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For a variety of reasons, respectful behavior toward parents seems to be optional now for young adults in the U. They can get plenty of what they need without offering respect in return. Yes, that is what I meant to say. This new reality suggests that the best way for parents to receive respect from their adult children is to first practice respect for themselves and others, rather than relying on the child to initiate. Ralph Waldo Emerson came at it from the angle of being the change you wish to see in the relationship.

What Ever Happened To Respect?

This goes beyond respect to dignity, understanding, the benefit of the doubt, etc. Instead, follow the advice of the great thinkers who came before us. BE the change you wish to see in your relationship with your child. At the very least, make sure to respect yourself first. This is something I totally agree with! We raised our kids to be respectful, we didn't expect them to agree or understand our reasoning, but rudeness was not tolerated.

In our community, I notice the native American kids are unfailing polite and respectful. It reflects on one's family on how kids behave. After all, it starts with the parents. Respect goes hand-in-hand with civil behavior. Can't have one without the other.

What Ever Happened To Respect? Irish Angel 9/11 – Irish Angel

That said, our society has been inundated with this "everything goes" mentality where we just sit on our butts and act helpless when someone mouths off because to object and demand civil behavior is now considered impinging on ones "freedom of speech. But that is the overall problem, isn't it? In the western society we no longer have a expected code of conduct for everyone. We no longer demand a certain level of civilized behavior or teach our kids how to behave and we do not discipline -and by 'discipline' I do not mean hitting or any form of physically lashing out but actively teaching.


We are too afraid to tell a loud mouthed kid in public to shut it because it might hurt their widdle feelings or the parent might be offended because someone had to do the job that the parent should have done. As an example, years ago my family and I went to the zoo and one of the things we seen were the seals.

This one kid -about five- starts barking like a seal. Marginally amusing for all of three seconds except the kid kept doing it regardless of where he was, outside or indoors and the mom did nothing.

To make matters worse was that practically anywhere we went, the barking kid and his mom were within a few feet so we never got a reprieve so, considering it is hot and all, my daf was getting a bit irritated and this kid was a few feet from my dad and was doing his seal bark and finally my dad says to him -quite sternly- "Would you knock that off? Point is as a society we should not be expected to endure the poor behavior of others, especially kids.

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Don't whine to me about rights and garbage, when you are in public, act like a functioning member of society but.. We discarded out social norms and brought in nothing. Put in laws giving children right without responsibility. Nobody is teaching respect to anyone. Not just to parents but to anyone. Right insults left. Presidens be it Obma ot Trump are routinely insulted.

What do you expect when rudness is the norm. Children follow the adults so it is our fault.

Mountain Crowding – what ever happened to R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

How the parent-adult child relationship acts like a mirror. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. And even better, if you have the right tools in your tool box, you can help individuals change their behavior and create a cultural where these behaviors are out-of-place and generally not accepted.

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