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For women's attire, the stylists note the diversity of clothing options and recommend: a keeping the clothing pieces easy; b the fabrics not too dressy; and c the accessories more casual. British national newspaper The Guardian attempts clarifying smart casual from a recruitment perspective by questioning various recruitment consultants. Global men's fashion magazine GQ in the United Kingdom attempts defining smart casual for a job interview.

Carrying a necktie is advisable; the author comments, "it is far more embarrassing to be under-dressed than over". Pakistani fashion magazine Fashion Central defines a woman's smart casual look from an employment perspective. Fashion Central outlines smart casual with clothes unstained and wrinkle-free with non-loud and non-bright colors that reflect the woman's age. Too fancy or too casual dresses are inadvisable as well as the use of extreme make-up , such as using dark, glossy or chalky shades, or applying too much eye shadow.

Fashion Central reports black or brown heels are preferred by women and advise to correctly select appropriate shoes for a workplace's environment.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This article is about the dress code. For the album, see Smart Casual album.

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Formal full dress. Semi-formal half dress. Black tie Black lounge suit Mess dress uniform Evening gown Cocktail dress. Informal undress , "dress clothes". Suit Service dress uniform Cocktail dress Pantsuit.

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Casual anything not above. Supplementary alternatives.

  1. The Rainbow House.
  2. Michael Drake (Author of The Wise Man in the Checkered Shirt);
  3. 2. When combining checks, wear a small checked shirt and large checked tie.
  4. 1. The tip of your tie should always touch your belt line.
  5. Wine Atlas of Germany.
  6. Rocky Mountain Lawman (Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense) (Conard County: The Next Generation, Book 15).

Ceremonial dress Court diplomatic academic , etc. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 16, Cheryl rated it liked it. The characters seemed a bit two-dimensional at first, but they developed over the course of the story. A nice feel-good story for Christmas.

Why did I read this in March? Jun 11, Alisha rated it liked it. I found the majority of the book very predictable, and overall a very slow read. Dec 02, Susan rated it really liked it.

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Jerome is so self-absorbed and obnoxious I wondered where this story was going to go. A school teacher by trade, he plays Santa as a second job because making money is very important--above everything else in his life. His obsession with two little girls who pull money out of the mall fountain and then come to see Santa will change his perspective and his life. Dec 16, Robin rated it really liked it. This is a pretty good feel good Christmas story.

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It's funny, mean and witty. I really enjoyed seeing this man's Jerome transformation as he at first scorned Boo and Harley then came to go out of his way to take care of them and make sure that Santa would make a visit. Sep 15, Kari Garrett rated it really liked it. The book is about a grumpy old man who takes a job as a Santa in the mall. This job changes his life. Matthew Drake rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Andrew rated it really liked it Apr 08, Make sure you get yourself a great set of collar stays to ensure your collar looks crisp and not looking wonky.

For an even more casual look, pair your blazer with a crisp crewneck or V-neck t-shirt. With business casual, your collection needs more than just a basic black dress shoe. Style wise, stick to a loafer with a pair of no show socks , oxford, derby or brogue. Depending on the outing and weather, you may also be able to get away with a dress boot, which is more casual. A fun, and easy way to show your unique style, is with a patterned crew sock.

With any movement, a hint of color will show, adding flair to your look instantly. They can also make good conversation pieces. If your coat collection is getting worn out, sport your button-up shirt and tie with a cardigan. A thick, oversized cardigan looks great unbuttoned with a button-up shirt and tie underneath or even a crewneck sweater or tee. If you feel better buttoned up, try a thin cardigan with low-placed buttons to showcase your tie. A short, tweed sport coat is another style that brings a twist to the fabric.

A light, neutral color acts as a nice getaway from the usual dark office wardrobe.