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It is easy, in sutch a situation, to become nothing more than a glorified photocopier: producing art that is superficial and only surface deep. Here - I hope - my expierience, my impressionistic approach, pencils and crayons help me out. In principle: If I can clearly see the details of your uploaded photo, I am able drawing portraits out of any photo you send me. Still, from my experience, I recommend that you pay attention to the following: Send photos that flatter the photographed person. Spontaneous smiling and laughing is an advantage, however it is not necessary.

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The Artist will give all the portraits serene sparkles by his Impressionism. Send if possible more photos and place your remarks in the order form. Follow the setup instructions on Google's Cloud Print site, where you'll be walked through the process based on the brand and model of your printer. After connecting a printer to Cloud Print, you're ready to print from your Chromebook. A popup will give you the option to select a Google Cloud Print printer, local printers, or alternative destinations.

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Select the printer you'd like to use. With your printer selected, adjust settings to your liking then click Print.

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Finally, walk over to the printer with your cup of coffee in hand, pick up the physical manifestation of your once digital document and gaze in wonder at just how easy that was. For more Chromebook how-to content, be sure to check out this page dedicated to all things Chrome OS. Observations and accounts which are unlikely to be objective. Politics have always flirted with the unreliability of memory, with campaigns that allude to the idea of a golden age when things were far more perfect.

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Yet in recent times, politics have colluded more deeply with unreliable memory. The aim of these images is to link to the past, to evoke memories, however unreliable. But my intention as a photographer is also to provoke thought on the ways these unreliable memories of the past in are used in the wider world. A map is a graphic representation, a scale model of spatial concepts. People were compelled to make maps before they were able to write.

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  • It is one of the ways we make sense of the world. Maps are considered to be stolid illustrations of borders and landscapes, to be accurate and unbiased. Yet they operate as semi-abstract forms.

    Within even the simplest map is embedded a political dimension. One needs only to compare the Mercator and Peters world map projections to discover that maps cannot accurately represent both area and shape. As a photographer, I am deeply interested in the use of abstract and semi-abstract forms to convey meaning. Through tearing, twisting, crumpling and wadding, I have transformed the familiar into the unfamiliar.

    The maps are moved towards greater abstraction, abandoning two dimensional constructs to more fully harness. Their ambiguity and complexity.

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    • Punctuated with burnt matches to represent the human dimension, they become geo-political structures intended to express the narrative of place as they explore a range of current social and political dilemmas, including environmental destruction, human rights violations, economic apartheid, violent incursions, totalitarian rule, inequality, political upheaval and war. Our world is full of facades.

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      Those presented by people, by buildings, by rhetoric. Delve further into the definition and you discover find a list of synonyms such as mask, veneer, guise and even illusion. These facades provide a glimpse into a single region of Tanzania. But how much is revealed and how much is concealed of the people purposefully absented from the images. admin