was unbreakable. And Gideon.. He has a heart of gold. I enjoyed every minute of this book and was happy how this story ended up.

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Mar 29, Emma Luna rated it it was amazing Shelves: read. M Halloran Rating: 4. This book is quite unique as a romance book because for at least half of the book the two main characters are apart but for me I felt their connection just as strongly. The plot picks up where the cliff hanger left us after the first book and sees Deirdre back in the hands of her tormentor.

We are exposed to the horror that she has to go through to survive and the betrayal that she endures from someone she trusted. The shocking events that she is exposed to are enough to break anyone but Deirdre stays strong and continues to fight safe in the knowledge that she is keeping the people that she loves safe. Gideon allows himself to wallow in self-pity for a couple of weeks after Deirdre leaves him and no amount of support from his friends can help him recover from the aching loss.

So with the help of Dominick and his enigmatic Irish friend Liam they track down Deirdre and set about freeing her. But the Deirdre that they rescue is not the same one that left. Whilst Deirdre is irreparably changed from her experience the same can be said for Gideon as he is forever changed from having to live without her and safe in the knowledge that he never wants that to happen again. So he fights for their relationship and he fights to heal Deirdre of her demons. He constantly tells her that he is not afraid of her dark and that he will set the world on fire to bring her the light.

It is comments like this that made me swoon for Gideon and the love that he has for Deirdre, even with her flaws and baggage, is breath-taking. I think everyone deserved to be loved in the way that they love each other. What I also liked about this book is that they took their time to re-build the relationship starting with a friendship. Gideon taught Deirdre how to live, how to trust and to no longer be afraid of sex or intimacy. They do not fall straight into bed and it just makes the characters all the more believable.

But my word when they do it is steamy, sensual and sets their world on fire. It is incredibly hot and it almost felt like I was intruding on something so pure. Throughout this book there are numerous plot twists and the majority of them I did not see coming. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions with each new event.

This book has a happy ever after and the epilogue left me with the biggest smile on my face. I think if any two characters deserve to find happiness it is without a shadow of a doubt Deirdre and Gideon. Apr 16, MJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: books. Sin of Love was even more intense than Art of Sin and I devoured every single word. And still wanted more!! Halloran has written a conclusion that not only gutted me every step of the way but also managed to show that no matter what may happen, love truly can conquer all.

For Deirdre and Gideon, that love saved them when hope was slowly dwindling that they could finally find their way back to one another. Picking up right where we left off in Art of Sin, watching as Gideon suffer Incredible. Picking up right where we left off in Art of Sin, watching as Gideon suffers through Deirdre's choice to protect those who are near and dear to her, was heart-wrenching. This tortured artist loses himself in a despair that he can't seem to rise above. Thankfully he has good people around him who pull him up and I was very happy to see him finally clear the fog that consumed him.

Deirdre, that fierce warrior. I didn't know if I wanted to bow down at her feet or try and knock some sense into her as she tries her hardest to keep Julep away from those she loves. What she endures in order to keep Nate and Gideon and anyone else who has touched her life, safe was simply incomprehensible. Halloran keeps the harder scenes to herself, thankfully, but the gist of what Deirdre is put through comes across loud and clear as this strong woman is brought to her knees by the man who just won't stay out of her life. This book is a true testament to the sheer will that both Gideon and Deirdre continue to have as they sacrifice their very souls to save the other.

Scenes taking place in Ireland were particularly painful as Gideon must tread lightly around a very skittish and overwhelmed Deirdre. Her mental state is as delicate as is her physical one and the way Gideon stays by her side brought me to tears. As much as this book has a ton of harsh reality thrown at both the reader and the main characters, there is always that glimmer of light that Halloran shines upon us at just the right moment.

Not to mention a few jaw dropping surprises that I still can't fathom. This is a journey that despite it being incorporated into two books, is virtually impossible to put down. It is extremely well-written and incredibly unique and I am so happy to have found myself a new author. Sin of Love, together with Art of Sin, is a must read duet and deserves all the stars and more.

Mar 03, BookAddict rated it it was amazing. In my review of the first book in this duet, I mentioned the story's darkness and lack of hearts and flowers romance. There is still plenty of darkness in the second part of Gideon and Deidre's story, some of which is discomforting to read, and the hearts and flowers are delivered by way of patience, boundless understanding and steadfast, unshakeable love. In the In my review of the first book in this duet, I mentioned the story's darkness and lack of hearts and flowers romance.

In the midst of vicious cruelty, unspeakable suffering and quiet desperation the bond between two shattered souls is unbreakable. These two characters owned my heart, every corner, every crevice, and every cell. Their story is raw and devastating, their road to forever twisted, broken and violently wrecked, but their love is stubborn, determined and unwavering. Their human frailties are ripped open and laid bare, only serving to entrance the reader and carry her along through all of the challenges, twists and turns that Gideon and Deirdre experience.

Throughout the vast pain and darkness runs a thread of hope, shining a ray of light at the darkest moments, again cementing the reader's investment in the hard-won happily ever after. Halloran is a master crafter of words with a gift of captivating the reader with authentic, endearing characters who are perfectly flawed and beautifully broken.

She then paints a masterpiece from words with a gripping plot that evokes such vast, deep emotions that the reader's heart is no longer her own, but at the mercy of the spellbinding characters and poignantly touching storyline, to finally return to its proper owner, battered and beaten then soothed and healed, all the better for the experience. If you want a book that makes you feel, prompts you to think, and leaves you better for having read it, with characters that will forever hold a place in your heart, be sure to grab Gideon and Deirdre's story today!

Mar 05, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. Cliffhanger :: Nope. HEA :: view spoiler [Yes. She's been broken, brought roughly to the edge of sanity and internal damnation, and yet she continues to endure. She fights with all she is and will be, and she motivates those around her to fight for and with her, as well. Alth Overall Rating :: Although, Gideon was so obsessively besotted with her from the beginning, I think it's fair to say, he followed her to Hell and would continue to do so every day for the rest of eternity just for the pleasure of being by her side.

Gideon loves Dierdre how every human wants to be loved. Without preamble, without prejudice, without judgement. It's a beautiful thing to behold. Maybe a little blind at times, but beautiful and not at all misguided, nonetheless. As I often do with duets, I wish I had been given a bit more. Wherever he went, wherever he walked, he left behind an offensive cloud of stink.

No wonder, then, that he had such trouble finding love! As we make our way through this life we have endless opportunities to encounter sin. Sometimes this is our own sin and sometimes this is the sin of others. Sometimes this sin is pre-meditated and carefully constructed to bring the greatest devastation. Other times this sin is inadvertent, negligent, thoughtless, based on omission rather than commission. Of course the motive behind the sin does little to lessen its pain and impact.

No matter where the sin comes from, no matter the intention or lack of intention behind it, we encounter sin and are harmed by it. No, sin is so evil that it leaves its lingering scent behind.

But, then, I wonder if stink is a significant enough metaphor. Perhaps it would be better to speak of the wake left behind by a boat or the contrails left behind by a high-flying aircraft. But then even as I write I am reminded of a trip to Ringgold, Georgia, where my sister and her family live. Ringgold had recently been the scene of a massive tornado that had torn through town, leveling entire neighborhoods.

As we drove toward her house a couple of months later it was easy to see where the tornado had entered the town, the path it had followed just a block from her house , and the place it had finally made its exit. It was easy to track because of the utter devastation it had left in its wake.

In the end, 8 people died and 30 were injured. Homes, schools, and businesses were destroyed. So maybe sin is like a tornado, leaving wreckage behind. But is even a tornado a significant enough picture of sin? A tornado is one big system that devastates and destroys, but quickly moves on.

Why God Allows Your Crisis - Sermon by Tony Evans

As much damage as that F4 tornado did to Ringgold, it lasted for just a few minutes and was gone. Sin is different in that a big sin seems to spawn a thousand little sins.